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Sprat Issue 22 – Mystery Trumpet Sounds

By James Donahue

"And when he had opened the seventh seal, there was silence in heaven about the space of half an hour. And I saw the seven angels which stood before God; and to them were given seven trumpets." Rev. 8:1-2

The story of the seven trumpets is an ancient warning in the Book of the Revelation that the sound of the angels blowing those seven trumpets will signal the apocalyptic end of the church age and the beginning of a new era of peace and harmony on Earth. But it does not come without severity and pain as humanity is forced into a period of judgment and separation.

One of Jack Sprat’s list of concerns is that there have been a growing number of reports of unexplained trumpet sounds from all over the world. Can there be some truth in that ancient prophetic warning? Are the angels really blowing those seven trumpets as a warning of things to come?

As one writer expressed it, "All over the world people are experiencing strange music and noise from the earth and the firmament above. Sometimes it comes from the sky as droning trumpets that sound notes in the lower to middle registers." The sounds were described as moans of "somber blasts" that cause those that hear them to go into a "state of foreboding."

More and more of these sounds are being recorded and posted on YouTube. The first such video appeared August 11, 2011, when someone in Kiev, Ukraine, posted it. Click here to get a taste of this eerie sound: Since that video was posted, new videos like it have been appearing on YouTube from all over the world. And newspapers and web writers have been spreading the news of similar strange sounds that appear to be coming out of nowhere. The sounds are being recorded in South America, North America, throughout Europe and just about any place video recorders can be connected to YouTube.

Some of the recordings are obviously elaborate hoaxes. Like the mysterious crop circle phenomena, there are always a few pranksters that get in on the act and attempt to debunk those who want to credit the supernatural.

Obviously the Bible believing Christians are watching these events with great interest, and studying those verses in the Book of Revelation in hopes of gaining some insight as to what they might expect. Of interest is that the prophetic message in that ancient book speaks of the trumpet sounds marking the end of the church age. It is no secret that the Christian church has been on the decline in recent years. The stories of pedophilia, church shootings and church-linked political conflicts have been turning away the youth and church membership dropping. The terrorist attacks and wars in the Middle East have placed a negative stain on the Islamic faith. The future of organized religion in the world appears to be in question.

But is this the source of these eerie trumpet sounds or is something else occurring that we have not yet identified?

In addition to Kiev, recordings of this low-pitched mournful sound have been made in Florida, Michigan, New Jersey, Maryland, Victoria B.C., Alkmaar, Scandinavia, Costa Rica, Denmark, Belarus and Alberta, Canada. In some cases the sounds continue for more than an hour at a time.

Some speculators suggest the sounds are the result of some new military experiment, possibly HAARP, warnings from the aliens, or possibly the Bible story is true after all. They are coming from the angels and we are in the last days.

One thing appears certain, there really are strange trumpet-type sounds being heard and recorded from all over the world, and this has been happening for at least the last year. The source of this strange sound has not been identified. Also the world appears to be rushing at full speed into some kind of final horrific event and we lack the kind of leadership necessary to avoid what is about to happen.

Yes, Mr. Sprat, there are trumpet sounds and they could be an issue to concern us all. Or not.