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Bad Bible Stories

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The X-Rated Bible

Unspoken of by Sunday school teachers, preachers and Bible scholars in general are the various X-rated stories that appear throughout the Old Testament. Like they do with Ezekiel’s description of an alien space craft landing, the teachers tend to ignore or gloss over the stories, perhaps pretending (or wishing) they did not exist. Some of the stories are raunchy enough to appear in contemporary pornographic literature. Click For More

Tracking The Genesis Myth

Contemporary Bible scholars like to think Moses may have had a lot to do with writing the Book of Genesis. That book, the first in the Bible, is the key ingredient to the Christian belief in the origin of man and his fall into sin, thus making him dependent on blood sacrifice to achieve atonement. It is all there in the first chapters of Genesis. The story has been used to keep humanity in a state of mental enslavement for as long as anyone can remember. It is a terrible belief system culled from a book with origins dating back into the fog of antiquity. More . . .

The Adam and Eve Creation Story

The fundamental Christians say they believe the Bible is "God’s Word" and because of this, they accept everything it says as "God’s Holy Word" and therefore it must be true. But then they have problems explaining a lot of inconsistencies that begin piling up right from the first Book of Genesis. The creation of humans is a hum-dinger for starters. Click For Story

Tearing Apart The Adam And Eve Story

The story of God’s creation of Adam and Eve in the Book of Genesis is so full of biological holes it is difficult to find a point for a challenger to the story to start. The archaeological and geological evidence of humanoids that walked the earth show that men and women were on the planet thousands of years before the Bible record begins. And then who did Cain marry when he started the Cannonites, his mother? Click For More

The Real Creation Of Humanity


In the Book of Genesis we are presented the story of the creation of the first man named Adam. The story goes on to tell how God give Adam a “helpmate” and created the first woman, Eve, from Adam’s rib. Instead of blindly considering this story from its literal content, suppose we explore the story as a myth that attempted to explain in the best way the aboriginal mind could understand it, how contemporary humans, or Homo sapiens, came into being. Click For Story

The Cain And Abel Myth

The story of Cain and Abel, allegedly the first sons of Adam and Eve, need to be examined with some care. The story is a record of the first recorded murder in human history. It may be interesting to note that numerous other ancient religious works also include versions of similar stories. Click For More

The Greatest Murder Mystery

If we can accept the fourth chapter of Genesis as a true historical record, then Adam and Eve began populating the world with three sons, Cain, Abel and Seth. And when they were grown, Cain murdered his brother, Abel. The mystery in this story is why such a thing could have happened. Click For Story

The Gods Of War And Peace

Bible thumpers who really spend time studying that book must have a lot of trouble justifying the many verses that describe their god as a "god of war" and also a "god of peace." How can the god of love that watches over mankind also condone the violent killing of armies and sometimes entire tribes? Click For More

Sumerian Gods Enki And Enlil

According to text from the ancient Sumerian clay tablets, there was a complex story concerning two primary god figures, Enki and Enlil, sons of the supreme god Anu but by different wives. Thus they were half-brothers and they did not get along. A study of the rivalry between these two gods gives us some insight into the wild stories handed down to us via the Book of Genesis. Click For Story

The God Within And Without

I recently received a letter from a practitioner of Pale Mayombe, a religion based on voodoo black magic that had its origins in the African Congo. The letter, in a strange way, sent me into a mental awareness of the broad array of groups in the world that are seeking spiritual pathways by following both conventional and unconventional religious instruction. This became an exploration into the true meaning of the phrase: "We are all one." Click To Read

“I Am That I Am”

The old Popeye cartoons of years back, where Popeye declared: “I am what I am,” would have been a shock to the ancient Hebrew people who recognized that phrase; “Ehyeh-Asher-Ehyeh” as the holy name of God.  Click For Story

Examining The Story Of Noah

Of all the miracle accounts in the Bible, the story of Noah and the ark he built so a remnant of humans and living creatures could escape cataclysmic events has survived scholarly efforts of disproval. Not only is the story found in the fifth chapter of the Book of Genesis, a comparable account is told in the Epic of Gilgamesh and flood stories survive in many tribal myths including the American Indians and on the Islands of Hawaii. Just what happened at that distant time in the past, and why it occurred, remains a mystery. All of the stories say there was a great flood. Yet some have shown through scientific data and mathematics that it couldn't have happened as described in Genesis. Click For More

Ezekiel And The Alien Space Ship

Of all the strange stories appearing in the Old Testament, the Book of Ezekiel offers perhaps the most interesting account of an oval or "wheel" shaped ship filled with beings that drops from the sky for an encounter with mankind. Click For Story

Harsh Living By Old Testament Law

A line of the Old Testament books, known to the Jewish people as the Torah, are filled with commandments allegedly delivered by God via Moses that have strongly influenced the law books in many parts of the world. The Ten Commandments list what many consider the most important list of laws to be followed, and most of them make sense. Murder, larceny, rape and adultery are considered serious crimes worthy of being addressed by our court system. But many of the other Old Testament laws, and instructions as to how to punish the violators, are a bit strange. Click For Story

When God Committed Genocide

When we examine the Old Testament stories from a contemporary and legal point of view, we have to realize that YHVH, or the Hebrew Jehovah, was the worst mass killer the world has ever known.  Click For Story

God The Mass Killer

The Christian Bible is not only filled with gory stories of blood sacrifice, war and murders, but it depicts God as not only the creator but the mass destroyer of millions of humans. Theologians of course paste all of the stories together as a supreme lesson from the Almighty for the benefit of mankind. But in the end, it appears that mankind hasn’t learned much from the book except use it as an example for our own self-destruction. Click For Sunday Message

Horrors Of The Biblical Curse

The Christian Bible; especially the Book of Deuteronomy, is filled with curses by God for special acts of misbehavior. At the time these Old Testament books were written, the people were riddled with fear and superstition and a curse was taken very seriously. It was bad enough if the curse was cast by a witch. But when it came from The Almighty on High, the people literally trembled in fear. Click For More

The Sodom And Gomorra Nightmare

Among the strange stories in the Book of Genesis, in the Old Testament, is the destruction of the cities of Sodom and Gomorra. According to the Biblical account, the people of the area were living very immoral lives. At one point, God, or possibly some intelligent force that possessed nuclear weapons at the time, chose to destroy the cities and everybody in them. Because “God” considered Lot to be a righteous man, he sent two angels to warn Lot and his wife and two daughters to get the hell out of Dodge before the city was blown to smithereens. The angels no sooner arrived at Lot’s home when men from all over Sodom were pounding at the door, wanting to rape the angels. The story goes downhill from there.  Click For Story

When God Ordered Abraham To Kill His Son

There is a troublesome story in the Book of Genesis about God’s command to Abraham to take his only legitimate son, Isaac, into the mountains and there to sacrifice him as a burnt offering. There was a moral lesson but not one that makes much sense.  Click For Story

The Bible Condones Slavery

As offensive as the practice of slavery is regarded by society today, the Christian Bible actually condones it. In fact, the Bible gives explicit instructions on how slaves should be treated, how severely they can be beaten, and even when slave owners can have sex with them. Click For More

The Bible Demands Blood Sacrifice

We tend to think of the ancient tribal practice of sacrificing animals and even people on stone alters as a primitive and nonsensical religious rite. Yet the Christian Bible speaks of a God that demands constant blood sacrifices for the atonement of sin. The Old Testament is filled with stories about people building stone altars and then sacrificing the finest male sheep from the herd to be slaughtered before the Lord. The murder of Jesus, described in the New Testament, is considered the ultimate blood sacrifice for the sins of humanity. Click For Story

Are Shrimp Lovers Doomed To Hell?

There is a troublesome verse in the Old Testament Book of Leviticus that a lot of Christian shrimp lovers either want to pretend doesn’t exist, or they have gone out of their way to rationalize their way around it. Leviticus, which is one of the old Hebrew books of law, forbids eating anything from the sea that doesn’t have scales or fins.  Click For Story

Malicious Biblical Insult Instruction

If you think the contemporary practice of shouting insults and giving insulting hand symbols is something new, guess again. The Old Testament is crammed with examples of insulting remarks that might make your head spin. If you want to sound more sophisticated about your insults, study and memorize some of the almost poetic insults in Samuel, Kings and Isaiah and you will have a stack of new intellectual sounding ammunition to fire at your enemies. Read More

Angry Elisha Kills 42 Children

From the Book of 2 Kings in the Old Testament, we know that Elisha was a Hebrew prophet and miracle worker who served as a disciple of Elijah. So why would such a "holy man" get so angry at a crowd of mocking children that he would send two bears after them and thus slaughter 42 of the stinkers? It's in the Bible. Look it up.Click For Story

God Kills Brothers Onan And Er

The story of the killing of brothers Onan and Er in Genesis 38 is a simple straight-out tale of God slaughtering first Er, because he was doing something "wicked," whatever that was. Then God killed Onan after refusing to jump in bed with Er’s widow and impregnating her. Something seems wrong with this story. See what you think. Click To Read

Samson Sets Fire To 300 Foxes

The Old Testament is filled with silly stories that do not make any sense. In fact, we have to wonder why they were included in that so-called “holy” book. Just a light read through some of those ancient books quickly brings you to one or more of those nonsensical stories. Judges 15:4-5 is our selection for this week. Click For Story

Samson Kills And Robs To Pay A Lost Bet

Remember the strange Bible story posted a few weeks ago about how Samson tied the tails of 300 foxes together and set them on fire. The crazed animals then ran through the wheat fields of the Philistines and set the crops afire. Samson did this out of revenge because the Philistine woman he married had been given away to the best man at his wedding. But we haven’t told all of this strange story. Click For The Rest

God Kills Rebels By The Thousands

It is easy to understand that when thousands of people are gathered together in the same camp or community, the politics of leadership come into play. In the Sixteenth Chapter of the Book of Numbers, we have a story of political rivalry between Moses, the declared leader of the Israelites, and Korah, a self-proclaimed leader of the Levites. Find out how God handled that pack of rebels. Click For Story

God Stops The Spin Of Earth?

Of all the peculiar stories packed in the Old Testament the ones claiming that God stopped the rotation of the Earth . . . for a full day to assist Joshua in his battle against the Amorites . . . and then caused the planet to spin backward for Isaiah . . . are scientifically impossible to accept. A lot of hard-line Bible thumpers argue that if God has the ability to create the heavens and the Earth, he also can magically stop the Earth’s rotation. But why would He choose to do this when the act would create literal chaos and devastation not only on the Earth, but even in the Solar System? More

Jacob Physically Wrestles With God

There are some really strange stories in the Old Testament. The human association with God is described as quite physical in the stories of Adam and Eve in the garden, Moses on the mountain and also when God appears as a stranger and challenges Jacob to a wrestling match that ends in a draw (Genesis 32). We examine the Jacob/God match today. Click To Read

Jonah Swallowed By A Big Fish

Few scholars take the story of Jonah as anything more than a myth since there is no known fish or whale in existence that is capable of literally swallowing a man. And once swallowed, if it had happened, it would have been impossible for any living creature to remain inside the digestive system of the beast for three days and then emerge alive. But it is in the Bible so it must be true you say? More . . .

God’s Condemnation Of Witches

Is there such a thing as a witch? The answer to this question is yes. We live among people with supersensory or clairvoyant abilities. They are all around us, sometimes not realizing their special abilities exist. We now refer to such people as psychics, telepaths, prophets, visionaries, diviners, foretellers, mediums, empaths and seers. The Old Testament condemns these people to death. Click For Story

Psychoactive Plants in the Bible

Believe it or not, psychedelic compounds from plants were freely used in Biblical times and they may have had a lot to do with the strange stories reported in the scriptures.Click For Story

Was Moses High On DMT?

In our research on psychotic plants in the Bible, we learned that the Acacia tree has a bark that contains DMT, one of the strongest hallucinogens known to man. When combined with an MAOI chemical, DMA turns into an active drug used by shamans and medicine men to connect with the gods. It is interesting to note that wood from the Acacia tree was used in making the ark of the covenant and part of the tabernacle.Click For Story

Talking To And Looking At God

When I was a child going to Sunday School I used to listen to the Old Testament stories about people having conversations with God. And it occurred to me that it was strange that we never hear about God talking to anybody in contemporary times. We dare to explore the question. Click For Story

The Day God Almost Killed Moses

When you carefully study the Old Testament books of the Law, it is difficult to understand why the Hebrew people loved the God they called YHVH. In reality, because of the things that YHVH was constantly doing to them, their devotion was undoubtedly out of fear.  Click For Story

Handicapped People Offend God

Among the Old Testament laws delivered by Moses after the burning bush episode were some odd messages in which God appears to be offended by people with imperfect bodies. In fact Leviticus 21 describes in detail a code of appearance and behavior for priests before they can enter the sanctuary within the temple.  Click For Story

Raping, Killing And Chopping Up The Concubine

The "Holy Christian Bible" is filled with a few horror stories that no parent would ever want to read to their children. In fact, they are not stories that Sunday school teachers or preachers ever speak of. Yet they exist, wedged in between the so-called stories of inspiration. One of the most gruesome of the stories is found in the Old Testament Book of Judges, Chapter 19. Dare to read this week's Sunday message. Click Here

The Bible In Talking To The Dead

The Bible is explicit about communicating with the dead. In verse after verse, from Genesis in the Old Testament to The Book of the Revelation in the New Testament, readers are warned against doing it. So a lot of people want to do it anyway. What happens when we talk to the dead? Sometimes the dead will answer. Click For Story

Jephthah Sacrifices His Daughter

Among the many Old Testament horror stories is that of Jephthah, the leader of the Israeli army, who led his forces in a great battle against the Ammonites. Jephthah must have been unsure of his ability to succeed in such a battle because he did something really strange. In Judges 11:30 we read: "And Jephthah vowed a vow unto the Lord, and said, ‘If thou shalt without fail deliver the children of Ammon into mine hands, then it shall be that whatsoever cometh forth of the doors of my house to meet me when I return in peace . . . shall surely be the Lord’s and I will offer it up for a burnt offering." What did he think was going to come out of that door, the family dog? Click For Story

That Eerie Dry Bones Story

The Book of Ezekiel, Chapter 37, contains one of the most eerie stories to be found in the Old Testament. Ezekiel tells how he was “carried away” and taken to a valley filled with dried out human bones scattered all over the floor of a valley. He was told to believe in the power of God, and to command the bones to rise up to life.  Click For Story

From Where Does That "Rapture" Story Originate?

Fundamental Christians not only put their faith in a god-man named Jesus who proved his deity by supposedly rising from the dead three days after he was murdered, but they believe in a wild "rapture" story. Click For Story

The Assassination Of King Eglon

The books of the Old Testament are filled with descriptive stories of war, sex and murders that appear to have nothing to do with reinforcing the reader's faith in God. The assassination that ended the 18-year reign of Eglon, King of Moab, who ruled over the Israelites from the City of Palms, is perhaps the goriest story to be found in that so-called "good book." Click If You Dare

The Hebrew Jesus Figure Elijah

When digging through the Books of Kings in the Old Testament, we find the amazing story of Elijah, a figure that portrays the Jesus story in so many ways the Jewish people even today are awaiting his "second coming" just as contemporary Christians are looking for the return of Jesus. Who was that guy? Click For Story

Bible Story Of Rape And Murder

A story in the Book of Judges in the Old Testament is but one of many accounts of terrible sexual perversion that makes us wonder why these ancient writings were included as part of the so-called holy writings of the Hebrew faith. Dare To Click

A Basket Of Foreskins For The King

How incredible it is that Christians and Jews hold sacred so many stories of extreme barbarism found in the pages of the Old Testament. The stories appear to be a record of the history of the Hebrew people who claim to be following the Will of God in their violent actions involving warfare, murder and sexual assault. Read On If You Dare

Jacob’s Strange Wrestling Match With God

Among the strange stories found in the Old Testament is Genesis 32: 24-32; Jacob’s weird all-night wrestling match with an unseen figure in the darkness. Some students of the Hebrew Scriptures say Jacob’s opponent was an angel. Others suggest that it was God himself because of the conversation and miracles that occurred near daylight the following morning. Click For Story

The Peculiar Issue Of Male Circumcision

Male circumcision is the cruel and painful act of cutting away the foreskin of the penis and totally exposing the glans, or the sensitive bulbous end of the penis. Performing this peculiar operation was originally directed by God to Abraham and his descendants, or the Jewish and Muslim people, according to Genesis 17:9-12. “And God said unto Abraham, Every male child among you shall be circumcised.” That was then. Why are we still doing it? Click For Story

The Raping Of Lot By His Daughters

The entire story of the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah is filled with perversion and strange sexual behavior that leaves students of Genesis 19 shaking their heads. The “teaching” allegedly drafted from the story appears to involve God’s judgment on those two cities and the people in them for their wild and perverted behavior. This is demonstrated when Lot’s home was surrounded by the men of Sodom who wanted to have sex with angels that arrived that day to warn Lot to flee with his wife and two daughters to escape the looming destruction of the city. What happened after that is a story they don’t talk about in Sunday School. .Click For More

The Original Mother Of God

Semiramis was the wife of Tukulti-Ninurta, or Nimrod. She was said to have not only been very beautiful, but also politically powerful. As the story goes, both Nimrod and Semiramis established themselves as the gods Marduk and Astarte. There are several versions of how Semiramis got to be the declared mother of god. One of them says that after the death of Nimrod, Semiramis bore a son, Tammuz. Since she could not have conceived the child from the dead Nimrod, she proclaimed it to have been a miracle conception and that Tammuz was Marduk reborn. Click For More

How To Curse Without Guilt

The next time you get stuck in traffic and some idiot cuts you off or does some other ridiculous thing to make your situation worse, we offer some great curses from the Bible that you can use instead of the ones you normally do. Since they are scriptural, you don’t have to feel guilty using them. Click And Memorize

The Ridiculous Search For Noah’s Ark

It seems there have been a lot of expeditions organized to climb Mount Ararat in Eastern Turkey because some aerial or satellite surveillance photograph caught an image that looked like a ship in the ice. The purpose of these climbs . . . and there have been many . . . has been to prove an ancient Biblical myth that a man named Noah and his family built a wooden vessel that carried them and a horde of world animals through a destructive world-wide flood that lasted 40 days and 40 nights.Click For More

All Those Biblical “Begettings”

Both the Old and New Testament in the Bible include long stories detailing ancestry leading from Adam right down to Jesus. The reference to just who was the parent of who falls on the word “begot.” This is an old English word that means “to generate a child” or offspring. The historical reference usually always falls on the male parent. So why are they all listed? Click For Story 

When God Threatened To Kill Moses

The practice of circumcision has been losing its popularity among young families for a few obvious reasons. It is just one more costly medical procedure involving newborn babies, and many doctors now question its value as a health benefit.Circumcision involves the cutting away of the foreskin of the male penis. It has been a serious part of the Jewish faith dating back to the Old Testament. But it seems that the reason for this practice is only because God commanded it. And the truth behind this strange commandment lies buried only in the minds of the writers of the five books of the Torah.

Click For Story

Moses Wrote The Laws Books – Not God

The first five books of the Old Testament are known as the Books of the Law. They comprise the Hebrew Torah, the holy book of God’s teachings that were allegedly given by God to Moses to be written on parchment and used as instruction for holy living. But if God scratched the laws on stone tablets, what happened to such holy stones? Would you believe Moses smashed them? Click For Story

Balaam And The Talking Donkey

Balaam is a deceiver and a wicked character in the Old Testament who worked with King Balak to lead the Israelites into transgression. We should not be surprised, then, in the Book of Numbers, when we read how Balaam whipped his donkey three times because it refused to carry him in the direction he wished to travelWhat is surprising is that after the third whipping, the donkey turned its head around and started talking to BalaamClick For Story

Jacob’s Peculiar Striped Cows

There is a strange nonsensical account in the Book of Genesis about how Jacob, the grandson of Abraham, gained wealth and influence by tricking his Uncle Laban out of the best livestock in his flocks. Somehow Jacob arranged to separate the livestock so he owned the “ringstraked” and “spotted” cows and sheep and Laban got the solid dark colored animals. Click For More

One Handed Israeli Women

The ancient books of law found in the Old Testament dolled out some really severe punishments for certain types of misbehavior. A good example of this can be found in Deuteronomy 25:11-12. The law reads: "If two men are fighting and the wife of one of them comes to rescue her husband from his assailant, and she reached out and seizes him by his private parts, you shall cut off her hand. Show her no pity." It really says that. Click For More

Duty Of The Surviving Brother

There was an Old Testament law that protected many widows following the death of their husbands, especially if they were childless. If there was a brother, it was his duty to then take the woman as his wife and do his best to impregnate her. Its in the Bible. Look it up. Click For More

Did King David Ever Exist?

While the archaeological evidence does not support it, the story of the life of King David is portrayed in three books of the Old Testament, described in the Quran and mentioned in the Kitab-i-Iqan of the Baha’I faith. The Old Testament books of Samuel, 1 Kings and 1 Chronicles are the basic sources of information about David. David is credited with writing some but not all of the poetry in the Book of Psalms and the New Testament Books of Matthew and Luke list David in the ancestry of Jesus. No other book in the surviving library of ancient text mentions King David and archaeologists have had to stretch their imaginations to find any carved names or documents that appear to be a reference to David. More . . .


Little Bully Kid Jesus

While the Old Testament makes no bones about depicting Jehovah God as an all-powerful force to be feared, the New Testament describes the Son, Jesus, as a kind person preaching love and compassion. At least that is how the priests and high church officials chose to include in the New Testament when they selected the writings and stories about Jesus’ life to be canonized about 600 years after Jesus allegedly lived. And you can bet a lot of stuff was carefully snipped from the original text because it didn’t fit the selected theological viewpoint of the early Roman Catholic Church. For example, there is almost nothing stated in the Gospels or letters about the childhood of Jesus. But the text that has been found depict the young Jesus, like all extra bright children, as a peeler. Click For Story

When Jesus Got Mad

We have this sense through church teachings and by reading New Testament passages that Jesus was a meek and mild man who walked around the land preaching love and kindness. Yet there are moments when the scriptures give us a peak at Jesus when he lost his temper and went into fits of righteous rage. Click For Story 

The Eternal Damnation Myth

Back when I was exploring the Christian faith I recall hearing a sermon about eternal damnation. The preacher that day spoke of the one terrible sin that a person could commit for which there can be no forgiveness. Anyone who commits this sin, he said, is doomed to burn forever in hell. There could be no escape. Thus, he warned, no one must ever do this terrible thing.  Click For Story

The Ruth And Boaz Connection

The Book of Ruth in the Old Testament outlines a story of how Ruth hooked up with a land owner named Boaz to produce offspring that led down a lineal line to Jesus. As far as we can tell, the Jesus genealogy link is the only reason the Book of Ruth exists. Click For Story

Did Jesus Know Haagenti?
There is a story in the Gospel of John about a wedding that Jesus attended. When the host of the celebration unexpectedly ran out of wine, Jesus performed his celebrated "miracle" in which he turned water into more wine. The demon Haagenti's specialty is turning water into wine, and, and if anybody wishes, wine back into water.  He also can turn any metal into gold and make men wise by instructing them in every subject. Click For Story

Did Jesus Really Exist?

At an age when so many Bible thumpers are counting heavily on a mythological Jesus to come down out of the clouds and save them from a diseased, polluted and dying planet, a growing number of historical researchers are questioning whether this dynamic "savior" even existed. Seattle psychologist and author Valerie Tarico has written a fascinating review of the New Testament conflicts in the Jesus story. In her article, which appeared in Alternet, Tarico looks deeply into the historical record, the timeline in which the New Testament books were written and chosen by biased theologians to make them fit the "story," and the way the Christian story plagiarizes so many earlier mythical accounts of god-like figures said to have walked among us. Dare To Read

Jesus And The Donkey

The four gospels of the New Testament depict the life and ministry of Jesus from four different points of view. But for some odd reason they all tell us how Jesus entered the City of Jerusalem for the last time riding on a donkey. Why was this strange little story important? Click For Story

Jesus Deals With Demon Possession

Three of the Gospels, Matthew, Mark and Luke, include versions of a strange story involving the exorcism of a man long possessed by demons. As the storyis told, Jesus and his disciples took a boat across the Sea of Galilee. As they arrived on the shore in the region of the Gerasenes, a naked man came running out of a cave pleading with Jesus to go away and leave him alone. Jesus asked the man: "What is your name?" And the man answered: "Legion." Demons were living in him. Click For Story

Why They Killed Jesus

The Bible story of the trial and murder of Jesus is strangely lame when you think about it. An interesting theory presented last year on the website Prison Planet probably makes about as much sense as any we have heard. They murdered Jesus because he attacked the money changers. The article quotes the Rev. Howard Bess, a retired Baptist minister and frequent columnist for various Internet publications, as pointing out that the entire movement to kill Jesus stemmed from his assault on the money changers operating in the temple. "Jesus wasn’t sentenced to death until he challenged the money changers," said Bess. Sounds about right. Click For More

Much Ado About Barnabas

The four gospels in the New Testament were hand selected from hundreds of written texts by various cardinals and high priests of the Roman Catholic Church about 170 years after Jesus allegedly walked the earth. The final canon was officially agreed upon around 350 AD. Now that the Gospel of Barnabas has surfaced in Turkey, Vatican scholars are working hard to discredit it as an authentic work. But if we take time to study the contents of this document, it is easy to understand why the church wants it swept away and forgotten.  Click For Story

Was The Ascension Story Manufactured?

It is common knowledge that the four gospels were written years after Jesus allegedly walked the Earth, and that the writers were not the apostils Matthew, Mark, Luke or John who were with Jesus during his ministry. It also is known that Paul, who claims to have had a miraculous conversion after his single encounter with the spirit of Jesus while on the road to Damascus, is credited with scribbling much of the rest of the New Testament. Nobody knows for sure who wrote the Book of Acts. Scholars say the writing style is so similar they believe the author of Luke also wrote Acts. It is only in the first chapter of Acts that a description of the ascension of Jesus is described. There are vague references to it in the Gospels of Luke and Mark. If the writers didn't see it, did it happen? More . . .

God: Obey All Authority

There are various Bible verses that tell us that God is in control of all things, and that followers of Jesus must obey the laws of their government. Romans 13:1 reads: "Let every soul be subject unto the higher powers. For there is no power but of God; the powers that be are ordained of God." Thus believers must blindly accept the fact that winners of recent political elections were given their authority by God, even though there has been strong evidence that the elections have been rigged by corrupt election workers all the way up the the Supreme Court. Click For More

Does Anybody Really Want To Go To Heaven?

There is a thread-worn joke that just about everybody has told or at least heard a few dozen times. We say we don’t really want to go to Heaven because we won’t know anybody up there. There is some basis for making a statement like that. The descriptions of Heaven . . . as best we can ascertain from the few Bible verses that address the subject . . . do not make it a very alluring place. Read More

Can God Really Be Omnipotent?

Most humans agree that something created us. Therefore, we generally conclude there must be a "Creator," or an entity most of us refer to as God. And most believers agree that this God must be omnipotent. The word omnipotent means: to have unlimited authority or power. There is a paradox built into the omnipotence of God, however. It states that "if a being can perform any action then it should be able to create an action that it cannot perform." We chew on this today. More . . .