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Those Seasonal Flu Vaccinations

By James Donahue

It is time once more for people to line up like sheep to get their seasonal influenza vaccinations. The propaganda machine is going at full blast. They tell us to get those shots on the nightly television news. There are convenient clinics held in almost every town where people can walk in, or sometimes just drive up to a window and get their shots. We saw a table set up recently in the local Wal-Mart where flu shots were being administered.

It’s all so easy. Just stick out your arm, get your shot, and pay the going price, which is usually something around twenty dollars. We are assured that there probably will be no side effects, that the worst that can happen is a slightly itchy red spot appearing in the arm where the shot was administered. And once we get the shot we are probably going to be protected from whatever influenza virus making the rounds during the winter season.

But is it all as simple as they are telling us? Can anybody really trust the government to be doing the right thing for the masses? Is the vaccination really going to protect us from illness or is it full of toxins that may make us extremely ill, or worse yet, containing tiny elements designed to keep us enslaved to a system that is controlling our lives?

Those who took the time this week to follow our link to the shocking Andov publication, 2012 Equation Solved, will be aware of the spiritual warfare occurring around us that Andov claims involves government, economic and military leaders at high levels everywhere in the world. And as the clock ticks down toward a conclusion of a bold move by friendly astral observers and the Creator to set us free of the enslavement under which we have lived for thousands of years, radical efforts are being made to block the great wake-up calling.

Andov and other world psychics and communicators with outside intelligence such as we have with the Abba Father all agree that something is about to happen to cause humanity to awaken in a flash and be fully aware of all of the senses we were designed to have. In a sense, we will become new creatures, capable of telecommunication, freely leaving our bodies to travel throughout the universe at will, and using our subtle bodies to do things we never thought possible. We might even be capable of living pain free and government free in another state of existence.

Where we are appears to be an illusion; an artificially manufactured matrix created by an invading force of alien beings that look like us, but who used advanced technologies to strip us of our abilities in times past and turn us into slaves for their own pleasure and profit. They became the kings and queens of the Earth while we were the surfs, bowing to their every demand.

After the revolutions and the material wealth was divided among the people, the governments changed and we entered into the industrial age, where the rulers moved to the role of industrial leaders, bankers and government leaders. The people began slaving in the factories for money to purchase material goods offered for entrapment. It was just another form of enslavement in disguise.

Andov says there is an energy rushing toward Earth, expected to reach here during the winter of 2012 and 2013, that is designed to kick start the idle 97 percent of human DNA that scientists call “junk DNA.” This is the moment when we all wake up.

Unfortunately, the dark forces know this and there is a movement to head off what is about to happen. This Andov says, is what is behind the odd behavior of government leaders, the rush to unnecessary warfare and terrorism throughout the world, and the natural and man-made disasters that are claiming hundreds of thousands of lives. He warns that there will be an effort to kill off a large number of people in the world before that energy reaches Earth.

Some of the energy is already reaching Earth and a lot of people are beginning to awaken. Children are being born with amazing gifts, people are experiencing psychic powers of “knowing” and communication, and there is a desire, especially by the youth, to abandon the old established religious systems and follow new spiritual pathways designed to expand the mind. There also is a keen interest in the use of natural plants and substances found on the planet that assist in the quest for expanding the mind.

Of course all of these substances are deemed illegal and punishable by prison for people caught using them.

Those contrails seen across the world skies are there to block the first rays of energy designed to awaken our minds. They are filled with tiny particles of aluminum and other metals that are supposed to reflect the rays back into space. A common belief gone unspoken is that the contrails are an attempt by world governments to ward off global warming by cooling the effect of the sun. Andov suggests that this is untrue.

If his story is true; if the Abba Father’s story is true; if similar stories delivered by beings that are in communication with hundreds of other psychics, spiritual leaders and readers are correct, do we really want to accept that vaccination this fall?

Indeed, there is a movement in Washington to try to make influenza vaccinations mandatory so that every man, woman and child receives a flu shot. Last year, when the State of New York and a few other states attempted to force all medical workers and first responders to get the H1N1 influenza shots when they first came out, why did the New York nursing staff strike in protest?

 They said they refused to be genuine pigs for the pharmaceutical companies that were dispensing the vaccine. But they also knew what everyone else needs to know about vaccinations. Even if they were being administered by a trusting government and we were not in the midst of a spiritual war, the vaccine is laced with toxins that most of us, and especially children, should not allow in our bodies.

Those flu shots are known to contain things like aluminum, formaldehyde, mercury, ethylene glycol and dangerous organisms. The vaccine is prepared from the fluids of chicken embryos inoculated with the various types of influenza virus that health officials believe might infect us. But they are only guessing. Thus even if we get the shot, the effectiveness in saving us from getting the flu is about 30 to 40 percent. And when you consider this against the potential health dangers linked from the toxic agents in the vaccine, most health professionals decline to get the shot.

The bottom line to all of this is that the influenza vaccination program is all about big business. When everybody gets a shot, the pharmaceutical companies that manufacture the vaccine make a lot of money. And this year the stakes may be even higher than most people realize.