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Columbus – World Navigator, Slaver And Mass Killer

For years the American history books gave Christopher Columbus the credit of "discovering America" and proclaimed him to be a hero for daring to sail his frail craft across the Atlantic when European scholars believed the world was flat. They even named cities and highways and created a national holiday in his name. But now that the real story of what Columbus did, and how he treated the natives he found on the various Caribbean Islands, the truth has thrown a pall of shame over the very name. Weekly Terrible Person Report

Hezbollah Fighters

The Lebanese Hezbollah Organization

(Part 4 In A Series)

Hezbollah came into existence because of the Israeli invasion of Lebanon in 1982. It was primarily composed of 1,500 Iranian Revolutionary Guards, led by followers of the late Ayatollah Khomeini, who entered Lebanon with permission from the Syrian government to help drive the Israelis out of Lebanon. During the 12 long years of conflict that followed, Hezbollah evolved as both a military and political force, eventually becoming an organization with seats in the Lebanese government, programs for training fighters beyond Lebanon’s borders, and even operating its own radio and satellite television station. Click For Story

America’s Student Loan Debt Trap

When I attended college in the late 1950s the sociologists jokingly called it a "four-year-extension of infancy." That was because any high school graduate with a high enough grade average or the capability of passing a college entrance exam could get a crack at a bachelor’s degree or more. Tuition and the price of used text books at the campus store made the price of attending college within grasp. That was because we could earn enough money on available summer jobs to pay that part of the bill. I was able to earn enough while in college, working at one of the dormitory cafeterias, to pay my off-campus room rent of seven dollars a week. A weekly $10 check from my parents covered my food bill. Boy have things changed since those days. Story

Christian Narrow Mindedness

This week I am going to plagiarize a piece recently circulating around on the Internet. The points made are so perfectly stated, and all of them slam the silly thinking of uncompromising Bible believers right in the face. Click Here

Eye Goggles For A Mayan Ruler


I don't spend time watching television anymore, but a few years ago, when Nova’s archaeological mystery story "Lost King of the Maya" aired on Public Broadcasting I found myself glued to the set. The story was about a mysterious Mayan ruler named Yax K’uk Mo, who came out of the jungle from some unknown origin and founded a dynasty of 16 rulers, lasting 400 years at Copan, Honduras. Click here for his amazing story.

The Fatah

Fatah: Early Palestinian Militants

(Third In Series)

Even before there was the PLO in Palestine, there was a militant organization known as the Fatah. Like the PLO, its original purpose was as a political movement representing the Palestinians in conflicts with the Israelis when it came into existence in 1959. Fatah, which is an Arabic word signifying "conquer" or "victory," grew from early armed struggles remembered as the 1936-1939 Arab Revolt in Palestine and the 1948 Arab-Israeli War. Its motive was always the liberation of Palestine. Click For Report

The Police Crisis In America

The nation has been sliding toward a police state for a long time. I watched it happening during the years I spent reporting police news, covering major fires, murders, court trials and sometimes just riding around with the police on night patrol. There was a time when I had my own personal coffee cup hanging on a hook with the other cups at the Michigan State Police Post. I was given free access to the Sheriff’s Dispatcher’s radio room where I could read the nightly police and fire log. Nothing that the police did in the county escaped my attention. No reporter gets that kind of access to police records today. My Story

Arafat And The PLO

The Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO)

Series Part 2

There appears to be primary motivations behind the modern terrorist movements. They involve revenge, ethnic cleansing, religious differences, differences in political ideologies and conflicts over land ownership. Some of these issues overlap as multiple complex driving forces behind some terrorist groups. All involve intense hatred driven into the minds of active terrorists, sometimes dating back for generations. The latter appears to be among the motivational causes of the rise in terrorist activity now imprisoning the Middle East. Story

Why The Candidate Hoopla Now?

If there is anything American’s could care less about at this early date it is the growing list of presidential candidates and what they are saying publically about one another. The first state primary elections are months away. The national primary is still more than a year away. The final presidential election is not going to be big news until November, 2016. The political dribble is so nauseating that it is small wonder that people are abandoning television programming and newspapers by the droves. Click For More


Why The Massive Wave Of World Terrorism?

When we think of the Bush War On Terrorism we tend to think of the major terrorist organizations like ISIS, al Qaeda in the Middle East, Hizballah and Hamas in the Israeli/Palestinian conflict and more recently Boko Haram in Nigeria, Africa. These are the groups that have been making headlines in the last year or two. But there are many more of them. Terror organizations seem to be springing up like mushrooms everywhere. We will be studying some of them. A planned series will be asking who they are and why they came into existence. Click For Story

Another Appalling Political Year Looms

As if the presidential race hasn’t already been slapping us in the face on our daily news feeds almost since the midterm elections concluded last November. Now the candidates for the 2016 presidential race are making their declarations. First came Ted, then Hillary and Marco. By the time this story hit publication the list will have grown even larger. With Barack Obama finishing his second and final term in office, the field is wide open. And candidates are coming out of the cracks like cockroaches. Thoughts

Andrew Jackson’s Trails of Tears

Looking back in American history, no one can say President Andrew Jackson was the sole instigator of the Indian Removal Act and its deadly effect on the five Native American tribes living in the Southeastern Territories, but his name was clearly inscribed on the branding iron. The Indian Removal Act of 1830 and the forced relocation of an estimated 125,000 Choctaw, Chickasaw, Seminole, Creek and Cherokee people from their homes in Georgia, Tennessee, Alabama, North Carolina and Florida to "Indian Territory" west of the Mississippi, now known as the State of Oklahoma, is a dark and bloody blot in the nation’s history. Full Story

That Fukushima Horror Isn’t Over

There was an April Fool story in the Internet publication Register that told of a complete meltdown of the cores of the three nuclear power plants at Fukushima and the shocking discovery by corporate technicians that the packages of fuel rods, burning at heat hotter than the sun, appears to have dropped to the core of the Earth. Worse than this, the story warned, some researchers expressed concern that the cores may still be burning their way through the planet and there is a danger that they will eventually blast their way out somewhere around the Falkland Islands, on the opposite side of the world. Click For Reality Check


Has Our Military Already Been To Mars?

A strange "whistleblower" story has appeared in a website titled Exopolitics Activism quoting from a newsletter that states the U.S. Marines have not only been to Mars, but they operate a secret space fleet that apparently roams around our solar system. The story says a Marine identified as Randy Cramer (aka Captain Kaye USMC) has spent 17 years on Mars and three years serving on the space fleet. Can we believe it or is it science fiction? Read More Here

The Great American Oligarchy

Our nation was promoted as a great republic, patterned after a Constitution and Bill of Rights written by men 200 years ago who wanted desperately to establish a way of governing people that guaranteed equality and fairness to everybody. But the United States quickly and secretly slid away from that framework to become another oligarchy; perhaps the most powerful and most deadly of its kind to ever exist. Click For Story

We Are Born Into Social Enslavement

During my years working as a journalist, covering all phases of life from industry to government and the church, I have concluded that everything we as a society believe and do is carefully programmed by forces outside of our control. The reality we think we are experiencing is no more than a matrix of our own making. The very word "freedom," which is so cherished by Americans, is no more than an illusion. Everything we do and much of what we think is put in our minds via our televisions, our computers, our parents, teachers and the church. Read More

Humanity In Self-Destruct

A new book by American ecologist Dr. Ellis Silver has caused a stir among the scientific community. Silver suggests that humans are not of this Earth, and may have been placed here thousands of years ago by an alien race as a punishment because of our inability to get along. In a sense, Silver argues, we are all in a kind of prison. He does not believe we have a chance of being released from this mess until we learn how to lay down our weapons and reach out to one another in love and kindness. It is obvious we have failed in this quest. Is our time running out? Click For Story

Is Agenda 21 A Good Or Bad Idea?

It has been common knowledge that the world as we know it is in the midst of extreme change, nations are locked in unrest, and we are facing racial, environmental, and overpopulation issues that threaten to push us all into violent confrontation. World leaders have been watching this develop for decades and have been looking for solutions. In 1992, during a United Nations Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro, a 300-page document known as Agenda 21 was signed by then President George H. W Bush and 177 other world leaders. Click For Story


The Invisible American Homeless

A House Divided . . .

Abraham Lincoln quoted Jesus when he gave his famous "house divided" speech before the Republican State Convention in Springfield, Illinois, on June 16, 1858. Lincoln’s speech was controversial when he said it. Yet it was clearly prophetic because of the looming Civil War that was to literally tear the nation apart during his term in office. That war was fought over the issue of state’s rights and slavery. Today, a century and a half later, America is once again a house divided, and the rift may be even more severe than it was in 1858. Full Text

Arctic Release Of Methane Now At Deadly Levels

During the years when scientists were warning us about the "greenhouse effect" of carbon dioxide from the mass burning of carbon based fuels, it was also theorized that if the heating Earth caused the Arctic ice to melt there would also be a huge release of methane gas entrapped in the ice that would intensify the problem. While the media is not reporting it, the worst scenario imaginable is now happening. Click For Story

Cannabis; God’s Great Gift To Humanity

There are days when the joints in my body ache so bad I find myself reaching for the pain pills prescribed by my doctor rather than rely on ibuprofen or other over-the-counter pain relievers. As I gulp down the pills and wait for the relief they will bring, I am fully aware that the "medicine" in them is also attacking my liver, my kidneys, and other vital organs. I am also aware that there is a simple and inexpensive alternative to this pain problem, and that it is probably growing secretly in a basement, house or farm nearby. But to get my hands on it could subject me to assault by agents for the United States Government. Click For More 

Was Orwell’s "1984" A Prophetic Warning?

When published in 1949, I doubt if anyone ever thought the world depicted in George Orwell's novel "1984" would ever come into reality. Orwell described a complete enslavement of humanity by a privileged political elite. The government system was depicted by a Big Brother character that preached a socialistic system of collective behavior (Ingsoc) from giant television screens mounted everywhere. People worked in little cubicles. Video cameras were mounted on all streets, public buildings and job sites. And the world was engaged in a perpetual war against a vague enemy. Sound familiar? Click For More

The Looming Trans-Pacific Partnership

It was probably inevitable that our ever-shrinking world would drift into the global partnership long described by the prophets of old as a "one world government." This emerging global enterprise is not like anything we ever imagined, however. That’s because it is being designed by the people now in financial and political power who are primarily interested in creating a corporate plan to seize even more of the planet’s resources, latch onto the world’s wealth and further enslave the masses. Click For Story


The Insanity Of High Cost Education

The United States once held the distinction of having the best colleges and universities in the world. People came from all over to study here. That was once. It is no longer the case. This is clearly one of the signs that the United States is falling behind in its standing in the world. It is a nation that has been taken over by bankers and big money interests who have skillfully devalued the dollar, created an inflation that has grown faster than workers can earn money to live, and in the process, destroyed the great universities that once turned out great thinkers, educators and creative people capable of lighting the world stage. Click For Story

The Bilderberg Conspiracy Theory

The Bilderberg Group, which has been in existence since 1954, is an organization comprised of up to 150 political, industrial, university, media and financial leaders representing nations in Europe and North America. Because its annual meetings are held behind closed doors, without media coverage, the Bilderberg Group has been the subject of numerous conspiracy theories. Some believe it is, in effect, an organization of people who really control world events. Click For Story

The Odd Kennedy/Lincoln Paradox

There are some spooky historical events hovering over the office of the United States President that go beyond natural explanation. John F. Kennedy was the last American president to die in office, thus his murder appears to have ended an old Tecumseh curse. But the Kennedy assassination and the assassination of Abraham Lincoln have jolted historians with a long list of synchronicities that have been hard to explain. Click To Find Out More

The Insane Impact Of Teabag Sequestering

The City of Santa Cruz, California, has for years been known for its street artists, writers and historic charm. It was common to hear music as young starving artists performed on city streets with their hats out for donations from passers-by. Off-beat writers like Robert Anton Wilson dined in some of the town’s quaint little restaurants. Everywhere you looked there was something interesting occurring. That was then. Now, thanks to major cuts in government assistance programs to states, Santa Cruz, like cities all over America, have lost their charm. People are staying at home behind locked doors rather than deal with what awaits them on the open streets. Click For More


Extreme Weather May Be The New Normal

During my years working as a bureau reporter in Michigan, we experienced a severe storm that dumped 24 inches of rain on our area in about a week. It was a disaster for the rural farming area. Fields of crops were under water. Roads were flooded, bridges were washed out, streams overflowed their banks and basements were flooded. They said that was what the weather people call a “100-year” flood, and was so rare we probably would not experience anything like it again in our lifetime. But lo, storms like that and worse are so common now that very few people are escaping them. Click For Story

Giants On The Earth

Michael A. Cremos books, "Forbidden Archaeology" and "Forbidden Archaeology's Impact," published in 1993 and 1998, respectively, have had a quiet impact on the pre-programmed folks who dared to read them and consider their message. Cremo believes many museums and departments of archaeology at major Universities, have been hiding fossilized artifacts that tend to challenge the accepted views of history. The bones of giant humanoids have been found all over the Earth. Read More

The Insanity Of Fracking

Drilling companies have been fracturing oil wells almost since the first wells were drilled in the mid-1800s. In those days they used dynamite or nitroglycerine dropped in shallow, hard rock oil wells to crack the rock and stimulate the flow of crude oil and natural gas. It also was found to be a great way of waking up tired old wells where even the pumps were not pulling much oil to the surface. This new practice of fracking, however, is destroying what is left of America’s precious water supply.  Click For Story

The Barbaric Act Of Execution

We wince at the very thought of some criminal in some far-away prison being “legally” put to death following conviction for crimes he or she may or may not have committed. We also find ourselves turning away from pictures of captured people in foreign lands being lined up before firing squads, or being beheaded at the blade of a sharp sword. We dislike the idea, it is an archiac custom, and studies show that the threat of execution does not deter crime. So why do we still do it?  Click For Story


Is Opium Behind The Long Afghan War?

America’s adventures in the Middle East began with an attack on Afghanistan in 2001, in apparent retaliation after the 9-11 attack. The nation was led to believe that Osama bin Laden and his Sunni militant Islamist organization known as al-Qaeda plotted the attack in Kabul, Afghanistan. But was it all a set-up to get American and UK forces in the region for another reason? Click For Story

The Insanity Of Destroying Our Fresh Water

My wife and I chose to buy our retirement home on Michigan’s Keweenaw Peninsula because it is surrounded by fresh water. The peninsula juts north out into Lake Superior. Not many miles to our south is Lake Michigan. And to the east is Lake Huron. There was method in our madness. The lakes near us are but three of the five Great Lakes which collectively hold the largest body of fresh water left on the planet. But you won't believe what big corporations are doing to those lakes now. Click For Story

Setting Time By The Moon Instead Of Clocks

The late Author-Professor José Argüelles believed clocks are a bane on humanity and that the archaic Georgian Calendar, created and mandated by the church, is an archaic way of controlling and operating our lives. He advocated replacing the Georgian Calendar with an even older, but more accurate 13-Moon – 28 Day calendar once used by the Mayans that he said is a "perfectly balanced solar/lunar measure" that he believed would have given the planet a new start toward a one-world government "and a shot at peace." Click For More

Painless Cancer Cure Was Known In 1934

Royal Rife, the man who invented the high powered microscope, also invented a sound frequency machine that kills the viruses and bacteria behind an estimated 50 different human diseases, including cancer. Rife and his associates had a device that successfully cured cancer in both animals and humans as early as 1934. So why aren't we using the Rife frequency machine?  Click For More

George Mason

Why George Wouldn’t Sign The Constitution

This is not a story about George Washington. This is about another man involved in framing the U. S. Constitution, bringing about the Bill of Rights, and influencing the way our nation operates today. His name was George Mason, someone few of us have ever heard of and rarely, if ever, mentioned in American history books. Mason played a key role in framing our government and if more convention members had listened to him, we might not be in the pickle we face today. Click For Story

Next: Corporate Control Of World Water
It’s bad enough that Nestlé former CEO—now Chairman of the Board—Peter Brabeck-Letmathe supports GMO farming, saying that genetically modified (GM) foods are “perfectly safe” and don’t cause any health problems, while also saying that organic farming is “not the best. But now he’s dipped his toes into the water supply, indicating that the world’s water supply should—and will soon—come under the control of corporations. Underground Health - Click For Link

Supreme Gang of 5 Needs To Be Reined In

When I was a youngster growing up in Harbor Beach, Michigan, everybody in town revered one older house that was maintained as a special place of honor. It was the former home of the late Supreme Court Justice Frank Murphy, who was perhaps the most admired person to ever have lived in that community. We looked upon that house was awe. On special occasions the house was open to the public for view, although it was never considered a museum. That was how much we admired people who sat on that hallowed bench. We don't think that way anymore. Click For Story

The Destruction of Journalism In America

It has been no secret that the popularity of the Internet preceded by television news via cable networks has taken its toll on the newspaper and news magazine industry. That the largest examples of print journalism . . . the Wall Street Journal, the Los Angeles Times, the Washington Post, the Gannett Corporation papers and others have fallen under corporate ownership has helped put the coffin nail on the world of real journalism in America. The move to cut off information to the public is not letting up. Click For Story

Living On The Edge; America’s Cockeyed Monetary Oil Standard

You can thank Henry Kissinger, the late President Richard M. Nixon and the economic advisors for the Nixon Administration for resetting America’s monetary standard and leading us into almost constant warfare in the Middle East. They also awarded us a growing financial crisis that may mean the downfall of the United States as we once knew it. Click For Story


Terrorism: The False Generation Of Domestic Fear

Was the danger ever as great as we were led to believe? A new book, The Terror Factory: Inside the FBI’s Manufactured War on Terrorism by Trevor Aaronson reveals how we have all been successfully duped to willingly give up our rights in exchange for protection from a non-existent enemy. Click For Story

The Corporate Plan: Keep Them Scared

If you ever wonder why the stock market makes the U.S. economy look so healthy while so many Americans are struggling just to make ends meet, there is no push to raise the minimum wage and many skilled workers are still listed among the unemployed, consider this: the corporate giants like it this way. Click For Story

A team of scientists at Pennsylvania State University has developed an entirely new and more-effective kind of antibiotic. It does not trigger resistance in bacteria, and its effectiveness is hundred times higher than that of currently used antibiotics. At present, scientists are discussing whether mankind will be able to forget infectious diseases forever by using the new medicine. - See more at:
A team of scientists at Pennsylvania State University has developed an entirely new and more-effective kind of antibiotic. It does not trigger resistance in bacteria, and its effectiveness is hundred times higher than that of currently used antibiotics. At present, scientists are discussing whether mankind will be able to forget infectious diseases forever by using the new medicine. - See more at:
A team of scientists at Pennsylvania State University has developed an entirely new and more-effective kind of antibiotic. It does not trigger resistance in bacteria, and its effectiveness is hundred times higher than that of currently used antibiotics. At present, scientists are discussing whether mankind will be able to forget infectious diseases forever by using the new medicine. - See more at:

The Titanic Disaster’s Financial Impact On America

The sinking of the White Star Line’s new liner Titanic and the loss of an estimated 1,500 lives after striking an iceberg on its maiden voyage on April 15, 1912 has remained one of the world’s most memorable disasters. While there have been other ship disasters perhaps just as horrifying that claimed even more lives, the Titanic story is the one that remains etched most deeply in the historical record. And there are several strange synchronicities that we suspect account for this. Read More

News works like a drug. As stories develop, we want to know how they continue. With hundreds of arbitrary storylines in our heads, this craving is increasingly compelling and hard to ignore. The more news we consume, the more we exercise the neural circuits devoted to skimming and multitasking while ignoring those used for reading deeply and thinking with profound focus. The physical structure of the brain changes. - See more at:
News works like a drug. As stories develop, we want to know how they continue. With hundreds of arbitrary storylines in our heads, this craving is increasingly compelling and hard to ignore. The more news we consume, the more we exercise the neural circuits devoted to skimming and multitasking while ignoring those used for reading deeply and thinking with profound focus. The physical structure of the brain changes. - See more at:
News works like a drug. As stories develop, we want to know how they continue. With hundreds of arbitrary storylines in our heads, this craving is increasingly compelling and hard to ignore. The more news we consume, the more we exercise the neural circuits devoted to skimming and multitasking while ignoring those used for reading deeply and thinking with profound focus. The physical structure of the brain changes. - See more at:

The Great PCB Assault That Won’t Go Away

The dangers of PCBs, or polychlorinated biphenyls, were known as early as 1929, about 50 years after they were first used in manufacturing goods for public use. Unfortunately it took the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to ban the manufacture of this stuff in the United States, but that wasn’t until 1977. In the meantime, PCBs, used in the manufacture of inks, dyes, paints, adhesives, carbonless papers, lubricants, flame retardants, surface coatings and sealants, and industrial fluids, got spread everywhere and contaminated our world. Click For More

The Abnormal Concept Of Ownership

The great wall of division among humanity has always been wealth. And wealth can be interpreted as ownership. Those with wealth possess land, the society’s monetary supply, and consequently power. Imagine living in a society where ownership of "things" does not exist. It has been said that when Europeans first stepped on American soil, the natives were puzzled at the idea of "owning land." Some of the languages lacked words to even describe personal ownership of anything. Click For More

Suzie Donahue

Can The Problems Of Human Aging Be Reversed?

Most humans begin to suffer from the effects of aging by the time they reach their 50s, and things usually go downhill from there. These are the years when hardening of the arteries bring on high blood pressure, heart attacks, the various organs in the body stop functioning as well as they once did so we suffer from diabetes, failing eyesight, loss of memory, weight gain, our muscles turn to fat and the skin hangs in wrinkles. Theta Healer Suzie Donahue believes there may be a way to stop aging and possibly even reverse it. Click For More

Recycled Radioactive Waste In Our Homes

If you have purchased something "new" for your home recently, it might be a good idea to have a geiger counter handy. It appears that many of the household products we are buying are being manufactured from the tons of radioactive waste that have been piling up since we began manufacturing atomic bombs and building nuclear powered ships and electric generating plants. Click For More

Alarming Moves Designed To Change Our World

As if we are living on a giant chessboard, the pieces have been silently moved into place without many of us realizing that the queen is about to fall. The shadow rulers of the world appear about to make their final move. Once it happens, and it will probably occur unexpectedly, the world as we have known it will be changed forever. Dare To Read On

Imagine A World Without Slavery

Slavery has been a way of life on Earth for as long as humans have recorded history. It has appeared in many forms . . . from the concept of one man owning another and forcing the slave to do his will, to serfdom under the rule of kings and assembly line workers laboring for whatever the employer chooses to pay. Existence under slavery has always meant a life of hard labor and drudgery. Workers are owned by the master in one way or another. Could there be an alternative? Click For More


The Human Perception of Reality

In the third book of his Cosmic Trigger trilogy, the late author Robert Anton Wilson takes a unique look at the concept of human conditioned "tunnel reality" by bringing his readers into a dark room filled with people looking at a television screen. It is such a brilliant way of explaining the way we are brainwashed by society to view our world, we are taking the liberty of passing it on to you. Click For Story 

Have We Been Down This Road Before?

I am fascinated by the so-called anomalies that keep turning up in the earth and rock of this ancient planet. Discoveries like a porcelain coated metallic object (spark plug?), a manufactured wire chain, a common nail, iron tools and concrete pillars and blocks, found deep in the earth or the bottom of the ocean . . . places where they should not be . . . give me an eerie feeling that the human race has been down this path more than once. It's as if we are being recycled and forced to live our existence over and over again until we get it right. More . . .

Why "Drinking Water" Is Unfit To Drink

I am old enough to remember the days when we used to drink water right from the faucet and not think anything of it. I should qualify that. I disliked drinking tap water because the taste and odor of chlorine, dumped into the city water system at the filtration plant was terrible. Some days a gulp of that water was drinking Roman Cleanser straight from the bottle. But we drank the water because we trusted the government promise that it was safe. Click For More

Calling On The Messiah

As a strange form of insanity sweeps our overpopulated, polluted and poisoned world is should not be surprising that people of all religious faiths are looking for some kind of miraculous intervention by God to save us from ourselves. It is well known that the Christians are waiting on the promised return of Jesus to launch a thousand-year period of peace. Contemporary “holy men” have stepped out of the shadows in recent years to either declare themselves to be the long-awaited savior, or to announce the signs of his arrival. Click For Story


Fixing The Woes Of Our Nation

It seems that we are reading and hearing more and more scare stories about the out-of-control national debt and the probability of the "too-big-to-fail" banks going into bankruptcy and bringing on another world depression. More and more people are out of work or living in poverty. Our infrasturcture is crumbling. Fixing this mess would be simple if we could briefly put a benevolent dictator into office with the power to override Congress, the Supreme Court and all of the other power figures hiding behind the velvet drapes behind the king’s throne. Click For The Donahue Plan

Is The U.S. Government Lost To The Gangsters?

After years of working as a government reporter and watching the erosion of the nation’s Constitutional way of doing business, it is clear to me that the United States government is no longer functioning the way our forefathers intended. It has all been taken over by the power brokers . . . the wealthy bankers and corporate bosses who are deciding in their own best financial interest rather than the best interest of the people. Click For Rant

The Fresco Solution For Saving The World

Those who have heard his lectures or read about him know that Jacque Fresco is among the great thinkers of the modern world. At 96, Fresco has experienced two world wars, the Great Depression, and the shift from a family/farm-oriented society to the industrial/electronic/capitalistic wilderness we struggle with today. A self-taught industrial and architectural designer, social and structural engineer, Fresco has invented numerous devices for industrial and medical use, and he has designed a futuristic plan to meet the world’s social needs in what he has called The Venus Project. Click For Story

Flirting With Disaster On The Electric Grid

As we were during the days of cheap oil, Americans appear blindly unaware of a potential looming disaster that looms on the nation’s electric grid. Yet when the lights go out for even a few hours, all life as we know it grinds to a halt. Consider how cities clogged with millions of people might deal with a black-out lasting weeks or even years. Click For Story



Our Dying Oceans; Why Isn't This Big News?

The oceans of our world are massive. And the storms at sea can be powerful. In the days of sailing ships, vessels often remained at sea for months before making landfall. Sometimes they sailed off never to be heard of again. This may be why humans have been careless about dumping waste products from not only our ships, but trash from industrial and city waste, and agricultural run-off into our rivers into the open seas. We never dreamed that such activity could threaten the life that existed under those vast and seemingly endless waters. It has taken us a few hundred years, but we have succeeded in doing this very thing. We are on the brink of killing the oceans of the world. Click For Story

Antimatter Theory Offers Incredible Probabilities

Ever since Paul Dirac theorized the existence of anti-matter in 1928, there has been a sense among world physicists that all things in the universe must have an opposing counterpart to preserve a necessary symmetry. The discovery of positrons, the anti-matter equivalent of electrons, and the subsequent discoveries of anti-protons and other anti-particles since Dirac have not only proven the existence of opposite forces, but opened the door to quantum physics.  Click For Story

Mystery Of Mass Human Disappearance

There are many stories involving the unexplained disappearance of people . . . including entire brigades of soldiers and the crew of ships at sea. The stories don't come up frequently and some of them date back so far into the past that the truth of such events are somewhat lost in the dust of time. But the stories are hauntingly told and retold. We offer some of the most bizarre. Click To Read

Is The Afghan Fighting About The Gold?


When President George W. Bush ordered American troops to invade the entire country of Afghanistan in 2001 in retaliation to the 9-11 attack by an al-Qaeda terrorist cell located in Kandahar, many believed there was some other objective behind such a military move.  Osama bin Laden and his gang quickly disappeared into the rugged mountainous terrain between Afghanistan and Pakistan and US and British forces found themselves fighting against another powerful tribal force, the Taliban, which was not believed to have been linked with al-Qaeda or the attack on the United States. So why did we do this? And why are we still there in 2012, with military advisors saying they think we need to stay a few years longer to try to build a stable government? Its about the money folks. Its always about the money when we go to war.  Click For More


Cut The Deficit – Break Down The Department Of Homeland Security

After the attacks of 9-11, President George W. Bush declared a War on Terror, launched two wars in the Middle East, and created the complex and costly bureaucracy called the Department of Homeland Security. That department, which involves a cabinet position, absorbed a long list of new and existing government agencies. It now functions with 216,000 employees and sucks up an annual budget of $52 billion. It is such a complex agency it consistantly fails to function and reports of graft and wasteful spending are common. Click For Story

Cut The Deficit – Stop The Big Business Of Running America’s Prisons

The last lines in the National Anthem proclaims the United States to be “the land of the free . . .” Folks that stand up at sports and other public events and proudly sing these words may be shocked to know that the statement is not true. There are more Americans currently under incarceration per capita in the U. S. than in any other nation in the world. Our criminal justice system has become a big business enterprise and it is out of control. Click For Story

Reduce The Deficit – Start With The Military

Before he left office, President Dwight D. Eisenhower, a five-star general who served as Supreme Commander of the Allied forces in Europe during World War II, left Americans with a warning that the military industrial complex constructed for this war had a “potential for a disastrous rise of misplaced power.” He knew what he was talking about. And we didn't listen. Click For Story

Let’s Dismantle The Federal Reserve

We once considered Alan Greenspan, long-time chairman of the Federal Reserve, as one of the most powerful and influential figures in the world of finance. Today the bearded face of Ben Bernanke fills that void and wields as much power as Greenspan once did. But why? The Federal Reserve is a privately held corporation owned by stockholders representing the largest banks in the land. It has seized unconstitutional power since its creation in 1913. Author David Quinn writes that “if the American public understood what their (Federal Reserve) policies have done to their lives, they would be rioting in the streets. Click For Story


Beware The Codex Alimentarius Conspiracy

If the insurance lobby wins the health bill battle in America, and if big pharma succeeds in pushing legislation to enforce rules established under Codex Alimentarius, a global plan hatched within the United Nations, the people will not only be saddled with the high cost of health care, but they will be forced to use poisonous prescription drugs rather than natural home remedies in their quest to stay healthy. Click For Story

Do You Think You Own Your Home?

All of this drama about home foreclosures and mortgage foreclosures, declining property values and homeless people occupying vacant buildings is a very contemporary phenomenon. When the aboriginals occupied the North American continent, there was no such thing as land ownership. If you think about it, there still isn’t. At least for middle class Americans. Click For Story

Why Modern Medicine Remains in the Stone Age


Cures for cancer and a host of other deadly diseases have been known for a very long time in the United States. The story behind this "secret" is so ugly most people may find it hard to believe anyone would purposefully do something so evil. Click For Story

The Fishbein Effect On The American Health System

Most Americans agree that the nation’s health system has degenerated into a high-cost composite of radical surgeries, extensive torture treatments and a quagmire of prescription medications that have been big business for the medical providers. It is a mess that must be fixed. And we owe much of the blame on a greedy man named Morris Fishbein who rose to power as head of the AMA in 1934. Click For Story

Is the U.S. Food Industry Purposefully Poisoning Us?

Since its release in 1997, Dr. Russell L. Blaylock's book "Excitotoxins, the Taste That Kills," has inspired further research in which a variety of other papers by notable experts strongly support his claims that a "food enhancer" called monosodium glutamate (MSG) and an artificial sweetener called aspartame (NutraSweet) are linked to a wide variety of human brain disorders and may even be killing us. Click For Story


The Interacting Universe Is Alive And Watching

How insignificant the mighty affairs of man become when stacked up beside the actions of our living universe. While our leaders wrestled with terrorism, threats of nuclear war, an overpopulated planet, loss of natural resources the economy and environmental pollution, the Mother Earth flexed a muscle on Dec. 26, 2004, and sent out a massive earthquake so strong it unleashed one of the worst tsunamis to sweep the Indian Ocean in history. Over 240,000 people died. Everybody on the planet knows about the Christmas quake, but what they may not know is that exactly 44.6 hours later, gamma ray telescopes orbiting the Earth recorded the arrival of the brightest gamma ray burst ever recorded. Find out why this is significant. Click Here

Will Machines Someday Rule?

There is something interesting occurring in our contemporary world. The human race is recklessly polluting the air, water and land and using up the planet’s natural resources so completely that it appears we are heading for an early extinction. While this is going on, the development of intelligent robotic machines is reaching a point where the machines are beginning to think for themselves.  Click For Story

We Are Being Programmed To Fear Fictitious "Enemies"

I don't know if you have noticed how we are being fed propaganda via our nightly television news programs about some evil guy, somewhere in the world, who is plotting to destroy us with weapons of mass destruction. Are we in an Orwellian world designed to generate perpetual war? Click For Story



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