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The Bible In Talking To The Dead

By James Donahue

The Bible is explicit about communicating with the dead. In verse after verse, from Genesis in the Old Testament to The Book of the Revelation in the New Testament, readers are warned against doing it.

A good explanation can possibly be found in 1 John 4:1: "Beloved, do not believe every spirit, but test the spirits to see whether they are from God, for many false prophets have gone out into the world."

And in Isaiah 8:19 we find: "And when they say to you, ‘Inquire of the mediums and the necromancers who chirp and mutter,’ should not a people inquire of their God? Should they inquire of the dead on behalf of the living?"

Indeed, there is a degree of wisdom behind this warning. We humans find death a great mystery. Consequently we are quick to seek any information we can about whatever awaits us "on the other side" following our own death, which is inevitable. And we all have loved ones who have passed on, and there is a natural desire to want to reach out to them if it is possible. Thus it is easy for us to seek information from mediums and necromancers who claim to have the ability to either raise the dead, or at least pass messages from them to us.

Yet the world is filled with those "false prophets" and tricksters who make their living with claims to be able to link us in some magical way to the spirit world that exists around us. Isaiah saw these characters as snake oil salesmen who "chirp and mutter" words not worth hearing, and especially not worth paying for.

Yet there is a sense and even a subconscious knowledge among us that we are all linked to that spirit world, and that it is, indeed, possible for us to reach out and touch our loved ones beyond the grave while still trapped in these earthly bodies.

And even out of the pages of the Old Testament, in I Samuel 28:3-25, we find that tantalizing story of King Saul’s quest to call forth a medium to raise the spirit of Samuel. He does this in great secrecy because all necromancers and magicians are forbidden in Israel. The woman raises what she claims is the ghost of Samuel, but identified as the Witch of Endor. The spirit complains about being called from the world of the dead and threatens Saul with defeat and his own death in a looming battle. And surely, the battle is lost and Saul commits suicide after falling wounded on the field.

Because of these verses, Bible believers seem to be aware of two things: 1.) life exists at least in spirit form after physical death, and 2.) while they live any attempt to communicate with this life is prohibited.

For those who reject the Bible as anything more than a carefully concocted book of propaganda promoting the Hebrew people as "God’s chosen," and Christianity as a religious enslavement for millions of followers, the temptation to attempt to find links with the spirit world are always tugging.

My late wife, Doris, who was raised under the yoke of Christianity, did not discover her abilities to communicate with spirits and the dead until late in life. Once she discovered she could do this, she spent years learning how to separate valuable entities with valued information from an onslaught of demonic and malicious spirits offering strings of lies and scary predictions. She finally linked up with the Angel Michael, and later The Abba Father, who claimed to be a power from another dimension. The Abba Father remained with Doris until her death, and even told her when she would die. She was strangely prepared and even appeared comfortable with passing at the time and in the way that it happened.

By the time Michael and The Abba Father joined us we were convinced that we were in communication with benevolent spiritual interests that could be generally trusted. It is true that some of the prophetic information received did not come to pass, but much of it did, and we never received threats of impending disaster without it actually occurring as it was told.

Also Doris discovered early that she was capable of communicating with dead relatives and friends, and even assisted friends and acquaintences with talking to their dead relatives. She never charged and, except for a few stories that appeared on this website, we never made it public that she had this ability.

Among the relatives Doris connected with was her older brother, Wayne, who told her he was in a very pleasant earth-like place, with other relatives, and that he was waiting to help her into "the light" when her time came. We also spoke to my mother after her passing. We found her happy to be free of her failing earthly body and enjoying her spiritual existence that was free of pain and restriction from movement. She was literally exploring the stars. Mom didn't choose to wait, but went on into the light not long after her early death.

I suspect that Mom's early decision to go on was because my elderly father wasted no time in attaching himself to another woman in the nursing home where he lived. I do know that right after she died, her first message to us was that Mom worried that Dad was not taking his pills. When we asked him, he confessed that her observations were correct.

While I lack the ability to communicate with Doris, I have the feeling she may be trying to communicate with me. We find things moved and out of place, and sometimes there are noises that we cannot explain. Our house is suddenly "haunted." I welcome the intrusions for obvious reasons.

The point to this writing is that while we agree the Bible is filled with warnings against attempting to communicate with the dead, and for logical reasons, we have found that 1.) communicating with the spirit world is possible if it is done correctly, and 2.) there is life after death, and 3.) that existence does not involve a time of judgment and possible sentence of eternity in Hell because of unconfessed sins. We are all human, we all break the rules set forth in the scriptures, and when it is over, we all pass on into the light.

It is my personal belief that this "light" is the eternal light of the Creator, which exists in everything around us. Thus my beloved wife, for whom I still mourn, my parents, my wife's brother, and all of the others are still in existence, but in a spiritual form. For all I know, they are right here beside me. In my three-dimensional body, I am incapable of seeing what they see, or understanding what they understand. But my mother knew that my father had stopped taking his pills. How would she know this without being there to see what he was up to?