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Washington Crowns "The Messiah"


By James Donahue


The event was the epitome of contemporary religious perversion. More than a dozen Washington senators and congressmen attended a special coronation ceremony in Washington on March 23, in which they reportedly crowned the Rev. Sun Myung Moon as the long awaited messiah and savior of the world.


According to a Washington Post story, the affair was held in the Dirksen Senate Office Building. It was highlighted when Congressman Danny David, an Illinois Democrat, appeared with white gloves, carrying a pillow on which was placed an ornate crown. The crown was then placed on Moon's head.


The Korean head of the Unification Church cult, declared himself humanity's savior who was "sent to Earth . . . to save the world's six billion people." He also claimed to be the "Returning Lord and True Parent" of the people.


Now I have to wonder what Lucifer thinks about this imposter, claiming to be the "true parent" of the people. Odd that false images of reality tend to come out of the cracks at key moments in human history. Even more strange is that so many elected national political leaders would participate in such a twisted crowning.


And they did it in the heart of Bushland, the fundamental Christian-oriented capital of our nation, Washington, D. C.


The 85-year-old Moon is best remembered for officiating at mass weddings, and for owning a fleet of high priced cars (were they Rolls Royces?) at the expense of his followers. Air flight travelers best remember his followers as those bald-headed, robed youth that used to frequent airport terminals, selling flowers to support their cult. Some may not know that Moon also disappeared for a while to serve an 18-month prison sentence for tax fraud and conspiracy to obstruct justice.


Moon is now back in the lime light, declaring himself savior of the world, and a pack of American political leaders seem to be sharing in the glad tidings.


Or are they?


"We were duped," said Chris Lisi, a Dayton, Ohio spokesperson for the group. At least some of the legislators who attended the affair said they were invited under false pretenses and had no idea that Moon was going to pull off such an elaborate masquerade. They apparently were present to honor a constituent receiving a peace award.


Interesting that a con artist and cultist like Moon would choose this moment to claim himself to be the long-awaited savior of mankind. This is, indeed, a time when all world religions are looking for a "messiah" to come out of the clouds, or out of the masses, and lead them out of the chaotic condition they have collectively created for themselves.


And that is the built-in flaw in the old religious systems that belong to the old and fading eon. The human race has been depending on some kind of savior, or superman, to save it from its own misdeeds. People have recklessly overpopulated the world, used up all of the world's natural resources, and polluted the air, land and water to a point where the human race is now facing its own extinction.


For them the solution is for a Jesus figure to come out of the clouds and "rapture" the faithful off to a better place. There also is a promise in the Book of the Revelation that God is going to build everybody a "new Heaven and a new Earth."


A fairy tale possibly? Or a story based on the old deeds of Lucifer, who carried a remnant of the human race out of the last mess it got into and dropped everybody off on a rejuvenated world to start over again. That, by the way, was the old story of Noah as seen through the eyes of psychic and remote viewer Aaron C. Donahue.


Anybody hanging their hat on the promises of the Rev. Mr. Moon, that he is the long awaited savior of the world, and father of the human race, should check his credentials. If he isn't an alien named Lucifer, or at best his ambassador on Earth, then turn away.


As for me, I don't think Lucifer is going to just drop down among us like that. If we want him to return from distant space and give us another hand we had better start down a spiritual path that invites him in. Anything less and we are all in deep doo doo.

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