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Tracking the Doomsayer’s Scary List

A recent entry in the Godlike Productions blog by a person identifying himself only as Jack Sprat, laid down an interesting list of world events preceded by the simple question: "What is going on?" His list was broken down into two categories, strange and unnatural things happening to our planet and solar system, and unexplained shifts in the behavior of governments and the people. We think we would like to explore possible answers to Mr. Sprat's question in a series of articles to follow. Click For His List

The Sprat Issue 1– Weather

In our examination of the Godlike Production list of issues presented by the person identified as Jack Sprat, the first word at the top of the list is the thing that is on nearly everyone’s mind, everywhere, this year: Weather. Indeed, the weather all over the world has gone into extreme abnormal mode. Weather forecasters are no longer attempting to avoid references to global warming as the cause or the new term, weather change. Click For More

Sprat Issue 2 – More Tornadoes

The Jack Sprat list of world issues declares that there has been an increase in the number of tornadoes as part of the dramatic change in our weather patterns. According to Jesse Ferrell, meteorologist for Accu Weather, Mr. Sprat is quite right. A recent report on the Accu Weather web site, 2011 ranked as the fourth most deadly tornado year ever recorded in the United States with nearly 1,700 of these violent storms reported. She said an "above-normal" number of tornadoes is expected again this year. Click For More

Sprat Issue 3 – Drought

The Jack Sprat list puts drought as its third issue of world concern. And it is no secret that the United States is presently suffering a major drought that is affecting most of the nation. Crops are dying. Cattle have no feed. The newspapers are comparing it to the great Dust Bowl days of the 1930s. It may be much worse and it may be far from over. Click For More

Sprat Issue 4 – Volcanic Activity

In his list of concerns, the person identifying himself as Jack Sprat lists increased volcanic activity. While we have been made aware of more volcanic eruptions in recent years, especially along the "Ring of Fire" surrounding the Pacific Ocean, there is a clear difference of opinion among scientists as to whether the world is experiencing more eruptions now than in the past. Click For Story

The Sprat Issue 5 – Earthquakes

Two major earthquakes recently struck Northern Iran leaving over 300 dead and destroying entire towns. Then there was the massive quakes in 2010 that leveled the Haitian town of Leogane and the nearby Capitol City Port-au-Prince and last year’s big earthquake and tsunami that struck Northern Japan, wrecking the Fukushima nuclear power plants and leaving thousands dead and homeless. Now we are hearing of earthquake "clusters" occurring along the Mississippi River, the Tennessee Valley, in Los Angeles area, along the East Coast of the United States, and other places where earthquakes do not usually happen. Should we be worried? Click For Story

Sprat Issue 6 – Record Crop Devastation

It is no secret by now that the United States and Mexico, parts of South America, Africa, Asia and Europe are being hit with one of the most severe global droughts in known history. While farm crops are wilting in fields for lack of rain, other areas are suffering from record flooding from severe storms and heavy rainfall. Everything is topsy-turvy. The sixth issue on the Jack Sprat list is record crop devastation. And it appears that he is quite right. How will we be affected? Click For More

The Sprat Issue 7 – Flooding

Floods have been a natural phenomenon all over the world, especially for people living on river deltas and on waterfronts that are occasionally struck by tropical storms, hurricanes and monsoons. But something new appears to be happening that is only recently beginning to appear in daily news snippets. The world is no longer experiencing those gentle all-day rains that soak the ground, bring moisture to the plant roots, and help maintain a natural balance in weather patterns. When the rain comes, it comes with thunder. Click For More

Sprat Issue 8 – Lunar Orbit And Rising Tides

Our Godlike Production friend Jack Sprat has obviously been reading some of the conspiracy theory websites that are suggesting that strange things are occurring in the heavens. The theorists are out there and some of the stories are eerily disconcerting. One writer noted that he has noticed that the moon no longer rises and sets at its normal time and place in the sky. Is it true? Are the tides affected? We Looked into the facts. Click For Report

The Sprat Issue 9 – Solar Flares

A few years ago we remember when night radio host Art Bell had one of his many interviews with remote viewing instructor Maj. Ed Dames. Dames spoke more than once of getting future visions of a deadly solar flare that he believed would have the capability of killing half of the world’s population. As our source for this series, Jack Sprat has listed increased solar flares among his list of concerns, we have taken a look at the new solar activities and see what the experts are saying about the dangers the flares may bring. Click For Story

Sprat Issue 10 - Ruptured Pipelines

Item number ten on the Jack Sprat list of concerns was simply "ruptured pipelines." We have heard of a few gas and oil pipeline breaks but until we began researching this issue, we did not realize just how severe this problem has become all over the United States. Click For Story

Sprat Issue 11 – Asteroid Strikes

When Jack Sprat, our Godlike Productions doomsayer listed meteors among his list of concerns we believe he was really thinking about asteroids. Asteroids are large pieces of space debris that travel through space, often on strange broad orbits that bring them through our solar system at unexpected times. Some are no larger than a football, while others might be as large as a truck. We have always known about their existence, and found places on Earth where they have struck, leaving great scars on the landscape. But since they were thought to happen with intervals of thousands of years, we haven’t worried about them . . . that is until recently. Click For Story

Spratt Issue 12 – Pole Shift

Our doomsayer Jack Sprat has listed the magnetic pole shifting of the Earth as issue number 12 on his long list of concerns. And it is true, a lot of people who keep tabs on just where North is on the compass have noticed that true North has been changing a lot. Some say it once shifted almost to the tundra regions of Northern Russia before returning northward again. What's going on and should we be worried? Click For More

Sprat Issue 13 – Changing Solar Activity

We have already established that the Sun’s storms issued from the dark spots that appear at intervals have been on the increase after an unusually long quiet time. But now the solar activity appears to be on the increase. Scientists who study the Sun say there are changes in the way the Sun is behaving and they do not understand why this is happening. Click For Story

Sprat Issue 14 – Cosmic Rays

Among the strange concerns listed by the Godlike Production doomsayer Jack Sprat is item number 14, identified as an increase in cosmic rays colliding with Earth. Cosmic rays are generally described as energetically charged subatomic particles originating from deep space that are zipping through our solar system at great speed. Some of these particles penetrate the Earth’s atmosphere and even walls. Most of these particles are found to be composed of simple protons or hydrogen nuclei. A few are helium nuclei or alpha particles, and a very small fraction of them are composed of heavier elements like lithium, beryllium or boron. We Examine This unique celestial event. Does Mr. Sprat have a genuine concern? Click For Story

The Sprat Issue 15 – Dying Honey Bees

Beekeepers began noticing the disappearance of entire hives of bees in 2005. By the following year the phenomenon had spread across the United States and other parts of the world. By that year nearly one-third of all honey bee colonies in the U.S. had vanished. What has caused this and how big a threat is it? We have some answers. Click For Story

The Sprat Issue 16 – Fish Kills

The Sprat concern about the mass fish kills was made incredibly evident to us all in January, 2011, when not only fish came floating up dead from their watery world, but birds were falling by the hundreds from the sky in various parts of the country. The phenomenon has been observed more and more frequently all over the world. The bodies of dead fish and all other forms of sea life are still floating in lakes, rivers and coming ashore along the beaches. Click For More

The Sprat Issue 17 – Bird Kills

In our research we found it difficult to separate the many events involving hundreds of birds falling dead out of the skies from the fish floating up dead in the waters of the world. That is because a lot of them happened during that same mysterious week between December 10, 1010 and January 4, 2011. What killed the birds? Why are they still dying? We may have an answer. Click For Story

Sprat Issue 18 – New Fault Lines

Things appear to be shaking strangely all over the planet, and in places where earthquakes are rarely, if ever, experienced. And the odd thing is that some recent quakes, while not strong enough to be damaging, are coming in swarms. In Southern California they recently experienced several days of swarms that succeeded in scaring folks out of their wits. Our eighteenth concern on the Jack Spratt list is "new fault lines awakened in Virginia, Nevada, to name a few." Click For More

Sprat Issue 19 – Sinkholes

Big unexplained holes have been opening in the ground everywhere. The Sprat list includes this strange phenomenon which has been making news because the holes that appear are damaging property, putting lives in danger, and in many cases, their cause remains a mystery. Click For Story

Sprat Issue 20 - Mystery Cracks In The Earth

Something recently happened in Michigan. A large crack stretching several hundred feet in length and about five feet deep appeared in the ground. That the event occurred in a rural area and far from major news outlets probably accounts for the fact that it gained little public attention. Back in June, 2005, in another isolated area hear Claude, Texas, another crack in the earth, even more dramatic than what happened in Michigan, also appeared in much the same way. There were no reports of an earthquake. The crack just appeared overnight. These and other rips in the earth have not been explained. Click For Story

Sprat Issue 21 – Geysers Appearing

Jack Sprat worries about what he calls "new" geysers that he believes are appearing all over the world. While we have found reports of a few new geysers of water, steam, mud and even sand, there also is evidence that old geysers that have long been dormant are springing back to life. Click For Story

Sprat Issue 22 – Mystery Trumpet Sounds

The story of the seven trumpets is an ancient warning in the Book of the Revelation that the sound of the angels blowing those seven trumpets will signal the apocalyptic end of the church age and the beginning of a new era of peace and harmony on Earth. But it does not come without severity and pain as humanity is forced into a period of judgment and separation. One of Jack Sprat’s list of concerns is that there have been a growing number of reports of unexplained trumpet sounds from all over the world. Can there be some truth in that ancient prophetic warning? Are the angels really blowing those seven trumpets as a warning of things to come? Click For Story

Sprat Issue 23 – The Smell of Sulfur

A Christian-based fear issue has been the threat of damnation and eternity in Hell, a place where the smell of sulfur permeates the senses. And our Godlike Production doomsayer Jack Sprat lists strange smells of sulfur in the air among his long list of 57 concerns. Is it happening? Click For Report

Sprat Issue 24 – Storms On Jupiter

Perhaps it was the Galileo spacecraft that we sent to study Jupiter close-up in 1989, or the Cassini spacecraft that followed a decade later, or perhaps it has been our ability to use the Hubble telescope to study that gas giant with greater scrutiny. Whatever the reason, astronomers have a sense that the giant storms that ravage that planet’s swirling surface are occurring with more and more frequency. Click For Story

Sprat Issue 25 – Changes On Saturn

With his eye still trained on the solar system, our doomsayer Jack Sprat adds reports of changes occurring on the Planet Saturn to his list of issues of concern. Thus we take another journey into the world of astrology and space. And lo . . . we find that Mr. Sprat has hit upon another point of interest, at least to the scientific world. Click For Story

Sprat Issue 26 – Government Food Stockpiles

Jack Sprat’s issue number 26 moves us into the area of alleged government conspiracy. In this complaint he points us to a growing number of reports of government stockpiling of surplus food. As writer Ethan Huff suggests in a story that appeared on the Natural News website in August, 2012, the U. S. Department of Agriculture is "snatching up" millions of dollars in pork, chicken, lamb and fish products to be stocked and frozen for storage as food surplus. Is there something coming that we should all know about? Click For Story

Sprat Issue 27 – Government Stockpile Of Medicine

It has been no secret that agencies like the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the Department of Health and Human Services have constantly maintained a stockpile of medicines and supplies for distribution in the event of natural disasters, epidemics, and terrorist attacks like 9-11. The Strategic National Stockpile includes everything from antibiotics to human plasma. Similar stockpiles are required for the military. Are the government demands in excess? Click For Story

Sprat Issue 28 – Underground Bunkers and Tunnels

Jack Sprat’s next concern opens a possible can-of-worms for not only Americans, but perhaps people in many other parts of the world. He cites reports that world governments have been busy digging underground bunkers and elaborate tunnel systems in preparation for some undetermined future event. Can this be true, what evidence exists, and for what event are world leaders expecting? Click For Story

Sprat Issue 29 – Trillions of Missing Tax Dollars

Jack Sprat lists as his twenty-ninth concern reports of trillions of dollars missing from the Pentagon and Federal Reserve. Indeed, there have been constant reports of missing money, sometimes totaling billions of dollars. But just how much money has gone suspiciously missing from these and other high government agencies? Would you believe it totals in the trillions? Click For Story

Sprat Issue 30 – Military Detentions

The writer identifying himself as Jack Sprat lists a problem of changes in police and military detention techniques among his list of 57 concerns. And it is true that since former President George W. Bush and his gang declared the government’s invisible war against anybody suspected of possible "terrorist" activities, lawmakers have given both agencies unprecedented powers of detention that clearly violate our Constitutional Bill of Rights. Click For More

Sprat Issues 31, 32 and 33 – Under Denver International Airport

It is almost impossible to separate Jack Sprat’s issues 31 through 33 because they all are connected to the same thing, the strange story of a secret subterranean military facility constructed under the newly completed international airport at Denver, Colorado. So what is going on at that facility? We do some digging. Click For Story

Sprat Issue 34 – EPA Library System Closed

The Environmental Protection Agency, created in 1970 as a national watchdog over the dumping of industrial, commercial and private contaminants in the land, air and waters of the nation, maintained a nationwide network of 27 libraries that contained critical scientific information on human health and environmental protection. The libraries became a vital database for EPA scientists, researchers and the general public to find accurate, up-to-date scientific information. The Bush Administration changed all of this in 2007. That was the year Congress approved a budget plan to slash 80 percent of the EPA budget. Click For Story

Sprat Issue 35 – Global Seed Bank

Something interesting is happening all over the world. As corporations like Monsanto work to genetically modify the crop seeds our farmers use and cross pollination is causing a mass destruction of the natural seed stock and even the weeds, environmental groups are busy gathering the storing seed for the future. Click For Story

Sprat Issue 36 – Bush Property In Paraguay

There have been persistent reports that the Bush family has purchased nearly 300,000 acres of land in Paraguay, South America, and is secretly building and equipping a costly underground bunker there. Do these two former U. S. presidents know something about looming future events that we are not being told? Click For Story

Sprat Issue 37 – US Troops Now Can Be Turned Against Americans

A lot of people don't yet know this, but the laws prohibiting the government to turn the U. S. military against American citizens have been erased from the books. The Congress and former President George W. Bush slipped this treasonous act under the radar in 2006 with the passage of Bill H.R. 5122, known as the John Warner Defense Appropriations Act. This piece of legislation eliminates the 1878 Posse Comitatus Act that prohibited the use of the military against our own citizens. It gave the President the power to order Federal and State National Guard Troops to evoke Martial Law for whatever reason he chooses under the guise of national defense. Click For Story

Sprat Issue 38 – Crumbling Dams

In his list of concerns, Jack Sprat maintains that more than 1,200 dams across America are in need of repair. Research shows that Mr. Sprat is correct. There are an estimated 80,000 dams in existence with more than 2,000 of them near population centers in need of repair according to the Association of State Dam Safety. Click For Story

Sprat Issue 39 –The Failing Infrastructure

There is a growing concern about the screaming need to repair and rebuild the nation’s aging and outdated roads, bridges, water and sewer systems, gas distribution lines and electric grid, but the voices are coming from outside the houses of Congress and Senate. The current majority of elected legislators, head-bent on slashing federal spending and cutting income taxes while maintaining a 12-year-old war in Afghanistan, clearly do not have their eyes on the important problems about to explode in their faces on the home front. Click For Story

Sprat Issue 40 – South Pole Infrared Telescope

A massive $19.2 million telescope array has just gone into operation in Antarctica and the rumor mill has it that the system's purpose it to track the approach of Planet X, or Nibiru, a mythological twelfth planet in our solar system that flies by Earth every 2,000 years, or so. So seriously, why did they really put such a costly telescope at the South Pole? Click To Find Out

Sprat Issue 41 – President Grants Himself Unprecedented Powers

While he was still in office, former President George W. Bush created and signed the National Security and Homeland Security Presidential Directive 51 on May 4, 2007. This directive, which has never been challenged by Congress, grants the president unprecidented powers in the event of a "catastrophic emergency." The directive, known as NSPD 51, remains on the books. President Barack Obama has never acted to remove it. Click For Story

Sprat Issue 42 – The Closed Vatican Library

Among the concerns listed by Jack Sprat is the story that the Vatican closed and evacuated its 500-year-old library believed to hold a collection of rare and valuable books, perhaps the only ones of their kind in existence. The suggested reason for the closure flying around the Internet was that the library was in danger of being flooded because of a calculated 60-meter rise in the sea level caused by melting arctic ice. We are happy to report that the Vatican library is now reopened after a three-year shutdown to accomodate a $7.5 euro renovation that began in 2007. Click For More

Sprat Issue 43 – Dutch Preparation For 2012 Apocalypse

People all over the world have knowledge of the ominous Mayan Calendar that comes to an abrupt end on December 21, 2012. Because of the growing number of world calamaties and the religious beliefs in a looming "end of days," many doomsday prognosticators are pointing to that calendar and saying the Mayans magically knew the time and exact date of the end of the world as we know it. Click For Story

The Sprat Issue 44 – US Troops Deployed On US Soil

Jack Sprat lists his concern about 6,000 troops from the Army's Third Infantry that were deployed on United States soil to assist local police departments in anti-terrorism issues. We suspect that the number has grown to something like 20,000 uniformed troops. Click For More

The Sprat Issue 45 – Space Rocks Classified Top Secret

A new policy by the U. S. Military classifies observations by government spacecraft of incoming fireballs, meteorites and asteroids from space as top secret. This is an unexpected change in policy since NASA began launching satellites to study the incoming objects that crash through Earth's atmosphere, sometimes lighting up the sky as they burn. Click For Story

The Sprat Issue 46 – Magnetic Earth Changes

Researchers are reporting in various science journals that something important has been occurring deep in the bowels of the Earth in recent years and causing magnetic changes. Nils Olsen, a geophysicist at the Danish National Space Center in Copenhagen co-authored one report that states the magnetic field is weakening. The study published in Nature Geoscience, suggests that rapid changes in the churning movement at the outer edge of the planet's liquid core may be triggering a reversal or flip of the Earth's geomagnetic field. Click For More

The Sprat Issue 47 – We Call It Climate Change Now

Most of us have noticed and our questioner Jack Sprat has called attention to the fact that we have stopped using the phrase "global warming" and now call it "climate change." Is this significant? Click For Story

Sprat Issue 48 – Mini-quakes at Yellowstone National Park

Visitors to Yellowstone National Park may never guess that they are walking on top of the largest known volcano in the world. They come to the park to enjoy the many unusual features that include geishers that include the famed Old Faithful, many hot pools of mud and water, great trout fishing in the Yellowstone River, the wildlife and dramatic mountain views. Our doomsayer Jack Sprat, however, includes among his list of concerns the fact that Yellowstone has been hit with swarms of thousands of mini-earthquakes since 1995 and one magnitude 7.3 quake on August 17, 1959 that killed 28 people and caused more than $11 million in damage. Is Yellowstone preparing to blow? Click For Link

Sprat Issue 49 – Barium Chemtrails In The Sky

We have all seen them. On any clear day the sky far above our heads is usually always cluttered with long thin streaks that look like clouds except they appear in patterns. They hang in straight lines and frequently criss-cross. Over time they spread out, creating artificial cloud cover. It is obvious that what we are seeing is some different kind of vapor emitted from jet aircraft. Click For More

Sprat Issue 50 – Constant Media Blitz Of News Minutia

As a retired newspaper reporter I can personally relate to Mr. Sprat’s complaint number 50. He worries that the constant media blitz filled with what he calls "news minutia" is designed to keep people occupied and looking the other way and ignoring the things they should be hearing about. Click For Story

Sprat Issue 51 – Films and Television Shows About Survival

The world-wide religious belief of a pending apocalyptic scenario that orchestrates an end of the world as we know it, and the publicity surrounding the ancient carved Mayan calender that stops abruptly on December 21, 2012, appears to have stirred much interest in the possibility that some major event may come to pass in the next few weeks. The apocalyptic and world-ending themes have consequently been popping up in our nightly television programming as well as the film industry in recent years. Click For More

Sprat Issue 52 – Media Blackout On Comet Fly-bys

Because of advanced telescope technology and a keen citizen interest in watching the stars, the passing of comets and asteroids has been watched with great interest by people all over the world. But are deadly and looming collisions with these flying missiles being kept secret? Click For Story

Sprat Issue 53 – Google Blocks Mapped Area Of Space

This issue raised by Mr. Sprat appears linked to Issue 52, the belief that a twelfth planet has entered our solar system and may be on a collision course with Earth. And of course, Google seems to be in league with NASA and the government to withhold this information from the general public and avoid general panic in the streets. Click For Story

Sprat Issue 54 – Construction of FEMA Camps

Stories have been appearing on various creditable websites warning of the construction and hiring of staff to man what many identify as "FEMA camps" or large containment areas designed to hold large numbers of imprisoned people. These camps, according to reports, have either been constructed or are under construction in designated areas throughout the United States. Is it true? Click For Story

Sprat Issue 55 – Mass Coffin Storage In Georgia

There exists in a field near Madison, Georgia, stacks of large plastic boxes and lids that many believe are the perfect size to serve as human coffins. Video footage showing these boxes can be easily found on U-Tube and other web sites. And from this has emerged yet another in a growing number of American conspiracy theories. Click For Story

Sprat Issue 56 – The Propping Of Stock Exchange No Matter What

Playing in the stock market has evolved over the years into a rich man’s sport. Our friend with the code name Jack Sprat, from Godlike Productions, lists the "propping up of the stock market at any cost, and any expense," as number 56 on his list of concerns. And he is quite right. Government officials in the United States have gone to incredible lengths over the years to keep the New York Stock Exchange open and running sometimes at great cost. And tt is all about the money. Click For More

Sprat Issue 57 – Assault On Constitutional Rights

The 9-11 events launched a series of actions that stripped Americans of many of their constitutional rights under the guise of protecting people from additional terrorist attacks. Were the actions necessary or has it all been an evil attack from within? Click For More