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A Pre-emptive Strike On Another Moslem Country?


By James Donahue

September 2004


A recent story in Newsweek Magazine confirms a rumor that has been flying on the Internet for months . . . that the Bush Administration is strongly considering an attack against yet another Middle Eastern Moslem country because of alleged weapons of mass destruction.


This time Mr. Bush has his sights on Iran, where work on a new nuclear power plant in Tehran has left high officials in the United States and Israel whispering that the technology also may be in the works for building a nuclear bomb.


Obviously if you have the secrets for nuclear energy to make electricity, the same information can be used to make bombs. But Iran leadership denies this is the case. They insist their only interest is generating ample electric power for their country.


American and Israeli leaderships aren’t accepting this. They can’t prove their suspicions, just like they didn’t prove their case for weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. But that may not stop our forces from launching an attack.


We already have troops right at the Iran/Iraq border and it would be easy to turn our guns to the east. That Bush would do this, even though he already has over extended his might in Iraq where the war he claims we won still rages, is to be believed. He seems to be easily nudged by the Israelis, whom he thinks are God’s chosen people.


While Armageddon may be on the Bush Angelic/Christian agenda, there is another force driving the powers behind Mr. Bush. This is the growing demand for oil.


Obviously the campaign is on by the United States and perhaps the British to gain control of Middle Eastern oil at a time when world oil reserves are peaking. Both China and Russia also are interested in that same region for the same reasons. Russia is providing the technology to help Iran build its first nuclear power plant.


Any other reason to be waging war in the volatile Middle East is just camouflage.


Because of the weapons of mass destruction fiasco over the Iraq campaign, it may be difficult for Bush and his people to convince the American people and Congress that an attack on Iran is necessary.


But this dilemma reminds us of that old fable about the boy who cried wolf. What if, by chance, Iran is building a bomb and the mullahs have every intention to use it against nations they perceive as their enemies? That would surely include Israel and the United States.


Clearly we have stirred a hornet’s nest in the Moslem world from our years of military, political and CIA involvement in the region. The 9-11 attack was a result of this. And the harder Bush works to secure the Middle East for American interest, the more dangerous our quandary gets.


In the meantime, our military is getting so involved in the middle east, we may be leaving our flank wide open for big trouble brewing in the far east. The Taiwan issue with China is red hot, Bush has promised to defend Taiwan in the event of an attack, and China is poised to do just that.


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