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The Audacity

The Mind of James Donahue

Thoughts About Israeli-Induced Holocaust Law


By Ron Hardisty


Found on www.rense.com this morning: “Legislation that would make Holocaust-denial committed overseas an offense under Israeli legal jurisdiction was approved unanimously in first reading by the Knesset on Tuesday.”


I've pondered the holocaust frequently in my life, with no real opinion on whether or not there actually were 6,000,000 Jews killed during the Nazi regimes reign of terror.


I have always considered that the Zionists have worked very hard to make more out of whatever the truth really is.


I've also considered that my Gypsy ancestors, who were also said to have been placed in concentration camps and gassed, shot, experimented upon, have as much reason as these Zionists to raise a vocal outcry, and to call for the world to legislate against “anti-Gypsyism” in order to keep such a thing from happening again.


Also the Poles, the Romanians, dissident Germans, and every other people who fell into the “final solution;” my point being, the Zionist faith has no monopolistic claim on the truth or the lie of the Holocaust.


I do not know if 6,000,000 exclusively Jewish people were murdered, or if 6,000,000 people in total were murdered, or if 6,000,000 is an exaggerated figure in any case.


Genocide is a fact of the Human Condition. Since the advent of the weapon, some people have sought the eradication of some other people, exponentially, throughout historic and pre-historic time.


People hate each other. Their leaders prey on this and actively promote it. And for any special group to loudly drum for special protection from it (threatening to exterminate whoever does not believe or accept their version of what happened) is ludicrous.


American Indian tribes have been exterminated, with ragged remnants of other tribes remaining to tell the tale. There is currently genocide being attempted in the African nation of Congo, where sons and daughters are seeing their siblings and parents butchered, roasted and eaten, and we hear no outcry from any government to stop it. Nor do the Zionists, who screech their horror of genocide sanctimoniously and at the top of their collective lungs, seem to care about it.


And now, they seek to pass a law that says if I, in my American living room, dare to say the Holocaust never happened, I should be arrested and deported to Jerusalem for prosecution.


Who ARE these arrogant, ego-maniacal, over-bearing, self serving asses? Not content with having various governments, including our own, in their pocket, they seek to bend foreign nations to the will of their own local law?


The article adds “...the possibility of countries consenting to extradition on the offense is unlikely.” and “The legislation expands the territorial jurisdiction of the Israeli law...outside its borders.” The word "unlikely" is not very comforting.


When Israel does not subject itself to world law, as Iraq has been bombed and burned for, and Afghanistan has been bombed and burned for, and when Israel is in violation of vast numbers of United Nations resolutions, upon which our un-elected (p)Resident originally based his rush to the attempted genocide of the Iraqi people, they have no business attempting to impress their own perverted view of history upon anyone.


Left to its own devices, with no support from any other nation on this Earth, Zionism would die out like the rabid, sick, child-blood-drinking parasite that it is. We should leave them alone and let them die like any other diseased animal.


By the way -- this little tirade does not and will not include the entirety of the Jewish People --- only these Zionist Overlords who have murdered more of their own people, for their own gain, than the collective actions of any other people on this planet.


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