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The Pope’s Declaration Of War


By James Donahue


In a shocking report the Pope recently declared that women must remain “biologically different” from men.


In a document issued by the Vatican to leaders of the Roman Catholic Church, a story in the London Guardian said the Pope called upon his priests and bishops to attack feminist ideologies that assert that men and women are fundamentally the same.


The story said the Vatican is concerned that contemporary beliefs and the quest by families for a materialistic life style shows a breakdown in values “and particularly a greater selfishness among young couples more interested in consumer goods than creating life.”


The church thus is urging its leadership to return to Biblical teachings that declare a woman’s vocation as maternal.


This statement exposes the crux of wicked church doctrine, which is effectively destroying our planet through overpopulation. The church has opposed birth control and still urges young men and women in undeveloped and illiterate countries to marry and then produce large families, even though there no longer is room or resources to support more children.


Now the Pope is demanding that women give up the vocations they seek. Their jobs not only give them more satisfactory and fulfilling lives, but are necessary to pay the cost of providing for even the most modest of families in today’s world.


The call of the church is for governments to provide for families so women can take their rightful place in the home.


In other words, this Pope, among the worst of the world’s environmental criminals, wants all Catholic women to remain barefoot, pregnant and in their kitchens for as long as they are able to bear children.


He is voicing an open angelic declaration of war against the new rising Luciferian Order, and the symbolic seating of the Egyptian child-god Horus on his throne.


The late magickian, philosopher and writer Aleister Crowley taught that the world is moving from the old patriarchal system into a new eon, that of an equality of the sexes. But the old kings are fighting hard to stop this change. The Pope, who speaks for the old eon, is leading the attack.


But like the Pope, the old eon is outdated and crumbling. The church is dying. The young people are not kneeling among the old ones, worshipping a mystical “pretend” external god in the churches. They are on a new spiritual path and searching for a truth that lies within themselves.


Throughout the recorded history of the human race on this planet there have been just two great hierarchies. They were the eons of first Isis, the female goddess, who ruled for thousands of years during the so-called “pagan” times, when women were the dominant figures in the home. That was because men understood they were the bearers of life. That made women holy and sacred in the eyes of the people.


The next eon was the time of Osiris, the Egyptian male god. His reign also lasted for thousands of years. He brought us the male human/god figures including the Buddha, Mohammad and the Christ. During this period the men controlled both government and the home. Women were subservient. This belief system is imprinted in the Bible, which was written during this eon.


The new age of Horus was declared exactly 100 years ago when Crowley received the Book of the Law from a mysterious spiritual entity that visited him in Cairo, Egypt. That happened in 1904. Now, in 2004, it is time for the change to come to bloom. Before it can be fully completed, however, the church must go.


It is time for the Luciferian Order to take its place.

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