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Is HAARP Turned Off This Hurricane Season?


By James Donahue


The deadly destruction from Hurricane Charlie, right on the heals of Tropical Storm Bonnie and just one week behind Hurricane Alex that grazed the east coast of the United States raises an interesting question.


Where was HAARP?


After several years of watching the military hone its skills at using its High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP) to tame hurricanes before they hit the United States, I am surprised at the sudden strikes by three consecutive storms.


I know HAARP hasn’t been activated this season because I didn't feel it. I have written in the past about how my body reacts every time the high frequency radio waves are turned on. I go into a state of unexplained nervousness. I find myself unable to sit still, and I am overwhelmed by a state of extreme dread. My doctor once prescribed medicine for anxiety attacks, but it didn’t work. I have since found other, more natural ways to deal with the problem.


In short, I know when somebody at the Gakona, Alaska center throws a switch and turns HAARP on, and when they turn it back off. I can tell you first hand that nobody is operating HAARP to stop the hurricanes this summer.


Also, there is often a side effect to HAARP’s super-heating of the core of these storms. When we do it, I have noticed that earthquakes sometimes occur at the extreme opposite side of the planet. While we are hitting storms in the Atlantic and Gulf area, we usually make the earth tremble in Turkey, Greece and other parts of the Middle East.


Notice that there have been no big earthquakes there this summer.


So what is going on?  Is HAARP broken? Is it being reprogrammed as a war weapon? Or is something else involved? Are politics involved? Has the military been ordered to turn off HAARP?


George W. Bush is running hard against a relatively popular Democratic opponent in a nation that is clearly divided on issues. The Iraq War is not going well. A lot of people are out of work. The economy appears to be on shaky ground.


He wants that second term to finish his job as an Armageddon President. He needs four more years to launch World War III and hopefully bring his Jesus god back to life.


He also wants to keep promises to corporate America that paid his way to the White House in 2000 and is doing it again this year. He is also an energy president who wants to capture the oil interests in the Middle East.


There is a lot of money involved in this election. A lot of business interest at stake. But would the corporate giants stoop this low to assure his victory?

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