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In Search Of Noahs Ark; Part I


There is a new mystery unfolding on Aaron C. Donahue's web site. Behind a picture of a hydrogen bomb blast is Aaron's PAN drawing of an aging President George W. Bush as he will appear on his last day in office, in January, 2009. PAN, or the Practical Application of Non-Historical Date, is an advanced form of remote viewing.


By viewing the president on that date, Aaron determined (a.) George W. Bush will be re-elected for a second term in 2004; (b.) he will survive his tenure in office, and (c.) the rigors of the office become so heavy during the final four years Mr. Bush will show dramatic aging.


Under the Bush drawing is a warning that the death of Mabus, or Saddam Hussein, will be the spark that triggers World War III. Aaron also warns in this, and in previously examined viewings of the effects of a global war, that the United States will lose the war. The entire planet, including the United States, will be extensively damaged by the nuclear holocaust that lies ahead.


Donahue warns that a war like this will doom the human race to a quick extinction. He says the world's ecology is already in such a state of disrepair, caused by overpopulation, pollution and the ravaging of natural resources, the planet is in a state of dying.


Above the picture of the exploding bomb is the stern warning: "Suicide will be no escape." This is a reference to Aaron's discovery that the human race is so deeply and spiritually linked to the Mother Earth, that the death of the planet will mean the loss of the human soul. The Earth houses our soul. There is only one soul and every man, woman and child on this planet shares it. The threat, then, is that even in death, there will be no escape from the destruction of the soul. It will even be worse when we are dead because as spirits, we will no longer be in a position to try to do something about this looming horror.


Directly under the picture of the exploding bomb is the Hopi word: Koyaanisqatsi. It means a life out of balance. Aaron writes: "The Hopi have long warned us of nuclear weapons as per the destruction of our present day world. This is a world they call the fourth of seven and now you must quickly choose a better future or face extinction."


He continues: "The human being is near the end of its existence as a species. Once the Earth is destroyed, those left behind will loose the soul. They shall become mere ghosts of historical information and nothing more."


What does Aaron mean by "left behind?"


He has been suggesting for a long time that in the event of a total (man made) cataclysmic destruction of the Earth, there will be a way out for a select few. Aaron believes there may be a portal, or a way of escape for a certain number of  people. He calls that portal an interesting name; Project Eden.


Aaron's research and some unexplained archaeologically produced relics support cultural myth and information we have been given by channeling with alien beings. The stories point to the existence of advance civilizations that were destroyed in the distant past, with only a remnant escaping whatever happened. The Hopi believe they are living in a fourth world, and that it will soon be time to go to a fifth world.


The Biblical account of a worldwide flood is a myth shared by cultures all around the world. The stories all talk about a single person, like the Biblical Noah, who defies public ridicule and goes out into the desert to build a great ship. The ship carries a remnant of the human race and a remnant of all of the world's animals to safety.


In light of current events, and his belief that the Earth as we know it is about to become uninhabitable by all life, Aaron believes it is time for that new remnant of mankind to start a search for the same portal, or ark, used in Noah's day.


Aaron says Noah's ark was not a boat, however. He believes it was a space ship and/or time machine that carried Noah and a lot of other humans through a gap in time to a new Eden, where they found the planet green and habitable once again.


To look for solutions to this mystery click on the word Koyaanisqatsi on Aaron's site. It will take you on an exciting adventure to the Anasazi ruins of Chaco Canyon in northern New Mexico. Spend time exploring this place on the Internet. Will the key to the future be found in this ancient place?


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