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Aaron Appears On Coast To Coast Sunday


Psychic and Prophet Aaron C. Donahue has agreed to appear on the Coast to Coast all-night radio show with Art Bell Sunday night, Feb. 26. Click For Story

Aaron Rated As A Top Contemporary Occultist


World media and government leaders may be ignoring him, but Psychic and Prophet Aaron C. Donahue is well known on the World Wide Web. Click For Story

Radio Host Sloan Wasted Important Contact With Aaron


Scott Sloan, host of an evening radio talk show on Cincinnati’s popular 700 WLW, invited Psychic and Prophet Aaron C. Donahue to his Friday the Thirteenth broadcast for what might have been an informative and awakening night of chilling reality for his listeners. Sloan blew it, of course. Click For Story

August 18, 04 -- Aaron Predicts Death of Pope; Claims Bush is Possessed. Click For Story

Aaron C. Donahue

Remote Viewer "Sees" Lottery Numbers Before They Are Drawn



During six consecutive days in May, Remote Viewer Aaron C. Donahue posted the winning Michigan Daily 3 lottery numbers on his Internet web site before they were drawn.


Donahue accomplished this fete not just once, but for six consecutive days between May 21 and May 26.

He produced almost perfect number combinations except for May 22, when there was an accidental inversion of a 6 into a 9 for one of the three numbers. He said this is a common problem when looking at numbers through a technique known as remote viewing. He said things are usually seen upside down, backwards and sometimes inverted, as if looking through a mirror.

Anyone can visit Aaron's web site and examine the numbers posted, with follow-up reports on the winning numbers for each evening, by going to

Donahue, a natural psychic and trained remote viewer, says it took him over five years of intense work to develop a way to accurately view non-historical data. To hone the skill, he said he experimented with future numeric systems of information such as financial market indexes, lottery, and major event time-lines.

Remote viewing is a technique developed by the U. S. Military during the cold war years to spy on the enemy without sending anyone into harms way. Developed by gifted psychic Ingo Swann, the technique uses right brain functioning to look into a mystery data base known as the collective consciousness. It is said that every thought that humans have ever had or ever will have can be found in the collective.

Donahue said he started his quest in about 1996 when receiving his first training in remote viewing. He said his instructor gave him a mystery target, one of the unsolved formulas from Aleister Crowley's "Book of the Law." This book and its many puzzles is said to have been given to Crowley in 1904 by a spiritual force that came to him in Cairo, Egypt. Even Crowley could not explain the meaning of the letter and number combination: 4638 ABK24 ALGMOR3YX 24 89 RPSTOVAL

It was while exploring the Crowley puzzle that Aaron acquired a formula that has helped him unlock numeric secrets of not only the present but also the future. Another mystery about solving the puzzle is that it could only be done once, Donahue said. Like finding a genie in a bottle, once the secret was unlocked, no one else would ever be able to acquire it in the same way.

Donahue said all of the secrets of the universe are hidden in numeric code. With the help of this formula, Donahue believes all secrets can be revealed.

A portion of the formula . . . enough to allow anyone to see future lottery numbers . . . appears on Donahue's web site. He says he plans to write a book soon explaining how the process works so that anyone can remote view lottery numbers before the drawing.

The formula bears the fabled 666, known to Christians as the mark of the Beast. It shows an X over pi, the plus sign, and the number 666.

Donahue said he spent years working with the mathematical "pi," and its relationship to this formula, discovering just how and why it works.

He said he calls his work the acquisition and practical application of non-historical data. He said before now, there has only been two substantial information theories dealing with historical data. Donahue claims there is a third theory of information that deals with non-historical data and it ties all of the information together. "This is a new form of communication that will overshadow all others," he said.

Mathematicians who have seen the work portrayed on Donahue's web site have expressed excitement about what they are looking at. Some are conducting their own experiments with the formula, and they say they are getting interesting results.

Anyone looking at his site will see blocks of numbers in rows that don't seem to be in any way linked. But Donahue said somewhere in those blocks is to be found the winning lottery number for that particular drawing. By going back for a second search, still using the formula, new blocks of numbers are created. If you examine the first and second blocks of numbers from each session, you will usually see one set of numbers that "crosses over," or appears twice.

This, Donahue says, is always the winning set of numbers. It usually appears in reverse order. Thus 123 will probably appear as 321 in the lottery drawing.

Most remarkable was the 090 number combination that came up in the May 23 drawing. On Donahue's list, the number first appeared as 90, and later simply 9. A zero is difficult, as it represents nothing to the viewer, Donahue said.

Donahue said he published the numbers for public examination to not only reveal the existence of non-historical information systems, but prove that remote viewing is evolving into a new science facilitating the acquisition and practical application of non-historical data.

"Vast changes can be realized once we become aware of probable futures," he said. "Lottery, as it seems, is an excellent way to stimulate public interest in psychic functioning whereas finding a missing person or child fails to generate much interest at all."

He believes remote viewing can be effectively used to solve crimes, find missing people, predict and prevent terrorist attacks, and give government leaders warnings of future outcomes of political decisions.

Donahue said he also wants to attract a team of mathematicians interested in learning remote viewing. He wants a team to work with him in areas of science, mysticism and financial investment.

Donahue, who claims to be among the top psychic/remote viewers in the world, recently astounded a Japanese television producer when he correctly picked the winning horses prior to a series of races at a track in Japan.

In Japan for TV Asahi, Donahue has done what no other psychic or remote viewer has ever done on camera. He pinpointed the location of a missing person within Tokyo using his own technique of triangulation and reference as various remote viewed points on a map. His work began as a blind target given to him in Los Angeles, Calif. as a challenge by the visiting television producer.

Without any knowledge of the target, Aaron accurately remote viewed live on camera revealing what looked exactly like a map of Japan with an "X" marking an area of Tokyo. Donahue was then sent to Japan to remote view the exact location of the target. His work was so accurate the missing person was then found in Tokyo within a short period of time.

If you have ever been in Tokyo, you might realize that there is good reason to think that Aaron's work is unusually good. "In Tokyo there are no numbers designating a location," Donahue said. "Veteran cab drivers in Tokyo commonly ask for directions. Unless you are born in Tokyo and/ or understand how to travel within it, you will be perpetually lost."

Donahue also was recently featured in a new pilot series of the old In Search Of . . television show. The segment, titled "Psychic Spies," examines the world of Remote Viewing. In it, Donahue is placed in a hotel room in front of television cameras, and asked to find a woman named Caprice, who is located at some unknown place.

While the television cameras rolled Aaron sat at a table with only a pen and pad of paper in front of him. Within minutes, he located Caprice seated in a restaurant in a revolving structure above a tower at Los Angeles International Airport.

Donahue will be appearing briefly in a film "Suspect Zero" with Ben Kingsley, Aaron Eckhart and Carrie-Anne Moss. The film by Paramount Pictures is a thriller about an FBI agent tracking a serial killer. It will be released sometime in 2004.


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