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Was It Really A Time Machine?

Is A Contemporary
Noah At Work?

A posting on Aaron C. Donahue's web site suggests that there is a design behind the mysterious cattle mutilations plaguing ranchers.
When Donahue recently examined this phenomenon his data produced the same peculiar squared box-shaped object that other remote viewers found when they target this topic.
The remote viewers all drew the box but they did not understand what they were looking at.
The difference is that Donahue's drawing looked "outside the box," to coin a current catch-phrase. His view shows that the box is located in space, directly between two "coexisting Earths." This might not have made sense if Donahue hadn't earlier researched the probability of a time machine, as depicted on his web site under the title "Project Eden." He claims that this machine will be designed to transport about 150,000 humans back to the Garden of Eden to escape the horrors of remaining on a dying planet.
Donahue believes it will take that many people to create the genetic diversity necessary to repopulate the planet. Now that we have destroyed the Earth, and there is no future for humanity on the world in its present dying state, he says it is technically possible for a few humans to go back in time and start over.
Whether we can accomplish such a feat without outside help is unclear. Physicists are only now exploring the probability that time travel is possible. And while we flounder at the beginning of what promises to be years of research to develop and build such a machine, the business and industrial giants who seem to run this world are destroying our future at a faster and faster rate. We are running out of air, food and natural resources so fast we may first have to create an artificial temporary world, or biosphere, just to give us time to plan our escape.
We are dealing with daily and escalating conflicts among various alien and/or spiritual forces, some of who support our effort to begin again, and others wishing to put an end to the human experiment once and for all. To them, we have turned out to be a complete disaster. But we seem to be getting some help from at least one alien group.
The words Donahue chooses to use on his web pages are  always carefully selected.
In just two paragraphs, he suggests that alien technology is being used to remove DNA material not only from our cattle, but perhaps from other domestic and wild animals. Could it be that a benevolent alien civilization, perhaps the very people who put us here in the first place, are using these DNA materials to recreate a familiar environment in the garden?
Whether we want to admit it or not, there is a close bond between humans and cows. These gentle domesticated creatures have been a mainstay of our lives in a variety of ways for as long as anyone can remember. Cows provide milk and milk products for our consumption. We eat cow's, we make clothing and a variety of other things from their hide, and we even use cow hooves to make gelatin.
Aaron also raises an interesting thought with the line: "Perhaps Noah experienced this sort of phenomenon as well."
Is it possible that alien technology was used like this once before to move humans from a dying planet to a new one? This might explain how the Biblical Noah was capable of squeezing two of every type of animal into a single ark and keep them alive, fed and separated for the duration of the "flood."
Is there a blueprint for the time machine, or ark, that Noah built hidden perhaps in our subconscious memory or even our DNA?
Many of the world's aboriginal people have stories about earlier worlds. The Hopi in the American Southwest claim we are presently living in the Fourth World and that it is nearly time to go on into a Fifth World.
If the Hopi story is correct, it is frightening to think that the human experiment has failed four consecutive times. That an alien race would consider giving a remnant of an obviously defiled human race a fifth chance is difficult to believe.