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No Surprise; Ashcroft Targets Pornography


America's unnatural interest in pornography is a result of sexual suppression. Sexual suppression is a product of Christian social control.


It should be no surprise then that the nation's top cop, the Bible-thumping John Ashcroft, has now turned the U.S. Justice Department's hounds on America's most profitable industry . . . sex and pornography.


Knowing how big business controls the actions of the Bush Administration, I suspect the attack is by design, but it has nothing to do with Jesus worship. 


According to a recent story in the Baltimore Sun, 32 prosecutors, investigators and FBI agents are spending millions of dollars to bring anti-obscenity cases to courthouses across America. The recent attack on radio shock jock Howard Stern was just a precursor to what is to come. We will soon see cases brought against such magazine giants as Larry Flynt (Hustler magazine publisher), the Internet's multi-billion dollar smut links, and even the cable links to adult movies widely offered to home subscribers and guest rooms of major hotel chains.


If Ashcroft has his way he will probably even have that famed bare bosomed statue of justice removed from the lobby of the headquarters where he works.


Gone will be the Playboy magazines, the sex videos in the back rooms of most video stores, and the sexy late-night television programs that titillate and entertain so many thousands of Americans.


It appears at first glance to be a strange role, indeed, for a government that has gone out of its way to protect and nourish big industry from costly environmental and social controls, even to the point of opening the door to outsourcing and importing of inexpensive foreign labor to help build corporate profits.


Pornography has been among the most successful industries operating in America. Under the control of organized crime, it flourishes everywhere because it is in demand. I predict that attacks by Ashcroft's Justice Department will not stop it, just as America's drug war has not stopped drug trafficking and alcohol prohibition did not stop alcohol consumption.


Instead of disappearing, sex will go underground and be more available than ever. Except after Ashcroft gets his operations in full gear, the price tag for sensual titillation will have gone up. Boys will pay dearly for a peak under the lady's skirt. But they will pay.


It is my contention that this is by design. Everything the Bush Administration does is styled to help big industry gain more money for its operations. What Ashcroft is doing, in the name of Jesus, will have this effect.


The big crime syndicates that control the pornography in America are going to like going underground. The government's war on pornography and prostitution will stir more interest than ever in the product. Brothels and porn shops will flourish.


(Unfortunately, child molestation, rape and other unnatural criminal sex acts also will increase.)


Like the days of the speak easies that flourished during the dark days of alcohol prohibition, the people who want this service will just have to know where and how to find it.

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