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Crucifixion Of Peter

Jesus Murdered But Not Crucified


When Aaron C. Donahue makes his radio appearance today, perhaps he will expound on the provocative message left on his web blog.


In the message, Aaron declares the Passion of Christ as portrayed by Mel Gibson's shockingly graphic film about the crucifixion, a lie.


He wrote: "Both the Romans and Jews at the time had a major political problem on their hands. The only solution involved the crucifixion of Simon Peter (depicted in the remote viewed drawing on his site at and the exile, murder and cover-up of Christ."


This is a pretty heady accusation to drop on a Christian society in the midst of the Lenten season, a prelude to the celebration of Easter. As every Christian knows, Easter is a church celebration of the death and resurrection of Jesus.


Aaron notes that "mythologies involving a virgin birth, crucifixion, and resurrection predate Christianity." Indeed, they do. Go to my story by clicking here for more information on that subject.


Donahue suggests that the whole crucifixion and resurrection story is part of an old game played by many powerful men throughout human history. The successful cover-up of Christs murder created the kind of mystery that had many political advantages drawing centuries of faithful and unsuspecting crowds to believe what they were told, he wrote.


Something else Donahue declares on his site that Christian believers may find hard to swallow. Jesus was not a god, but a normal man.


"The real Jesus had a penis, sex drive and children. He died after the time of Simon Peters crucifixion. He died as any man should and he did not rise from the dead. Bloodline relatives of Jesus exist today and for obvious reasons, they are well hidden," he wrote.


The book "Holy Blood and the Holy Grail" by Michael Baigent, Henry Lincoln and Richard Leigh was among the first of several publications suggesting that evidence exists in the Le Renne Chateau, France, that Jesus fled to this place before his death.


But there is something else in all of this that seems even more provocative.


From a Biblical Archaeology website I came upon a seemingly well researched document concerning Peter's death and tomb believed to be on Vatican Hill at Rome. It seems that a tomb believed to contain Peter's remains was found during an archaeological dig under the Vatican in about 1948. Other papers produced from writings of earlier Popes imply that Peter was not only in Rome, but suffered great tribulations there.


One document, identified as the Ascensio Isaiae refers to the Apocalypse of Peter where an unnamed person, presumably Jesus, directs Peter: "to thee have I revealed and explained all things. Go then into the city of fornication and drink the chalice that I have foretold to thee."


The very phrase, "drink the chalice," reminds us of the scene where Jesus, in the Garden on the night before his capture by the Romans, asks that the cup be taken from him.


"This theological paradigm, or construct, requires the execution and interment of St. Peter to have been in Rome on Vatican Hill," the document concludes.


Notice too, the similarity between Donahue's remote viewed drawing of Peter's crucifixion in an upside down position, with what appears to be the right leg hanging crossed, and his drawing of the Twelfth Goetia Spirit Sitri, an alien figure hanging upside down, pointing down at a building that is obviously the Vatican. This spirit, or demon, appears to be hanging upside down with one leg crossed in the very same way.


There is yet a third image that needs to be considered. It is that of the Hanged Man on the Crowley Tarot card number 12 as painted by artist Frieda Harris. This naked figure, like Peter, hangs upside down with nails in his hands and feet, and one leg crossed. Obviously Crowley was tapping into a powerful piece of information in the human collective when he ordered this work.


The spirit Sitri also thought it important enough to take this same pose when Aaron evoked and drew it in 2002. At the time of the evocation the scandal involving pedophile priests in the Roman Catholic Church was just beginning to be told and I mistook the Sitri pose as a judgment against these particular evils within the church.


Now it appears that Sitri had a much more important message to give us. It just took a while to figure it out.


Based upon what Aaron has told us this week, and based upon all I can find out about Peter's work and death at Rome, I have a theory. It is that Peter, declared by the Roman Church as the First Pope, was mis-identified at Rome as the Christ. Every pope on that seat ever since has been given a position of semi-deity, at least among church members. Thus it may have been easy for the church to pass Peter off as Jesus Christ when he was crucified on Vatican Hill.


What this means is that if Jesus was murdered while in exile for political reasons, it may have been the Christians who killed him. And if this is so, the Romans and Jews have been falsely blamed for 2000 years. It also may have been the Christians who crucified Peter.


Was it all part of a plot to conceal the real story of Jesus and make a false deity of him?


Aarons radio appearance will be with Bill Brown on CFMU Radio, Canada, at 9 a.m. Eastern. The one-hour broadcast will be repeated every hour from 1 a.m. to 5 a.m. throughout the night and into Tuesday morning. There is an Internet link to the station so the broadcast may be heard but you need Winamp to get it.

Donahue also will be speaking about World War III and human extinction.

Aaron's Sitri

Crowley's Hanged Man

Aaron's Peter

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