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Is Earth Becoming A Super Power Generator?


By James Donahue


An unprecedented number of reports of possible “meteor” collisions with the Earth’s atmosphere in recent months prompted one writer to suggest that the planet is “experiencing intense electrical” activities “yet to be understood.”


Michael Goodspeed noted that recent reports of meteor strikes because of bright flashes of light and “cosmic” explosions in the states of Washington and Missouri, New Zealand and Australia, and a mysterious “crashed airplane” near Los Angeles may be evidence of some kind of unknown electrical charge going on in the atmosphere.


Similar observances have been made elsewhere, including the area where I live, although they either were not as spectacular and failed to become news events picked up by the national or international media.


Goodspeed suggests that the planet may be “moving through a cloud of electrified material that is having an effect on the earth’s surface and atmosphere.”


He supports his theory with quotes from various newspapers and web reports that quote eye witnesses as saying they see large brightly lit objects flashing across the night sky, one of them as large as a house, and hear loud booms. Goodspeed also notes the unusually large number of cases where people have been struck by lightning (68 of them), the strange disappearance of 27,000 pelicans in North Dakota, an unusual number of earthquakes (11) recorded in recent weeks, and the record number of tornadoes sweeping the Midwest as signs that something is afoot.


Goodspeed may be onto something, but he may have his electrical charges coming from the wrong source. Could it be possible that they are coming, instead, from the core of the Earth?


A few years ago I wrote a piece in which I presented a theory that the mysterious crashes of several aircraft, including TWA’s infamous Flight 800, EgyptAir Flight 990, John Kennedy Jr’s private plane and the Lear Jet carrying famed golf pro Payne Stewart, were caused by electrical bolts from the ground.


All of these craft flew into strange and unexplained disasters with one common link . . . there was no radioed distress call. It was as if the planes shut themselves off in mid-flight and left the pilots and passengers screaming and tumbling in the dark as they fell toward the ground. Flight 800, as most people remember, exploded. There were unconfirmed reports that fishermen and ship captains saw a bolt of light from the water just before it happened, lending support to a belief that the plane was shot out of the sky by terrorists.


Suppose Goodspeed is right and something extraordinary is happening to the Earth, and that it also has caused aircraft to “fall out of the sky” in a variety of unexplained crashes all over the world. Could they be energy spikes generated by a massive electrical charge within our planet?


Ever since Nikola Tesla invented alternating current and made transmission of electric energy down a copper wire possible, the world has developed a growing appetite for power. The population of the world was an estimated 2 to 2.5 billion people in Tesla's time during the first half of the century. Now it has exploded to more than a whopping 6 billion people and that number is billowing out expeditiously.

As our numbers grow, so does our demand for housing. Except in the undeveloped countries, every new house has electric power connected to it. Every new business and every new factory operates on electrical energy. Every time a new building is charged with electricity, there is a wired metal rod driven into the ground somewhere near the foundation. This rod creates a "ground" to the Earth, thus completing the electrical circuit.

We tend to think of these grounding rods as a silent, non-working part of the electrical circuit. We can touch them without getting a shock. If is there in case of an electrical short, or a bolt of lightning strikes the building its purpose is to lead the destructive force of the energy away from the building and into the ground.

I don't understand the science behind this, but some people say that the grounding rod always carries a small but constant charge of energy into the ground. I suppose it is similar to the charge running down a telephone wire. It is such a small emission it seems inconsequential. Only when there is a problem does the discharge down that rod reach measurable proportions. And lightning bolts have been known to follow a telephone wire into a home.

Not only is our planet a large globe of living energy in space, it now is wired to a man-made electrical generating system that is global in its scope. If you don’t believe that the planet has its own electrical charge, think of the positive and negative charges at the poles. The planet works like a giant magnet. That is why a compass always points north when you are using it anywhere in the Northern Hemisphere.


I am told the normal base frequency for the Earth was somewhere between 7.3 and 7.4 hertz. A hertz is a means of measuring electrical energy. Someone once offered a theory that because of all the grounding rods transmitting small electrical charges into the Earth, the base frequency of the planet is climbing.


There are other problems as well. The HAARP system used by the military to heat the core of hurricanes, electronic guidance systems for aircraft and bombs, and even new laser technology may also be raising havoc with the planet’s natural frequency.


My point is that the Earth is a large capacitor that may slowly getting over-charged. The energy is building to a point where it is starting to spill over, or shoot back out into space. If you think of this capacitor as a large balloon being filled to its capacity with air, you can understand that eventually the balloon is going to break at its weakest point, and the air will shoot out with a violent explosive force. Since the build-up is electrical energy, the excess energy may be spewing out in invisible streams, or spikes.


It may now be exploding in brilliant flashes of light and booms of thunder. It also may be attracting more lightning strikes and storms, although I believe this may also be the result of global warming. But is it linked to the earthquakes? How severe will this phenomenon get before something even more spectacular is observed?


The problem could be yet another result of human overpopulation.

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