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In Search Of Noah's Ark II


When Aaron was developing his skill as a remote viewer he took an advance class to glean all of the information he could on the subject.


That class was given a blind target that led the drawing that appears on Aaron's web site, just behind the Hopi word "Koyaanisqatsi." The word means world out of balance.


Aaron said the signal was strong and everyone in the class produced the same picture. He said he was not told what his target was for a while and he was naturally curious.


"I knew the place was in the desert and I felt that it was in the United States," Aaron said. "I saw pueblos and had a feeling that it was a national park or sacred place somewhere in the Southwest."


That night he started a search of parks and public historical and archaeological sites in the American Southwest. When he found Chaco Canyon, New Mexico, and the picture of Pueblo Bonito, he knew he found the place in his drawing. The picture of Pueblo Bonito and an artist's concept of the area, showing the same radiating lines, appear with his drawing.


Notice that Aaron's drawing also shows a triangular object, or UFO, hovering in the sky, with the lines all pointing like arrows to it.


Aaron later learned that the name for the class target that day was "Contact."


The class was asked to show where humans would first (or next) make living contact with an alien race of beings. Aaron believes this contact will be with Lucifer, or representatives of Lucifer's world. The event will occur because a group of like-minded people have unlocked a secret of calling forth Lucifer, and gathered at this place to meet him.


This contact will happen because the dying Earth becomes too dangerous, and a remnant of the human race is ready to enter the portal called Project Eden. This apparently involves an escape into either a future time or a parallel Earth in another dimension.


Why would a place like Chaco Canyon be selected for alien contact?


Aaron believes the area was well known in the distant past as a place of contact between Lucifer's race and humans. Historians, archaeologists and even NASA made some interesting discoveries in Chaco Canyon that show that something phenomenal occurred there long ago.


There are ruins there of a great civilization with communities covering an estimated 33,000 acres. They are surrounded by mountains. The cities had block buildings that stood at least five stories high. They were connected by 20-foot-wide roads.


Only recently discovered in photographs taken by NASA from space are the lines that appear in Aaron's drawing. The lines are invisible to the naked eye, even from an airplane. But they can be observed from space.


"The lines are as big a mystery as the Pyramids of Giza," Aaron said. They stretch for miles, following a perfect line that passes up the sides of canyon walls, over mountains and across desert floors. The lines were created by altering the surface of the Earth so the disturbance could be clearly viewed as a message to something, or someone, looking down on the planet from space.


"Archaeologists are baffled over how they did it, and why," Aaron said. "It seemed to them like a colossal waste of time and resources to build something like this.


"Something strange happened at Chaco Canyon and we have to find out what it was. There was a reason why the people there thought it was so important to build those lines that could only be seen from space," Aaron said.


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