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Was Moses High On DMT?

By James Donahue

In our research on psychotic plants in the Bible, we learned that the Acacia tree has a bark that contains DMT, one of the strongest hallucinogens known to man. When combined with an MAOI chemical, DMA turns into an active drug used by shamans and medicine men to connect with the gods.

It is interesting to note that wood from the Acacia tree was used in making the ark of the covenant and part of the tabernacle.

It also is known that wines produced in Bible times were often stored in acacia wood. A perfect MAOI chemical can be found in a common snack item known to grow in the area, the seeds from the bush known as Syrian Rue.

Thus we theorize that the images described by Moses while alone, from the burning bush that was not consumed, to the slabs of stone used by God to write down the laws found in the Book of the Torah, were perceived during a DMT trip.

Suppose that during his visit on the mountain, Moses drank wine from an acacia wood barrel and then consumed a handful of syrian rue seeds. If the seeds were consumed with the wine, Moses had a powerful DMT trip where he obviously had amazing visions. Who can say he was not in contact with the Creator? Who can say that Moses didn't drink and wine and eat the berries for the expressed purpose of having this experience?

There is a strange twist to this story. Before he stumbled down out of the mountain, Moses smashed the stone tablets on which God wrote the words. So he spent his days writing them down again, as he "remembered" them.
Could it be that Moses, through inspiration, felt compelled to create a book of laws in order to keep his people on what he perceived to be a spiritual path?