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Has Our Military Already Been To Mars?

By James Donahue

A strange "whistleblower" story has appeared in a website titled Exopolitics Activism quoting from a newsletter that states the U.S. Marines have not only been to Mars, but they operate a secret space fleet that apparently roams around our solar system.

The story says a Marine identified as Randy Cramer (aka Captain Kaye USMC) has spent 17 years on Mars and three years serving on the space fleet.

The story states such incredible things as: Cramer was surprised to find natural air filled with oxygen so he could breathe on Mars without the aid of a space suit and air tank. He said NASA has been lying about the Martian atmosphere, and also covering up the existence of various animals spotted on the red planet by the two rovers operating on the surface.

He was quoted as saying: "The air was thin and cool, but the sun was beating down enough to feel it. Even though it’s dimmer, the sun can still be quite hot and bright in the direct light."

The newsletter speaks of the duty station Cramer occupied during his years on Mars, the shuttles that transported personnel from place to place, and a few other things about life on Mars.

He said the Moon landings of the 1960s were a NASA cover for what was really going on in space in those days.

"We know the covert program was on the moon in the Fifties, and on Mars in the Sixties – but only a few people knew that. To everyone else, the NASA program was all there was. Several astronauts of the Mercury program had said they thought they were just "spam in a can," and that the real deal must be in some deeper program. A lot of us thought Neil Armstrong might do a deathbed confession, but he went to the grave with what he knew."

Cramer claimed that the secret black budget space program was created by President Eisenhower in 1953. He made it a special division of the Marine Corps because he knew that "sailors and marines have a shipmate and teammate mentality. We all work together or we go down with the ship," he said.

You can find this amazing report plus other eye-opening data on, which appears to be an expose-type website that has either slipped under the government’s radar, or is operating as a subversive site to keep everybody, and especially other nations, totally confused about what is really going on at the Pentagon.

Then, there is always the possibility that Cramer’s story is the real deal and that our nation’s space program has really accomplished some amazing achievements. This would explain why President John F. Kennedy could say with confidence in 1961 that he wanted to send men to the Moon. It might also explain why the space program has appeared to be standing in limbo since the moon landings and the construction of the space station.

Truth is, the space program has apparently been very active. We just haven’t been told about it. This could be very good news for humanity if we proceed in killing Earth and need to send a remnant of humanity to another planet for a while. Mars doesn’t appear very habitable, but it might do in a pinch if Cramer’s report is correct.