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Is The U.S. Government Lost To The Gangsters?

By James Donahue

After years of working as a government reporter and watching the erosion of the nation’s Constitutional way of doing business, it is clear that the United States government is no longer functioning the way our forefathers intended.

It has all been taken over by the power brokers . . . the wealthy bankers and corporate bosses who are deciding in their own best financial interest rather than the best interest of the people.

The erosion has been occurring over a period of several years. Now, thanks to the Supreme Court’s decision to open financial floodgates to candidates for political office, the "sold-out" candidates that promise to give all of the tax dollars to the banks, big corporations and especially the military industrial complex have the upper hand. They get the money to conduct powerful televised promotional advertising designed to convince the majority of Americans to elect them to power. And it is working.

It is obvious that the last few presidents, especially since the Bush family rose to power, never had the best interest of the people at heart. While Mr. Obama spoke the right words in his campaign, he was either blocked, or lacked the heart to move forward with his promises. His health plan, such as it is, was perhaps his greatest achievement, and the new Republican power base seems bound to destroy the heart of it. He is attempting to resolve the troublesome immigration issue at the Mexican border and only this week put forth a plan to normalize relations with Cuba. But he appears to be doing these things without the support of the House and Senate.

The 2016 presidential candidates are already lining up for the next campaign. It is my belief that all of the political rhetoric; all of the media rhetoric and all of the hoop-a-la is a cover-up for what is already pre-set to occur. Even though we have some fine potential candidates like Democratic Senator Elizabeth Warren and Independent Senator Bernie Sanders in the wings, when the dust settles voters will be faced with two lesser choices; Democrat Hillary Clinton and Republican Jeb Bush.

Notice that the corporate controlled media is already touting Clinton and Bush as primary picks for the presidential run.

Of course, voters will most likely choose Jeb. They will do this because (a.) he is a male, and (b.) he is a Republican, and (c.) he is another Bush. And in the end, we can expect more of the same degradation of our nation. I dare to make this prediction now, in December, 2014, two years before it all comes to a head. And I really hope I am dead wrong.