Are We Victims Of An Alien Invasion?

By James Donahue

Suppose there was an alien race of beings carefully working to take control of planet earth and maintain its most valuable resources . . . the earth and its inhabitants . . . for working slaves and mining the planet’s resources.

Suppose too, that this alien race was not hampered by the limits of time and space, and had the ability to impose its will on humans through manufactured religious systems, making illiterate natives perceive them as gods.

Look at that as the ground work. It occurred perhaps thousands of years ago. Human mythology of such a possible event exists. We find it in the Book of Genesis, the Book of Enoch, the Epic of Gilgamesh, Greek mythology and various other stories passed down from the ancient past. The stories say that “gods” from the sky came down and mated with the women of earth, and bore children who became “giants” or super humans.

Was this a genetic manipulation where alien DNA was planted in certain humans? Are aliens that occupy bodies that look like ours living among us?

The alien conspiracy theorists suggest that this is a grim possibility and that it would help explain why humans have gotten so far off track and into such political, religious and social chaos as the population of the planet grows to the multi-billions.

The theorists argue that rather than stage a violent military-styled take-over the aliens “prefer that we willingly hand over ourselves and the planet with the least amount of resistance. This can only happen under the condition that we are unaware of their true nature or agenda. Preparing such deception requires much groundwork. Thus, they have chosen to covertly and patiently manipulate human society toward that end.”

What would be the intelligent way of setting up the final stage of such an invasion? Suppose the enemy created a humanoid “elite” that moved into key government jobs that eventually get into a position of passing enslaving laws, dismantling constitutional freedoms and stripping the people of every means they enjoyed for protecting themselves. The final steps would include the destruction of the world monetary system. 

There is a story that America and possibly all of the nations of the world are under the control of a “secret” or shadow government that is moving us all toward the plan identified by former President George H. W. Bush as a “New World Order.” Some have perceived this as a one world socialistic system. The alien theorists call it “an overt global totalitarian regime that will lockdown any potential for resistance and secure earth for easy assimilation into the alien empire.”

Did the Bush family realize that they were under control of this shadow government? Does President Obama? Do the other political leaders who have been gleefully plunging our nation into this sad state of a failed economic and political system know? There is a possibility that these people are either possessed or operating under a belief that they are a chosen elite and directed to do the things they are doing by the secret powers that put them in office.

How chosen are the so-called elite?

Consider the rise and fall of Nazi Germany, which some believe was orchestrated by the secret alien government as a test run for what is to come for all of us. The Nazis created elite squads of Jews selected from concentration camps. These squads were directed to control the camps and carry out the executions of their own people in exchange for promises of power and survival. They carried out their duties faithfully, but once having served their purpose, they also were killed.

Is this to be our fate? If the theorists are correct, we are living in the final days before the take-over is completed.