Are We Being Controlled By Aliens With Evil Agendas?

By James Donahue

We used to laugh at all of the UFO stories and theories of big government cover-ups of secret going-on at places like Area-51. But as more and more sightings of odd shaped ships are not only seen but photographed in our skies, and more and more stories are told by folks who remember personal encounters and abductions with skinny grey-colored entities with big heads and hollow black eyes, we have to wonder what is really going on.

Recently it has come to our attention that a growing number of UFO theorists are not only believing, but are collectively gathering information that points not only to the reality of their existence, but the strong possibility that these entities have been among us for hundreds if not thousands of years, they have mastered techniques of in-breeding so that they look and act like us, and some say there may even be a master plan for a take-over of the planet.

Such a plan may already be operating under the following scenario. We are unknowingly working under the control of aliens as we struggle for money to buy things that we do not need. We believe we are electing our leaders while in reality all elections are rigged and have been for years. The people in charge are in synch with a higher authority that is controlled by an alien race. The world is in a constant state of war which keeps us preoccupied and hating one another, and not realizing who the real enemy of the human race is.

Why would an alien race like this go to so much trouble to take over our planet?

Suppose they come from a dying planet in some other corner or even another dimension in the universe. Suppose they find Earth not only a beautiful but perfect environment on which to live, but the place is infected with a copulating, wasteful, warring race of homo-sapiens with much lower intellect than their own. Because of our territorial nature, the aliens realize they cannot just move in and be accepted with open arms. So they move in quietly, experiment and find ways to physically mix with us, then use their intellect to control our banks, our life style and our minds through false religious dogma and fear.

They keep us separated by national pride, and in a constant state of war.

And while this is going on, some aliens utilize the slower thinking, stocky, athletic types to mine the world’s minerals and load the wealth on their ships for use on other worlds. How many people are complaining these days of waking up tired and achy, as if they have been working hard all night?

Indeed, the evidence that the aliens are here can be found everywhere. What is amazing is that we appear mentally programmed to ignore it, and tend to think people who point to the obvious as being mentally unbalanced for saying such a thing. As a news reporter I wrote many stories over the years about observations of UFOs that came from the lips of very reliable people. They included police officers, judges, and well educated individuals who were not prone to manufacture stories like that if they did not happen.

There are worldwide religious records, including the Christian bible, and mythological accounts that describe alien encounters with advanced beings. Archaeologists have uncovered bones of obvious non-human beings unlike anything we have ever seen on the planet, and artifacts clearly pointing to past cultures that used superior technology. We find carved stone images of what clearly look like extraterrestrials, and sculptured gold artifacts in the images of aircraft and space ships. There have been secret government studies of UFO sightings all over the world. And always the stories . . . by retired military men and women who claim to have not only seen and worked on alien ships, but seen the aliens as well.

We recently took a close look at the Roswell story . . . one we avoided for many years because it has been told and retold so often we were sick of hearing about it. The information we found at the very core of this story convinced us that it clearly was a government cover-up that came from very high levels. Someone in high government levels ordered the story of a crashed UFO that actually made print in a few newspapers in the west converted within hours to that of a crashed weather balloon.

After looking at the stories and studying all of the reports, we have determined that it was not a weather balloon that fell in New Mexico in 1947.

So why did our government muffle a story that big and do it so quickly? Could it have been because the powers that run things did not want the people of this planet to know the truth? They did not want us to know that the aliens are not only among us, but working with our governments in high levels.

In other words, we are being controlled . . . not only mentally but politically and religiously. We are living in a false state of reality. Everything we think is real is provided by this clever race of aliens and designed to keep us so preoccupied chasing computer games, television shows, sex, drugs and rock and roll, that we never stop to take a look at where all this stuff is coming from.

We have been suspicious of something . . . possibly a secret organization of very powerful humans . . . controlling our governments and the strange events in this world for some time now. But it is only recently that we have begun to think in broader terms . . . that the culprits may be extraterrestrial in origin.

If we are right about this, we humans of the world may be in grave danger as the final hours of the world clock tick away. But we believe there still may be time to wake up and save ourselves. This is because we are spiritually powerful beings that occupy human bodies. We were born with all of the tools we need to ward off such a threat. All we need to do is recognize what is happening and determine that we must collectively do something about it.

More to come.