The Alien Agenda Theory In Brief

By James Donahue

If you conduct a Google search for “The Alien Agenda” you will find not only a detailed outline of what the UFO theorists believe is going on, but list of entire books that have been written about this subject. Of all the scary conspiracy theories circulating these days, this one contains the most frightening element of them all.

The theory is frightening because when you listen to the arguments, study the evidence and consider the consequences if these people are correct, the human race may be blindly stumbling into alien enslavement that is about to come down on us all like a sledge hammer. And the whole plan has been slowly and cleverly imposed on us with only key government leaders knowing some of the facts, but not all, for a very long time.

While we may be able to go back even farther, we choose World War I, which broke out all across Europe after a Bosnian-Serb nationalist whose name and reason has long ago slipped through the cracks of history, murdered Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria, heir to the Austro-Hungarian throne. This odd killing happened in June of 1914.

The assassination was, indeed, a dreadful act but it should not have triggered a global war. In fact, all of the principle players in the countries that first started shooting at each other were related to each other. Because kings and queens in those days liked to marry royalty in neighboring countries, mostly for political reasons, they happened to all be at least first or second cousins, all of them personally knew one another, and because the telegraph was operating by that year, they were in communication.

As events began to get tense over demands by the Austrian-Hungarian government, it is said that the cousins all were talking. There was a general agreement that under no circumstances would they go to war against one another. Yet it was as if some demon managed to overpower them all. Within weeks after making their alliances, they were involved in a war so vast and complex, they quickly dragged most of the nations of the world into the conflict with them.

The world was barely recovered from that four-year piece of extreme ugliness when Adolph Hitler rose to power in Germany. Hitler, who was obviously another demon-possessed character, built a Nazi regime and launched an even more violent world conflict than the first. He was joined by the Italians and Japanese and even a legion of the French military that became known to the world as the Axis Powers.

That war prompted scientists around the world to draw from Einstein’s Theory of Relativity to develop the atomic bomb. The Americans got there first and consequently won the war. But the Russians and eventually the Chinese and later more and more nations, including North Korea, Pakistan, India, England and Israel had a stockpile of these terrible “end of the world” weapons. We live with the threat of self annihilation every day. But will we do it? Probably not. It is not believed to be part of the alien agenda, at least at this time.

So getting back on track, just what is the alien agenda? According to the conspiracy buffs, all of mankind is being carefully manipulated and enslaved, beyond our awareness and by non-human forces (demonic possession) that are interested in assimilating us into their fascist empire and parasitically exploiting us for biological and physical resources.

Notice that the world is more and more involved in violence, terrorism and warfare. When things reach critical mass, and it appears that we are about to go into self destruct, the theorist perceive the sudden appearance of the aliens as saviors of a human race gone mad. Once the world accepts them as a superior race here to bring peace and stability, the moment is then ripe for us to collectively give up our individual freedom.

That will be the moment, the theorists warn, when we submit to slavery and serve the aliens, or be put to death for daring to resist.

It is a bleak scenario. But how much evidence exists to support such a theory?

More to come.