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Film Reflects Dark Christian Treachery


By James Donahue


We haven’t seen the new film Suspect Zero, but after hearing a report from a trusted soul who watched it on opening night, we have no plans to waste our money.


Even though the film by producer Edmund Elias Merhige brings forth well-known performers including Sir Ben Kingsley, Aaron Eckhart and Carrie-Anne Moss, it already is posting bad reviews. And for good reason.


It is a piece of dung.


We had high hopes for the film because it was introducing the concept of remote viewing to the world, and Merhige solicited the help of proven psychic-remote viewer Aaron C. Donahue and his old RV instructor Edward Dames to help give the film some credibility.


Donahue spent time with the film crew in New Mexico in 2002, playing the role of a young Ben Kingsley receiving top secret military training in remote viewing. Dames was filmed as Kingsley’s teacher.


Shortly after that filming, Aaron and Dames had a falling out. It happened when Dames brought Aaron to Japan for filmed remote viewing work by a Christian television station. While there, Aaron revealed his disdain for Christianity and his belief in human Luciferian origins.


Dames, whose success in Japan hinged on Aaron’s skills as an advanced viewer, failed to pay Donahue for his television appearances. Instead, he pocketed all of the money the station paid him, and we understand that it was a good sum. Dames also set out to sabotage Aaron’s public appearances not only in Japan, but throughout the world. He is declaring Aaron a “Satanist,” which, of course, is not the case at all. But the label is enough to blackball Aaron from all public media at a time the world desperately needs his help.


There were rumors that Dames managed to convince Merhige to cut Donahue’s scenes from Suspect Zero. Because of the stories, we waited quietly until the film made its debut before doing any promotion.


But the treachery was profound. Weeks before the first showing, Donahue was led to believe that he was still in the film because his name appears in the cast, and he was sent a personal invitation by Paramount Pictures to attend a special premier showing of the film in California.


Aaron didn’t attend the premier. If he had, he would have walked into a trap apparently set by Dames, Merhige and producer Tom Cruise (all Christians) designed to publicly insult and embarrass Donahue.


Instead of seeing himself in the film, Donahue would have found his scenes cut and in its place….an estimated five-minute segment showing Kingsley on his knees, crying, asking forgiveness for his sins and accepting Jesus as his savior.


For us this was the ultimate act of contempt for everything that we stand for. It was a classic treachery by the angelic-driven lords of American media.


But mark my words. It has not gone unnoticed by the real ruling powers that watch over this world. The film will not be successful. The reputations and careers of Cruise, Merhige, Dames and all of the others involved in this silent conspiracy now hangs under a dark shadow from which there is no escape.


Worst of all, Aaron C. Donahue now withdraws all offers of assistance to the world. And the day will soon arrive when it will be sorely needed.


If you want to understand Aaron’s viewpoint, I suggest that you stay home and rent the newly released video Dogville, starring Tom Cruise’s former spouse, Nicole Kidman. It is a classic work of art and a true reflection on the state of the human race.

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