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Fountain Of Youth?
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Can The Problems Of Human Aging Be Reversed?

By James Donahue

Most humans begin to suffer from the effects of aging by the time they reach their 50s, and things usually go downhill from there. These are the years when hardening of the arteries bring on high blood pressure, heart attacks, the various organs in the body stop functioning as well as they once did so we suffer from diabetes, failing eyesight, loss of memory, weight gain, our muscles turn to fat and the skin hangs in wrinkles.

The average life expectancy of humans has grown, thanks to modern medicine and a battery of pills and "treatments" designed to make us feel and look younger. It is said the average person died at about age 62 back when Social Security Act was passed and signed into law in 1935. Today the average person can expect to live to about 68, and many people live much longer. It is common to read stories of people living to age 100 and beyond.

During the dark ages, when life was much more difficult, people were fortunate if they reached age 40 before facing death.

We all are born into a world where we believe that death is an inevitable part of life, and that the death experience is merely a part of the life experience. Aging and then death cannot be avoided. Or can it?

Mythology speaks of great crusades where men of old devoted their lives searching for a fabled "fountain of youth," and there are Bible stories that speak of ancients living for hundreds of years. Of course Methuselah was to have lived 969 years, becoming the oldest recorded human in history.

Was the story of Methuselah and the others of that period, who lived for very long periods all ancient mythology or did these people really exist for such long periods? Was there a secret to longevity that they had that we could enjoy today?

Theta Healer Suzie Donahue is deeply involved in a new form of research that might just produce some answers to this age-old question.

Donahue, who says she goes into a "theta brain wave state" to bring natural healing from a force she identifies as "the creator of everything that is," says she believes we were all created to exist in a perfect state in a perfect world. Over the thousands of years of our existence, however, we have distorted the world and our knowledge of existence and programmed ourselves to place barriers between our minds and the possibility of this perfect existence.

One of the biggest barriers has been human-created religious belief systems, that all teach that humans are born imperfect and that we need to perform some kind of sacrifice or go through some kind of pain or punishment before we can expect to come in contact with God. Donahue says this is a false teaching that has been used for centuries to control the masses through fear.

On her radio show, produced on KRXA 540 AM, in Monterey, California, on March 30, Donahue said she believes ancient ancestral beliefs that are locked in the human DNA include programs are triggering us to age as we do and then perish long before our time.

Donahue said she has been working to identify these programs and then use her ability as a Theta Healer to eliminate them. She said she has been working on herself and a few volunteers who have been working with her on this complex project. The programs, she said, appear to be implanted deep on a cellular level but she has been slowly finding ways identify and unlock them.

She believes it may be possible to accomplish what she is calling "reverse aging," but that it is not going to be an easy job. So far, she said she thinks it will involve one-on-one work with clients rather than a broad national sweep of minds via a radio or television broadcast.

To get more information about Suzie Donahue and the work she is doing, tune in to her radio show each Saturday. It is broadcast on the Internet at beginning at 6 p.m. Pacific and 9 p.m. Eastern Time in the U. S. The show also is recorded and can be downloaded from Donahue's website at