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Farmers Now Spraying MSG On Crops


Among the newest horror stories making the rounds on the web is a report that an agribusiness is now promoting monosodium glutamate (MSG) to farmers as a crop growth enhancer.


The product, AuxiGro, is made by Emerald BioAgriculture in Lansing, Michigan. According to the report, this stuff is showing up now in fertilizer, fungicide, pesticide and plant growth enhancer products.


The company web site promotes its product and reveals that AuxiGro has been secretly getting mixed in our food chain since 1999. The promotional material suggests that the product enhances flowering, produces larger fruit size and greater yields in farm products. We also are told that AuxiGro helps suppress disease.


Fortunately, the recommended dosage is relatively light at just four ounces of liquid application per acre. What we do not know is the concentration of chemicals in those ounces, or just how much of the product is MSG.


From what I know about the effects of MSG to human brain cells, I don't want to be consuming any of it. And yet I know MSG has been secretly slipped into most prepared foods we buy at the supermarket. If you don't believe me, start reading the labels. It is in canned soups, canned spaghetti sauce and even commercially sold salad dressings. My wife and I find ourselves searching long and hard to find food products that do not, or at least appear not to contain MSG.


Even worse news, another site warns that the new nasal spray flu vaccine called FluMist is laced with MSG and manufacturers are set to flood the market with soaps, shampoos and other body care products that will contain glutamic acid, a form of MSG.


Because MSG is an amino acid it is promoted as a "natural" or "organic" product. Due to the bad publicity, the listing of monosodium glutamate or glutamic acid on food and product labels is often camouflaged to say things like "natural flavors" or "other ingredients."


 Why would producers want to force feed us with MSG when a lot of us are making it very clear we do not want this poison in our food? The word is profit. Money.


MSG is an excito-toxin to the brain. When we consume it, it excites the brain into mass production of dopamine, something like, although probably not as intense as a cocaine rush. This gives us a brief sensation of well being that brings us back for more. In short, MSG is addictive.


What many people don't understand is that the brain is being forced to process so much dopamine following consumption of an excito-toxin that brain cells are getting permanently destroyed. I sometimes wonder if the mass feeding of excito-toxins like MSG and aspartame (artificial sweetener) may be directly related to the general dumbing down of America.


There are many cases where people suffer an allergic reaction, or simply become sick from exposure to this chemical.


The Truth in Labeling story that launched my report stated: Even before consumers had an inkling that crops were being sprayed, the Truth in Labeling Campaign received reports that MSG-sensitive consumers had gotten sick from russet potatoes, head lettuce, and broccoli -- produce that had been approved for spraying with AuxiGro.


Some chemistry students might challenge this story, saying that AuxiGro contains natural L-glutamic acid, which occurs in nature and does not damage brain cells.


The story addresses this. It said: truly natural glutamic acid (the glutamic acid found in plants and animals which is L-glutamic acid, only) is not the same as manufactured glutamic acid (which contains D-glutamic acid, pyroglutamic acid and contaminants in addition to its L-glutamic acid).


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