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Artist's Concept Of Lucifer

A collection of articles to help in the understanding of Lucifer and the impact he will have on the future of humanity.

The Transforming 72 Tones Of Lucifer

"Everybody will love the demonic choir," said Aaron C. Donahue. "The music is beautiful beyond words. It is the gate of Lucifer. It is technology that opens your mind and heart." Donahue plans to organize a band that will offer the 72 tones of the Goetia Spirits to the world.


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 New Twist To An Old "Good vs. Evil" Story
Aaron C Donahue has discovered that the old Christian nemesis Lucifer is the alien who started it all. He writes: "Lucifer is the true father of the human race." Not only this, but Donahue believes Lucifer has returned to take a remnant of his family out of harms way as the armies of the world blindly prepare for the nuclear destruction of their planet and themselves.

Spider Woman

Lucifer Exists In Native Mythology
When we lived among the Navajo in Arizona we heard the stories of Spider Woman, who was the great creator of the people. Our host, a wise medicine man named Raymond Begay, once took us out along the rim of Canyon de Chelly and pointed to a tall pointed rock formation where he said Spider Woman lived.

Jesus Identified Himself With Lucifer

In one of his recent radio messages, Prophet Aaron C. Donahue pointed to a Bible verse in the Book of the Revelation that attributes a strange quote to Jesus. In Verse 16, Chapter 22, Jesus proclaims: "I, Jesus, have sent my angel to testify these things to you for the assemblies. I am the root and the offspring of David, the Bright and Morning Star."

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Christians mistakenly believe Lucifer is the name of a fallen angel cast out of Heaven by God to become an evil red devil called Satan. There is nothing in the historical record, or even in the Bible, to substantiate this story.


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The Quetzalcoatl Myth
Quetzalcoatl is to the New World what Christ is to Europe: the center of a religious cosmology and pre-eminent symbol of the civilized nations of Mesoamerica. Both men were considered to be men who ascended into heaven upon their death; Christ to sit at the right hand of God, Quetzalcoatl to become the Morning Star, the name depicted for Lucifer.


The Abba-Father Dialogues



The entity called itself Abba Father when it came to us unexpectedly on the evening of November 18, 2003. It was not physical contact. Its words began to flow from the lips and pen of my wife, Doris. Doris is a sensitive, or clairvoyant who has talked with entities on other plains for many years. This entity identified himself as the one we call Lucifer; the progenitor of the human race.


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The Looming Judgment


Our second evening session on November 19, 2003 with Abba Father was severe. He said: "Long ago the world was nothing. It was turned over to a system of ape-looking beings. They could not rule over Earth so another code was given to them. Structured like me, DNA was given to them in another form. Quickly they rose upward (developed human intelligence and awareness). Many became human; not servants but kings."


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Light Versus Darkness

The Abba Father said he was not a god, nor an angel, but an alien being from another place. He said the work he did on Earth was because of love. After the Anunnaki came and the race was polluted with darkness, the veil was dropped so that mankind could no longer see the spirit world that exists around it. "They were barred from all truth so they made their own world and all laws were manipulated by them," he said.


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Made In The Creator's Image

"Within each of the humans on Earth is God. No where else. You are all the same. No one can be any other. God is you. Fear is not to be in a god. Only the angelic beings are fear based. They cannot stand with a human who knows who they are. So God is your true being in mind and heart and body. All are gods. Trapped are the angelic ones who do not know they are beings that cannot claim the godhead."


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Christian Assault On Human Heritage
The Abba Father had another message in 2003 that was not given to you right away. It was about the American assault on Iraq and the bombing of the origins of humanity that were stored there. Ruined may have been evidence of who we really are. Information that would have destroyed Christianity forever.


In Search Of Noah's Ark
         Calling Lucifer For Help

Aaron C. Donahue has said that if the Earth is suddenly destroyed by a total (man made) cataclysmic event, there will be an alternative way out for a select few. Aaron believes there may be a portal, or a way of escape for a certain number people. He calls that portal an interesting name; Project Eden.


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Making Contact With Aliens


As more and more UFO sightings are reported around the world, and more and more stories about alien abductions and sightings make their way through the Internet, people are starting to wonder just when and how we will make our first public contact with a race of intelligent beings from another world.


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Eternal Conflict

Of Demons And Angels
Demons and angels are aliens. They are the same. They battle each other because there is a need for balance. It is the age-old principle of Yin and Yang. Neither side is good or evil. They are just two sides of an issue. Their presence brings balance and order.

Does Lucifer Have A Counterpart?
If there is a balance to all things in the universe, and Lucifer is a super being that is higher than the angels and a gateway to the highest information system, or God, then Lucifer must have a counterpart. Who or what is this being? Was it involved in creating the current human condition?

King Solomon And The Goetia Spirits

Who was Solomon, how did he gain power over the demonic kings, what did he use them for, and how did he bind them when he was through with them? Lets get to the bottom of this ancient fable.


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Exploring The Anunnaki Myth

There are many stories about an invading force of powerful beings that dropped down out the sky to earth many thousands of years ago, changing life for the human race forever.


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The Mythology Behind The Lucifer Story


A reader recently challenged the validity of the name Lucifer as the true name of the alien entity that brought his DNA to Earth and started the human race. The story can be traced to an ancient Canaanite myth.


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Anton LaVey’s Satanic Doctrine


The late Anton LaVey, notorious leader of the Church of Satan, created his "church" to mock Christianity. Yet there is genius reflected in his Satanic Bible. The document lists nine points that can easily be used to help clarify the Luciferian position.


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Science Vs Religion On Huron Origins
The old battle between Creationism and Evolutionists is rearing its ugly head once more after a silence of more than a century. Both sides are wrong but the truth is thought to be so repulsive it is being severely suppressed.

And Ye Shall Be As God


The story of how Satan disguised himself as a beautiful serpent that tempted Eve into disobeying God and eating of fruit from the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil is the foundation of the false doctrine known as Christianity. Find out what really happened.


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Gene Research Supports Lucifer DNA Intervention


A researcher at the prestigious Howard Hughes Medical Institute says he has found genetic evidence that the human brain evolved at an “extraordinary speed” when compared to the brains of other animals.


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Ganesha – Aaron’s Childhood Vision


There is a personal angle to the story of Ganesha, the strange Hindu elephant-faced deity of India. Aaron C. Donahue says it is the image of a midwayre, a strange entity that really exists on the Earth but outside human awareness.


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Radio Aaron

Aaron Calls For Luciferian Separation

In his second consecutive Internet radio broadcast, Aaron C. Donahue was joined by his sister, Jennifer Sharpe, in calling forth people “of our kind” to separate themselves for a spiritual awakening in the name of Lucifer, the real progenitor of the human race.


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Demon Baliel On Earth In Human Form
Aaron C. Donahue says this entity, the 68th Spirit of the Goetia, is on Earth today as a genetically manipulated human. He is Lucifer's envoy, placed here to help bring about a one-world government.

Donahue: The World Needs Socialism


During his Sunday broadcast, Aaron C. Donahue said the new world government will be socialistic when it forms somewhere in Europe in the next few years.


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Examining The Reincarnation Theory


The concept of reincarnation, or the rebirth of a soul in another body following physical death, is ingrained in the human culture. It is a pagan belief. It also is taught as part of Hinduism and a form of it is even believed by the Buddhists. But do we come back?


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Greek Mythology Links Uranus With Human Creation


What is significant the Greek mythology is that the 12 gods were children of Gaia, another name for the Mother Earth, after she cohabitated with Uranus. Uranus was the name of a god figure who was the father of the titans, or mighty men of renown referred to in the Book of Genesis. Is this not the Lucifer story retold? Click For Story

Are We Citizens Of Mythological Atlantis?
What if we are the civilization that followed Noah? What if the path we are on is the same exact one that Noah and his followers took? And what if we are on a Time Loop, fighting to retrace our steps, and each time attempting to remember a little more so that we don’t make the same mistakes? Click For Story

Kongpo Creation Myth A Recollection Of Lucifer


While their origins were not included in local mythology, the natives had a strange name for the towers . . . bdud khang, or “demon houses.” All were open structures, most had window type openings at different levels, and were several floors or stories tall. No one knew why they were built or who make them. Click For Story

Lucifer’s Ladder For Spiritual Evolution


Psychic Aaron C. Donahue said the information came to him in a dream and he knew it was a message directly from Lucifer. He said he also had visions of Lucifer in this dream. Click For Story

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