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The Passion Of Christianity


I have not seen Mel Gibsons new film "The Passion Of Christ," but I have read and heard a few disturbing things about the public's reaction to the movie that demand comment.


The film, starring James Caviezel, contains a graphic depiction of the last 12 hours of the life of Jesus, his trial and death in Jerusalem as told in the Bible. I understand that the film is gory and it does not depict Jesus as more than a self-proclaimed religious leader. Even though there is a trial, the reason for the Roman decision to crucify Jesus is vague. Nevertheless, the film is having a powerful impact on the believers who see it.


I think it may be the shock of the graphic scenes of torture and murder.


One film critic, a non-Christian who made what he thought was going to be an objective review, said he shared that theater with a number of evangelical Christians and was shocked, not by the film, but by the collective reaction from the crowd. During the showing he said people began waiving their arms. There was a powerful mental surge that grew from the crowd that the critic said he found both disturbing and frightening.


I believe this writer was sensing a collection of angelic energy that filled that theater as the possessed Christians let the film and the energy of the angels overwhelm them.


When the CBS show Dateline recently reviewed the film in a program titled "Who Killed Jesus," the station was overwhelmed by calls, e-mails and letters. That a television news station would devote time to a movie depicting the death of Jesus was disturbing to me. That the program received that kind of reaction from the public bothers me even more.


I read that actor James Caviezel is now so identified with the Christ figure in the film, people are bowing down to him when he appears on the street.


And finally, a regular contributor to my forum, professed warlock Thomas Blackstar, has written that some evangelicals are even professing healing occurring among people as they watch the film.


If all of these stories are true, then the film itself is being turned by the loony Christian sects into an object of worship, as is the man who portrayed Jesus. That this was a Hollywood production, manufactured like all other movies by actors portraying their own artistic version of characters and events from a written script placed before them, doesnt matter. Gibson, a Catholic who claims he was inspired by God to make the film, seems to have manufactured a new kind of contemporary religious idol. And the Christians are bowing to it right on queue.


What we have here is a perfect example of mass angelic possession of a cult following. It is a clear example, too, of the power that can be generated by collective human thought. Anyone who remembers the great Billy Graham revival meetings, evangelist Billy Sunday, Winston Churchill or Adolf Hitler's great political speeches before World War II, knows what I am talking about. Crowds can be stirred to do just about anything, even go to war, by powerful speakers.


But Christianity, like all of the other great religions, are nothing more than cults that got too big.


Aaron C. Donahue used PAN, an expanded form of remote viewing, to study the crucifixion story. He said he was surprised to discover that somebody thought to have been Christ was really crucified, although the Romans missed their mark. They apparently got the wrong guy.


"To my astonishment, this event did occur to someone believed to be Christ," Donahue wrote. But he said this man came from Africa, was quite possibly a Jew, and his name was Simon. "I believe he was the Simon Peter of Cyrene who was crucified upon the stauros, or 'tree.'"


Donahue said the man was hung upside down on this device. He was apparently severely beaten before the hanging. He suffered from multiple compound fractures of the left lower extremity, multiple rib fractures originating under the left armpit, multiple ankle and wrist lacerations, and the left ankle appears dislocated or broken. He died of pulmonary edema, pleural effusion, heart failure, asphyxiation due to his severe chest wound and left lung collapse, shock and blood loss.


Donahue said the myth of birth, sacrifice and resurrection was an old one, passed down through Egyptian cultures. "The crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus is a lie."


To back up his work, Donahue said blind targets will be given to his students. "We now have the smoking gun. This represents the beginning of the end of this terrible and false religion called Christianity," he wrote.


You can see Aaron's work by visiting his web site at and clicking on "data."

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