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Super Hero Needed

Fixing The Woes Of Our Nation

By James Donahue

It seems that we are reading and hearing more and more scare stories about the out-of-control national debt and the probability of the "too-big-to-fail" banks going into bankruptcy and bringing on another world depression.

While it may happen, it will be done by design, and by making a majority of people caught up in the matrix of materialism and debt believe the great lie. In truth the debt, while now measured in the trillions, got that way because of two actions by our banks, the federal government and the military industrial complex.

Former President George W. Bush used up a national surplus of money left to him by outgoing President Bill Clinton, then took us into three wars. The first was his "War on Terror," and then he sent American troops into Afghanistan and Iraq. At the same time, Mr. Bush and the Congress approved the infamous "Bush tax cuts" for all Americans, including the wealthy. Not only did our government slash its source of revenue, it went into a massive war spending spree unlike anything our nation has ever seen in history.

Fixing this mess would be simple if we could briefly put a benevolent dictator into office with the power to override Congress, the Supreme Court and all of the other power figures hiding behind the velvet drapes behind the king’s throne.

To get us quickly out of debt we need to stop all of these ridiculous wars. And I mean all of them….including the Wars on Terror and Drugs. The next step would be to put the Obama tax proposal into effect so that people earning $250,000 a year or more return to the old tax system they had when Clinton was in office.

Other fixes might include a complete revamping of the tax code to create a uniform across-the-board income tax for everybody, without any allowed deductions. Also the legalization of marijuana would allow a shut-down of a lot of the nation’s overcrowded and costly prisons, would give farmers a great new crop in hemp for the manufacture of quality paper, clothing and medical products, and provide a healthy new sales tax base to support local governments and school districts and bring them back to health.

Our dictator could also shut down the Federal Reserve and institute laws like the old Glass-Steagall Act to reinstate controls on the way our banking system operates. This would insure a more stable economy in the years to come.

Before turning government back over to the clowns again, our benevolent dictator might make some restorations to the Constitution, with a few fixed amendments that make it impossible for elected legislators to serve more than two terms, set strict limits on how much money candidates can spend on promotion before elections, make campaigns limited to only two months preceding an election, make it illegal for the media to ignore candidates from alternative parties that might compete for those public offices, and make it illegal for lobbyists to ever operate in and around the halls of state or federal governments.

Another fix might limit the time federal judges are allowed to serve in office, and make the positions not only non-partisan, but open to public election.

Of course, there needs to be a national health plan that provides quality and affordable, if not free health care to everybody.

Instead of spending our wealth on more war, we should be rebuilding our crumbling infrastructure, investing in high speed rail and massive solar, wind and other natural earth energy resources to replace the carbon fuels.

These are but a few things our elected Congressmen and Senators could do to fix our nation and put things back on track in a hurry. But to do these things, they must magically turn themselves into honest, benevolent citizens truly wishing to serve their constituents and not be persuaded to take the bribes of corporate moneychangers flickering through the halls of the capital buildings.

Unfortunately they all worship the same god…..which is money. By remaining on the same path we have been on for so long, however, it appears that we are in great danger of wrecking everything we once held dear.