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Murdered Oregon Children

Remote Viewer Researches Hell;
Witnesses Family Killing

Just before Christmas our son, Aaron C. Donahue was doing a remote viewing exercise on a target most people probably would like to avoid. He took a look into Hell.

The images that came from the end of his pen, guided by his skilled right brain receptors, were both startling and surprising. For Aaron, they were extremely disturbing because remote viewers actually sense, feel and sometimes smell their targets. He envisioned a father raping, torturing and killing his children. While the father does not appear in the picture, we see one child lying face down on a bed, what appears to be a doll lying face up on the floor, three crosses and the United States flag in the background. There is an open leather belt seen in the foreground. Something wet, either blood or water, seems to be coming from the child on the bed.

You can see the drawings if you go to Aaron's web site at and then click on either eye socket of the skull that appears. Then click on the button to Hell. Be sure to allow time for the drawings to completely load, and then read Aaron's written conclusions at the bottom of the page. You can get better images of the drawings if you print them on standard 8 by 10 inch paper.

Aaron took his first look at this situation on Dec. 16. He posted the pictures on his web page a few days after this, and wrote the following conclusion at the bottom of the page:

"Hell is conceptual, although at this time very real to this child . . . The torture and abusive murder of an innocent child is the essence of evil. This has been the most surprising and disturbing session yet. It seems that here in the United States we have another child killer," Donahue wrote.

His next statement is remarkable. Donahue said he believed the killer "is a fundamentalist Christian. The Christian religiosity of John Wayne Gacy and Jeffrey Dahmer resembles that of the present child killer as illustrated."

It was later learned that the name of the father of the three children, discovered murdered in Newport, Oregon on Christmas weekend, is Christian Longo. Aaron actually had the man's first name although he misunderstood it to be a religious link. At the time of this writing, Christian Longo was being sought by police in connection with the murders.

Donahue also wrote: "Note that the victim is alive as of December 16, 2001. The adult is male and there are three blood drenched crosses that seem to float as if to suggest something symbolic of sacrifice rather than something actually present. The doll seems female floating in blood. The victim appears unable to breathe properly."

The crosses are clearly an indication that there were three children involved in this incident. What Aaron did not see was that the mother also was a victim of this brutal family slaying. The floating crosses are significant since the bodies of all three children were found in water. What appeared to be a doll lying on the floor was, in retrospect, the baby sister of the boy being tortured on the bed above her.

Aaron was so troubled by the images that came to him in that session, he was compelled to re-examine it in a second remote viewing session on Dec. 22. The pictures received this time were more exact. He produced an upside down map of the exact place where the bodies were found in Oregon. The second drawing shows two bodies floating in water. Notice that there is an image of an angel overhead. Aaron says the angel appeared in his data and seemed to be guiding him into the scene.

Notes on the second drawing suggest that a third, infant child, is still alive but in great danger at the time of the session.

In his conclusions for the Dec. 22 session, Aaron wrote: "There are two bodies, one face down in liquid and the other face up. The body is human and small suggesting an age prior to puberty. The body face up has a recessive gene pattern that is not present in the body face down. Over all polarity is matched in terms of secondary sex characteristics and maternal relation. It is likely that they are siblings, male and female, under the age of twelve."

Aaron again picks up on the word "Christian," noting that this word "is important" and linked to this event. He concludes that even though he sensed a third child involved, it was not conclusive and he had to disregard this data.

News reports said the first body, that of five-year-old Zachary Longo, drifted ashore in Alsea Bay on Dec. 19, three days after Aaron's first remote viewing session and three days before his second session. Divers retrieved the body of his sister, Sadie, 3, on Christmas Eve.

Since then, the bodies of Longos wife and youngest daughter were taken from Yaquina Bay near an apartment where they lived.

Donahue was so troubled by this personal experience that he asked authorities to use him to help catch this killer while he remained at large. He said he wanted to work to help prevent this kind of assault on children from ever happening again.

His appeal was ignored. One year earlier, Donahue said he and Maj. Edward Dames traveled to Oregon in an attempt to help solve yet another child molestation and murder case, but the police there would not listen or accept their help. Even the families of the victims rejected Aaron's offer of help.

It appears that Christian teachings prevent most people from believing that anyone can see events from the past by simply sitting in a dark room, turning on the right brain, and drawing pictures.

It is sad that the Oregon case that Ed and Aaron worked on remains unsolved as of this day, even though the team found the site where the body was buried, and gave important clues that should have led authorities to the killer.

At the time Aaron said he was standing by, ready and willing to assist authorities in any child abduction case, anywhere. He believes the molestation of children has become a major cloud over America that needs to be stopped quickly before the nation is judged for it. He also offered to help in stopping terrorist attacks, but to date, there have been no takers.

He can be contacted through either of the following addresses: or . A telephone number will be released to proper persons upon request.

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