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Welcome To My Luciferian World of Strange, Supernatural And Esoteric Thought. I Deal With Ghost Stories, UFOs, Remote Viewing And Psychic Visions Of Future and Past Events, Environmental Rape, Governmental Tomfoolery And A Variety of Topics You May Find Challenging and Even Frightening. All Stories Are Designed To Generate Right Brain Thought. Bookmark and Visit Often. --James Donahue


Body Count: U.S. Troops Lost In The Bush Wars In Afghanistan And Iraq

The Deadly Toll Mounts: 3800 U.S. Military Men And Women Sacrificed For Iraq Oil


The Michigan "Swamp Gas" Sightings Of 1966

They were dubbed "Swamp Gas" sightings after Project Blue Book sent Dr. J. Allen Hynek to investigate the sightings. He concluded that the sightings were caused by swamp gas. The many citizens, including police officers and a district judge who saw the lights could not accept Hynek's explanation. They didn't then and we doubt if they would today. Click For Story

Olbermann On The Air

Is Keith Olbermann the Next Edward R. Murrow?

Evening news shows, with ratings going down the toilet, need less "objectivity" and more analysis. Luckily Olbermann, like Murrow, understands that objective journalism doesn't exist. His MSMBC weeknight show is worth your time. The Nation-AlterNet. Click For Link


Destroyer Tender Melville Served During Two Great Wars

At 417 feet, the USS Melville was not an impressive warship. In fact, she was not quite a warship at all, although she was close to the action in both World Wars I and II. The Melville carried a compliment of 397 crew members, was lightly armed, but was designed to service the larger destroyers and ships of war within the fleet. Click For Story

Not Surprising: Radiated Microbes Evolve In Space

News of a NASA experiment that exposed the bacteria salmonella to space flight aboard the shuttle Atlantis should not be a surprise. After days of exposure to the radiation of space, the microbes evolved into a more virulent and dangerous strain. Click For Story

Venezuela's Growing World Influence
Venezuela has sought to promote policies internationally that challenge the domination of the US and other First World countries, including strident opposition to the US-led occupation of Iraq and, last year, withdrawing its ambassador from Israel during the latter’s brutal war on Lebanon — an act that made Chavez a hero across the Arab world. Green Left. Click For Link


Lets Built A New Economic Model
If there is to be a human future, we must bring ourselves into balanced relationship with one another and the Earth. This requires building economies with heart. Author David Korten for Yes Magazine. Click For Link

"Mickey Mouse" Classes Reflect Failing Universities

The phrase "Mickey Mouse" used in reference to certain college level course studies hasn't gone away. We said it half a century ago and we noticed in a recent news story that students are still saying it. The problem is that there appear to be more courses falling into that "Mickey Mouse" category now than ever. What is going on? Click For Story

Uh Oh, Here Comes La Nina!
Experts predict a run of severe weather in the coming months, with devastating floods striking some parts of the world while severe droughts afflict other regions, as the climate phenomenon known as La Niņa gathers momentum. Times Online. Click For Link

Christian Nudity Included In Latest Rash Of Nut Stories

The most recent batch of stories displaying Christian "end time" craziness includes some of the usual visions of deities but now there is something strangely new. It seems that we are having cases of indecent exposure involving ministers and priests caught running around the countryside in the nude. Click For Story

Changed Personalities, Gaseous Meteor And Superman

Among a rash of strange new world anomalies are events involving a Czech crash victim and a transplant patient who both woke up speaking perfect English with a British accent. Then there is the Peruvian meteor that emitted a strange gas that made hundreds of locals ill, and lots of people who claim to have seen a silvery human figure flying in the sky over Romania. Click For Stories

Grasping The Concept Of Extinction

When told that the human race is threatened with extinction, people have no understanding of what this means, other than that we will no longer exist. Since it has never happened to us in human history, there is no cellular memory. Some Thoughts

Sit Back And Do Nothing Folks - 500 "Scientists" Can't Be Wrong

A new report now claims more than 500 "scientists" have published evidence refuting global warming as a major threat. With that many "professionals" claiming that the burning of carbon fuels is not heating our planet and causing extreme climate change, it appears that we can all sit back and relax. It was all a misunderstanding, right? Click For Commentary

Arctic Meltdown Speeding Up
An area of Arctic sea ice the size of Florida has melted away in just the last six days as melting at the top of the planet continues at a record rate. 2007 has already broken the record for the lowest amount of sea ice ever recorded, say scientists, smashing the old record set in 2005. ABC News. Click For Link

Are We Living In A Computer Simulation?

TV Host Keith Olbermann and Oxford Philosophy Professor Nick Bostrom recently held a lively discussion about the probabilities that we exist in a Sim City type of matrix, the products of some kid playing a computer game. They suggested that minutes and hours for this child are like thousands of years to us. Thus when the game is put away for a while, we go through a long extinction period, only to return again when the game goes back on line. The idea is spooky, but is it possible? Click For Story

Landfill Toxins Leaking Out Of Garbage Trucks

We received an alarming e-mail this week from a reader that reminded us that those garbage trucks we see picking up trash are constantly leaking leachate from the stuff inside those dark plastic bags and it is getting all over our streets, our lawns and our lives. It is happening all over North America and has been going on since about 1938. Click For Story

$65 Billion Needed To Fix America's Rusting Bridges

A news commentator noted this week, following the unexpected bridge collapse in Minneapolis, that there was futility in trying to stay ahead of the nation's long list of some 700,000 decaying bridges, estimated to cost about $65 billion. That was a pretty dumb statement from someone obviously paid well enough that he should know what he is talking about. Click For Story


Beef Eaters Are A Major Threat To The Earth

We have known that the cost of raising cows to produce meat as a food commodity is so high that it is non-productive when it comes to feeding the hungry people on this planet. A recent news clipping not only gives statistics that bear this out, but shows how cattle ranches to produce meat also are generating a lot of deadly greenhouse gas. Click For Story

No Joke: Bush And Company Right Out Of Oz

Since he took office in 2001 cartoonists and satirists have enjoyed making fun of President George W. Bush and his scatterbrained cabinet by comparing them to the characters in the classic 1939 film Wizard of Oz. What is strangely not-funny about the caricatures is that the resemblances and personalities are so strikingly similar one might wonder if there wasn't some kind of prophetic warning hidden within that old film. Click For Story

Simon Magus - The First Christian Heretic?

New Testament Bible students will note that the Book of Acts includes references to an ongoing struggle between the early efforts to establish the Christian Church and a peculiar counter movement by an individual named Simon, who appears to be a follower of the new faith, but is somehow on the outside creating conflict. Click For Story


Late Pope John Paul II Could Have Stopped Iraq War

The late Pope John Paul II has been nominated for sainthood, a move that we believe is politically and religiously motivated. We would have no argument against such a recognition if that pope had done the right thing in 2003 and stood in Baghdad on the day George W. Bush sent the bombs for the first wave of "shock and awe." But he chickened out. Click For Story

Ancient Prophetic Visions Of Nuclear Bombs

There is a world prophetic warning about angelic trumpets that will sound to announce the end of days in the world as we know it. When you tilt a trumpet with the bell pointing upward, it takes the shape of an atomic bomb blast. Click For Story


Where Does That "Rapture" Story Originate?

Fundamental Christians not only put their faith in a god-man named Jesus who proved his deity by supposedly rising from the dead three days after he was murdered, but they believe in a wild "rapture" story. This story claims that Jesus will stand in the clouds and call all of the true believers into the sky with him before bringing judgment on everybody left behind. Where did such a story come from and why would so many believe it? Click For Story

How Angels Persuaded Saul To Launch The Christian Cult


When you study the Book of Acts in the New Testament, it is clear that angels were busy using the dynamic life of Jesus to establish a religious cult. They really did a job on Saul. Click For Story


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