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REBELLION; The Effectiveness Of Slack

Learning To Enjoy Slack
The globalization of the planet is in reality, a movement by big corporations to seek out the cheapest labor force and put it to work making products for everybody to use. Employers are now making no bones out of the enslavement of the workers. Those high paying jobs with great benefits are a thing of the past. We now work for minimum wage in public service jobs and smile while we are doing it. Wal-Mart workers gather before each shift for a company inspiration rally that is supposed to motivate them to work harder. There is an effective way to fight back, however.

How To Legally Defy Authority


New laws are being written daily, but governments rarely purge old laws. Thus there is a collection of thousands and thousands of laws on the books. In the United States it is nearly impossible for someone to go through a day without accidentally or unknowingly violating a few of these laws.


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Slack On the Job


I thought writing about slacking off at the workplace would be difficult. I come from a family of hard workers. After a careful examination of social customs, however, I realize that slacking off on the job is an American tradition. It is an unspoken way of life. It even brings rewards. If done correctly, it is a wonderful tool for fighting the system.


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The God Called Materialism
It seemed that everything we did for weeks, and sometimes months before Christmas was in preparation for that moment of gift exchange. Then the bright papers were rapidly torn away, the secret things in the boxes revealed, and then the fall. "Is that it?" I asked.

Fully Informed; Your Rights As A Juror
Writer Jerry Smith gives some important information about legal rights that every person summoned for jury duty in the United States should know. You, as a single voting juror, have more powers in more ways than the judges and lawyers will ever tell you about.

Paying For Room And Board In Jail


I have noticed a trend in recent years for counties to charge jail inmates for their beds and meals while being held against their will. The practice grew as a way to generate extra cash as hard economic times caused the tax revenues feeding government coffers dwindled. But there is a way to fight the system.


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The Great Money Lie


There has been a story making the rounds on the net about a research study at some unnamed and obscure university that claims people can't enjoy money that they don't earn with their own hard labor. That old saw has been flying for years and the masses . . . those that work as slaves for the rich . . . have bought it hook, line and sinker.


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Tarot Art


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