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Restricted View Of Our Universe

The Price of Tunnel Reality
When I was growing up my parents, teachers, pastor and other adults around me convinced me that the world was quite a stable place where certain rules of physics always applied.
In high school my physics instructor assured me that everything in the universe operated by certain "natural" laws. But nobody told me then about some of the conflicts Einstein was having with his colleagues over the new concept of quantum physics that seemed to break all of the rules. And my teachers overlooked any reference to Bell's Theorem that suggested an expenditure of energy anywhere created an equal reaction throughout the universe at the same exact moment.
They also didn't mention the fact that Newton's law of gravity was a mystery in/of itself because nobody could explain gravitational pull. If the rules worked the way they were supposed to, we should all be flying off this spinning planet instead of having trouble jumping over a ditch.
In spite of Einstein, Bell, Newton and the other great thinkers of their day, our society succeeded in creating a tunnel reality that lets folks feel comfortable with our brief existence without allowing themselves to think too deeply about these questions. We created religions that gave us an easy explanation for the unexplained. Rather than ponder problems of this magnitude, we just put them in the hands of an all-powerful god. I have actually heard preachers assure us that it will all be explained when we went to Heaven.
Humans once thought of themselves, and the Earth, as the center of the universe. They assured themselves that this god created people especially to worship him, and that we were here to make choices between sin (not believing) and sainthood (believing the lie). It never occurred to them that our real choice was to find the light within ourselves and to evolve into the magnificent beings we were meant to be.
It never occurred to them that we humans had the collective mental ability to create our own universe. That we came from the stars and were elected to occupy these bodies for only a brief time before returning to our origins. Or that there was a purpose in our assignment here.
Instead, we de-evolved into an overpopulated planet of greedy, pleasure-seeking, money-grubbing slaves, fighting and killing one another. We continue to fight over foolish things like differences in religious beliefs, differences in skin color, and land. Soon the wars will be fought over food, water, and the last natural resources on this dying planet.
We used our great minds to create weapons so powerful we can destroy the entire human race and this planet at the push of a few buttons.
While all this was going on, few of us ever dreamed that eyes other than those of this so-called God (who was always on our side) were watching. It never occurred to us that we might have been an experimental genetic creation put here by an alien race to see how we handled the potential of evolution in the third dimension.
Writers of science fiction stories, found in books and more recently on popular television programming, refer to a "Galactic Federation" of very wise and powerful beings that watch over the universe and make decisions on a galactic scale. Just suppose, for the sake of argument, that such a governing body of aliens really exists, and that it has been observing our behavior for a few thousand years.
Now that we humans have overpopulated, pillaged and literally destroyed our home in this universe, how do you think such a federation would react?
The frequent occurrences of unexplained lights in the sky, intricately designed crop circles, stories of human abductions, cattle mutilations, monsters on the ground in now in the sky, all seem to be attempts by an extraterrestrial intelligence to let us know they are here and watching our every move.
As discussed in previous articles, the appearances of the Loch Ness Monster, big foot, flying creatures as large as aircraft, mothman, the chupacabra (goat sucker), and other seemingly living anomalies, are found by remote viewers to be products of a super holographic device. In other words, these things are solid, and appear to be real. But they are created three-dimensional projections from an unknown origin.
That some force is making itself known to us in this way, without publicly showing itself, should not be a surprise. We are hostile creatures and there is no doubt in my mind that if an alien ship should attempt a landing anywhere on this planet, we would do everything in our power to destroy it. We would consider it an invasion.
That someone or something is abducting humans, doing small surgeries and then sending them home; and taking tissue samples of livestock and probably other animals of the world, is an indication, at least to me, that there will be an attempt to start this experiment over after we are gone.
It is my belief that DNA samples of humans, animals, and other living things are being carried back to Eden. Eden is this planet in its lush, rich state at the start of creation. The question must then be: are the extraterrestrials traveling back in time and planting the samples on this planet or are they going to a parallel universe?
And when it all comes to an end on this world, will any of us be allowed to enter the new Eden? Not all of us are asleep and the Federation knows this.