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Hollywood Version of Time Machine

Would a Time Machine
Fix This Mess?

When Ronald Mallett, a physicist at the University of Connecticut, recently stated that he was experimenting with a theory for sending humans through time, I was not surprised. I think time travelers have been visiting us for a long time.
Also our son, remote viewer Aaron C. Donahue, recently posted his work on the Eden Project, which appears to be a time machine that helps a large number of people escape from the present and go deep into the past. They are going to a time when the Earth was still a perfect garden and untouched by humans.
Mallet, who says his theory is based on Einstein's theory of gravity, believes that shooting light at high speed through special crystals or a fiber-optic cable might create a distortion in space and the passage of time around it.
Mallett and other physicists are obviously tinkering with a discovery made last year by Dr. Lijun Wang who proved the possibility of time travel by projecting a pulse of light through a chamber filled with an specially treated cesium gas at 300 times the speed of light. Before the pulse fully entered the chamber, Wang reported that it appeared at the same instant at a point 60 feet across the laboratory. In effect, it existed in two places at the same time.
Einstein's theory states that time slows when objects travel at a speed approaching the speed of light. Wang's experiment seems to have not only proven the Einstein theory, but shown that time is distorted enough to permit time travel when objects move at speeds exceeding 186,000 miles per second.
The news stories stated that Mallet and his colleagues want to build a device they believe may transport a subatomic particle through time. They believe energy from a rotating laser beam will warp the space inside a ring of light so that gravity forces the neutron to rotate sideways. If successful, Mallet believes a second neutron will appear. This would mean that the second particle would be the first one visiting itself from the future.
If the experiment works, Mallet said he believes it would be technically possible to use the same type of device to transport objects and even people either forward or backward in time.
Experiments like this have a way of making the hair on the back of my neck crawl. That is because the U. S. military, which has a reputation for not using either restraint or conscience when it gets its hands on powerful new technology, is obviously going to be watching the Mallet experiments very closely.
If it is found to be possible to transport a man through time, you can bet the military is going to be the first to try to use this device. The military advantages of having such a machine would be obvious. Certain alterations in history . . . say the murder of a powerful or even minor political figure . . . might make significant and instant changes in the world we presently live in. A glimpse into the future outcome of a battle or even a horse race, could prove extremely beneficial to the person possessing such knowledge.
There is a belief that the UFOs flashing across the sky are alien visitors, whose ships have the capability of traveling at such high speeds they not only can pass through dimensional universes, but also through time. Major Edward Dames, who has examined these machines through remote viewing, said in a recent radio interview that he believes some UFOs are just that; time machines passing through our space.
Students of the Roswell, New Mexico incident in 1948 claim that some of the alien craft have crash-landed on our world. According to this theory, our military has not only obtained the wreckage, the craft have been reverse engineered. Remote viewers confirm this story to some extent. Our Air Force actually possesses UFOs that are so advanced, and travel so fast, that it is physically impossible for humans to fly them. Pilots who tried were turned to pulp when the machines reached these kinds of speeds.
That aliens have developed technology that allows them to make brief visits to our third-dimensional universe from their own parallel but fourth, or even fifth-dimensional worlds, proves that time travel is, indeed, possible, but perhaps not for us.
Those of us who know how to leave our bodies and visit the astral, or the spiritual fourth dimensional realm, have an understanding about where these aliens are coming from and why they can fly such machines. Their world is silent. They speak telepathically. And for them, time does not exist. Both the aliens and the dead know our past and our future, because it is all the same.
The alien body is more like a shadow than a solid form when in our world. Because they are not solid, they are able to pass through time warps and cross-universes without harm.
Rather than try to build a machine that propels us physically backward or forward in time, we might better learn how to leave our bodies at will. We might find it possible to get information about past events and the future by learning to communicate telepathically with the life forms that fill this space.
 The problem with traveling through time in the astral is that when we do it, we are not bringing our physical three-dimensional bodies along. Thus we go only as observers. It is highly unlikely that anyone can use this method as a tool or weapon to alter history.
What we can do, however, is see what our present course of action will do to our future. Information like this might go a long way in altering our behavior in the present. This is, I believe, why the aliens are constantly visiting us.
I believe that fourth dimensional beings from other worlds have been influencing our course for thousands of years. Those of us who get a glimpse of this intervention are coddled into accepting it by the lie that God's "angels" are here, guiding us through life's journey, and that it is for our own good.
But can we be sure that the so-called angelic influence has ever been for the good of mankind? How can we say for sure that we know the motives of our alien visitors. They may not be able to cause us physical harm, but they sure can steer us in any direction they might like us to go.
And our track record throughout recorded history has not been a good one.