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Out-of-body Experiences
More Common Than You Think

With the advancement of emergency medical procedures, the so-called "near death experience" has drawn a lot of attention.

While there are scoffers, people who have experienced it swear they were really out of their bodies, sometimes hovering by a ceiling light fixture, watching the doctors and medical staffers struggle to bring them back to life.

My late brother-in-law was one of those who went down the black tunnel and into the light when, as a young man, he nearly drowned. He said he emerged in a beautiful garden. The place was so pleasant he was disappointed when his brother pulled him out of the water and revived him.

The experience was so vivid the man lived the rest of his life without fear of dying. He repeated the story to us many times. When his heart finally failed him and he suddenly died one evening in his Michigan home, there was a lot of comfort for those of us who knew his history. He was finally back in the garden. It was a place he secretly yearned to return to since his first visit.

We have called these events near-death experiences. A more correct description would be out-of-body experiences. I have discovered that with the proper training, we all can do this at will. Now that I can do it, I believe many of us do it unconsciously during a "daydream" and routinely while we are asleep.

A few years ago I was having vivid dreams of being another person in another place. They were strange dreams because each night while I was dreaming, events picked up where I left off the night before. It was as if I was living a double life in two separate worlds. The odd thing about my other self was that he was a smoker, trying desperately to quit his habit. I don't smoke.

I became interested in leaving my body after I found a book on the subject in an Ann Arbor book store. The author gave a variety of complex methods of tricking yourself into dropping the body and flying off into the void. I tried each method but none of them worked. I just couldn't escape my body while I was awake. I think it was because I was trying too hard.

Then I got my hands on a set of tapes produced by the Monroe Institute of Faber, Va. These tapes use special sound frequencies to cause the two halves of the brain to work together, putting you in unique mental states called "focus 10," and "focus 12." I learned to use my brain to do some rather interesting things, including healing the body, sleeping more deeply, thinking more clearly, setting and achieving goals, and, most importantly, leaving the body.

By the time I reached focus 12, I was finally getting out of my body. I discovered that it is quite an easy thing to do. I literally flew up through the ceiling and into the apartment over ours. I later visited that apartment and saw that the furnishings were just as I saw them. The experience was so familiar to me, I realized I had probably been doing it all along but not recognizing it for what it was.

As I mentioned above, leaving the body is similar to day dreaming. You all know that feeling of being a hundred miles away, completely oblivious to what is going on around you. The difference is that when you consciously leave your body, you are really going somewhere.

Naturally, when I first started practicing leaving my body, I wanted to test the experience. I had to find out if I was really visiting some place or if it was only my imagination. I remember visiting my daughter, who lived about 50 miles away, and seeing her standing in the kitchen. She appeared to be busy at some task at the counter, but I couldn't see enough detail to determine just what she was doing. Later, I asked what she was doing at that exact time. She said she was in the kitchen preparing a meal.

All right, a lucky guess. I did other tests. I visited relatives and friends, each time contacting them afterward to see if what I thought I saw was correct. One of the most interesting visits was to the home of a friend where I saw two children playing on a floor with someone I did not recognize. The next day I learned that the children were being entertained that evening by a baby sitter, who was known to spend time playing with them on the floor.

Early impressions when you leave the body are quite foggy. You sometimes are not sure of what you are looking at. The more you do it, however, the more clearly focused the things around you become.

The wonderful thing about leaving the body is that you literally visit anywhere, either in this world, in the universe, or on another dimension. And you can get where you want to go almost immediately.

I visited my mother after her death in the spring of 1998. Her spirit form was in that same garden with my wife's late brother. I say "was" because she has since moved on into the light. But that is a whole different story. All I can say is that the Christian concept of heaven is not adequate. Also the place was open to everybody, not just the Christian elite, although not everybody got there. I am describing this place in past tense on purpose because things in sub-space are presently breaking down. Due to a spiritual war that has been raging, things are in a radical state of change. It is so confusing, I don't like to go there any more, and I can't explain clearly just what is happening.

I have tried to visit other planets and other places in the universe, but get little satisfaction there either. The problem with traveling off like that is that you have no idea where you are and you haven't got the foggiest idea what you are looking at.

What is more interesting is meeting a variety of other life forms. Some of them are aliens from other worlds and other dimensions, who live on what we call the spirit, or astro plane. Another term for them is sub-space beings. We are the only life forms I know of that exist in the three-dimensional world.

I have seen angels. I have learned to communicate with shapeless white glittering life forms that sometimes attempt to assume the human shape. I always laugh after such encounters because they give me the impression of living "gingerbread men," only they are bright white light. Communication is through thought images. There seems to be a lot of concern among these beings for the welfare of the human race.

I have met some less friendly types, including the so-called grays, who appear to have the ability to pass briefly from their dimension into our world and then back again. Grays are spooky. They just stare at you with big pool-black eyes. I have a feeling they don't like humans very much. Because of the way we treat each other, and because of our failure to control our population and care for the Earth, I guess I can't blame them.

You may find this hard to believe but it is a busy place out there in sub-space. It is filled with life, far more expansive and perhaps, if the truth were known, more close to reality than the limited place I presently live in.

You might ask why, if the other world is such a  pleasant and interesting place, I bother to remain here. All I can say is that I still treasure this existence and plan to hang on to it as long as possible. Also, because of the confusion going on in sub-space, I feel this is not a good time to drop this body and go there to stay. Since I am now convinced that our spirits continue to exist, possibly forever, I think I am going to have a very long time to explore that other world when my time in this one is finished.