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Learning To Enjoy Slack


When Aaron was in his late teens I recall a bumper sticker on his car that said Resist Authority. In contemporary America, it was a rash statement to be making in such a public way. I worried that he was inviting the police to pull him over and issue tickets for any kind of road violation they could think of.


That statement was then, and remains today a deep truth behind everything that makes Aaron tick. Indeed, he advocates resistance of authoritative restrictions, but not in the way you might think. Aarons revolution advocates silence and, in the words of the Rev. Bob Dobbs, pure slack.


Doing nothing is a most effective way of resisting a corrupt governmental system. Aaron calls for all of the youth, and any other adults who wish to join in, to start a nation-wide, if not a global-wide resistance to this mass insanity that is controlling our lives, destroying our planet and making those few people who are pulling the strings, very wealthy.


The globalization of the planet is in reality, a movement by big corporations to seek out the cheapest labor force and put it to work making products for everybody to use. Employers are now making no bones out of the enslavement of the workers. Those high paying jobs with great benefits are a thing of the past. We now work for minimum wage in public service jobs and smile while we are doing it. Wal-Mart workers gather before each shift for a company inspiration rally that is supposed to motivate them to work harder.


Aarons solution: if you must go to work to eat, smile, pretend to be motivated, but do as little actual physical labor as possible. If you can find a legal way to eke a living without having to submit to slave labor, stay home. Do not work.


Do not buy new products. If you can get by with the things you have, never buy new things. This will make staying home and going without a pay check easier. If enough people stop buying and working, it wont take long before things around us start to crumble.


Young people will find it hard when they are in forced education programs in public financed school systems to resist the mentality of mass enslavement. Schools are designed to implant the work ethic in our children so they will be groomed and eager to join the labor pool upon graduation. If motivated, they might go on to higher education. This is in reality an expensive way of putting the student deep in debt before he or she ever starts earning.


What do college graduates in America do after they get that diploma? Most of them go to work at a Macdonalds restaurant or a Wal-Mart. If they are good workers they might get elevated to store manager positions. The high-tech jobs for doctors, engineers and electronic technicians arent here. They have gone to other countries.


Two women trained in the high tech field of electronics. One got her training in the military but ended up driving a truck for the government. Now she sells cars. The other woman is a store clerk as she struggles to pay off the student loans she received to get her education. What did they gain?


The advice to the youth is slack. Dont plan for the future because it doesnt exist. Spend your time looking within. Study in such esoteric fields as yogi, karate and the other discipline arts. Perfect personal skills in whatever talents you possess. When you need the basic things in life, like food and clothing, barter or trade your skills for them.


Never go to work for money unless it is absolutely necessary. And if you must work, stay on the job as briefly as possible. While there, do everything possible to make sure your employer does not make a dime from your labor.


Never allow money to be your god. Do not watch television, listen to radios or allow the slick advertising system to tempt you to buy anything you do not absolutely need. Never possess a credit card.


This is a radical way of life. It takes discipline and skill to do these things in a society that is programmed from childhood to go in the other direction. But if enough people do it, I believe the impact on the evil system that feeds on our energy can be broken. 

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