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In Search Of Noah's Ark Part IV


Aaron C. Donahue believes that Noah built a device called a Xenotransdimentional Beacon that summoned a Luciferian ship to Earth. He says this ship carried a remnant of the human race, 150,000 people, through space, time and possibly even to a planet in a parallel universe where they were dropped off in a new Garden of Eden.


It happened then because the humans did exactly as they are doing now. They overpopulated, polluted and destroyed the old planet and thus threatened their own existence. The progenitor of the human race, the alien called Lucifer, provided an escape hatch, or portal, for humans mentally advanced enough to figure out what it was and how to use it.


Noah and the people who went with him were of like mind. They understood what was happening to their planet, but were politically unable to stop the destruction by the numbskulls in power that ran the affairs of government. Thus they were forced to build the beacon, call up Lucifer, and flee to another world.


It happened then. It may have happened at other times in the distant past. And it is about to happen again.


It is Aaron's concern that this time we might not unlock the keys to calling Lucifer in time, or that if we do make the call, there will not be a ship.


"There has been a concerted effort to prevent us from succeeding. There may be something really wrong this time. There is a possibility that we are not going to be carried into the Fifth World," Aaron said.


The angelic interference is showing in the way church-controlled government leaders are raising in power not only in the United States but all over the world. There is a general loss of freedom of information and a closing of the minds of the masses through a clever system of mind control. Non-conformity is punished. Anyone daring to think that Lucifer, the arch enemy of the Church, is the progenitor and savior of the human race, is considered insane.


Scoffed at now. Will persecution be next?


There are signs, however, that spiritual forces are preparing to move a remnant of humans.


The fact that the Indigo Children have been born to families all over the world over the past 30 years is a sign that some special people, with minds open to right brain functioning, are out there, awaiting a call to gather for the trip.


Also there have been the cattle mutilations.


Aaron believes alien ships have been carefully collecting DNA samples of cattle and other Earth animals for replacement in a world that is being prepared for the new arrivals. He said the animals can be moved in this way because they do not have the soul of the planet in them. Thus they are of the Mother Earth, and can be reproduced through the simple movement of their DNA.


Humans, however, must be moved intact, because we will carry the soul.


As in Noah's time, not all of the world's creatures are coming with us. Only creatures that can successfully live in the new environment, and be compatible with man, are included. This is the secret of the disappearance of the dinosaurs. These massive creatures were allowed to perish with the flood because there was not going to be enough food for them in the next world.


Because our numbers will be reduced to a bare minimum to maintain the genetic diversity of the species, reproduction will be essential, Aaron said. The cattle are an important part of our new world. He said this is because cow's milk is the only food beyond mother's milk that is filled with immuno-globulins, or special proteins essential for infant survival.


He said about six percent of women cannot breast feet their babies, so the cow's milk will be important for their families.


"When you put these elements together, it all fits," Aaron said.


This is why Aaron believes Chaco Canyon is the place where an important contact with Lucifer may soon occur.

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