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In Search Of Noah's Ark Part III


The old stories about Noah portrayed him as a loner that went out into the desert and built a ship after God told him that a flood that could destroy all life on Earth.


The people of Noah's day scoffed. In the Bible story it is evident that Noah was a subject of public ridicule and torment right up to the day it began to rain.


Science even today scoffs at the story because his feat is physically, biologically and scientifically impossible. How did Noah find enough wood in the desert to build a ship, or Ark large enough to carry his family plus a male and female of every species of animal still existing in the world? How can one man and his immediate family produce enough genetic diversity to propagate the human race? How could one man and his family gather up so many animals and herd them, like ranchers, into the ark in time? How could one man and his family provide enough food and water from the heart of a barren desert to keep so many animals and people alive for the duration of a world-wide flood and long afterward, until food could be produced on the planet again?


The Christians tell the story with unblinking loyalty. They answer the above questions with the blind eye of a true believer in an external God that can accomplish miracles upon necessity.


It is our belief that there was possibly a man like Noah who had a vision of a future flood. Perhaps events were happening on Earth in his day that he saw were threatening to destroy a vapor canopy that once surrounded the planet. He calculated that the consequences of the collapse of this canopy would flood the world and destroy all land life.


Noah announced his findings and got a following of people who probably helped him do what needed to be done. Somehow they knew that their only way of escape was to summon outside help through the race of aliens who put us on this planet in the beginning. They summoned Lucifer.


Aaron C. Donahue has remote viewed Noahs project and discovered that he did not build a ship. Instead, he built a device designed to summon Lucifer to Earth.


He calls it the "Xenotransdimentional Beacon."


The very name suggests that the device is technical and has the capability of calling across dimensions to summon Lucifer. If the story told by the entity called the Abba Father is correct, Lucifer exists in the 39th Dimension, which is too abstract a concept for most humans to fathom.


Somehow Noah found the formula for building this device. This was his project in the desert. Aaron believes Noah and his followers successfully summoned Lucifer and brought a massive space ship that arrived on Earth in time to save a remnant of the human race.


That ship carried the minimum number of humans needed to maintain genetic diversity and carry the human soul from the old and dying planet through space and time to the new Garden of Eden. That number means about 150,000 people were lifted off the planet by this great ship, and moved through time and possibly dimensions to a new green planet where they were given a chance to start over.


The entity named Abba Father said the number was slightly less; at only 144,000 people, even though the ship was built to accommodate many more. The others scoffed at the story and refused to accept the call. They consequently perished then, as they will again this time.


After the flood, the myth passed down from family to family quickly erased the technical aspects of the escape. Consequently, the story got whittled down to a simplified version of what happened. We now hear the story as Noah's ark, a boat or barge that floated at the top of the water until it was safe for the people to emerge on a green new planet.


It actually floated in space.


Efforts by archaeologists to locate this amazing ark have been unsuccessful. That is because it never existed.


Getting Back To The Garden

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