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Euthanasia and Sterilization Would Be An Answer


Needless to say there has been family debate over some of the radical suggestions by our son, Aaron C. Donahue both on his web site and during public radio appearances. I have become convinced that he is right.


Aaron believes that the living ecology of planet Earth is in great danger of destruction because of the unwillingness of humans to protect it. He warns of the total extinction of life and loss of the human soul loom within our lifetime unless we take immediate drastic steps to put the brakes on the wanton pillaging and polluting.


Readers of this and Aaron's web sites knew what we are talking about. In a nutshell, the argument is that people have been duped by angelic (alien) interference to believe in external god figures. They also believe that no matter what we do to our planet, the gods will return at the last moment and save us from our folly. Consequently our society has allowed industrial, agricultural, residential and commercial interests to strip our forests, contaminate our soil, pollute our air and water and make our planet nearly uninhabitable. And we did all of this within the span of about 100 years.


Through the process of PAN, or an advanced form of remote viewing, Aaron has discovered that the story of Lucifer, as projected in Biblical myth, is a lie. Rather than a fallen angel also called Satan or the devil, Lucifer is a magnificent alien that visited this planet many thousands of years ago to create the human race. He did it by crossing the DNA of his own species with that of apes, or other primates that were naturally adapted to live on this planet. By giving the beasts intelligence, memory and consequently a soul, Lucifer thus became the progenitor of the human race.


Our warning is this: the human race has advanced in technology at three previous times in the distant past. Each time, Lucifer or the Luciferians have rescued us by sending a ship to remove a remnant, about 150,000 humans or enough to propagate the species, into a revised planet. The Bible story of Noah was a reference to the last time that this happened. Instead of a boat, Noah's ark was in reality a space craft that probably took the survivors of our last moment of debauchery into the future.


Aaron warns that we may be living on our fourth and final world. He is frantically searching for the escape route used by Noah but is getting so much angelic resistance by our church-controlled government and society that he cannot get his message out. He fears that this time we will fail.


Case in point. John Stossel of the ABC television show 20/20 with Barbara Walters, in promoting his new book titled "Give Me A Break," devoted some time to debunking the story that we have overpopulated our planet. He quoted various scientific statistics showing how all six billion humans now living on our planet could fit within the State of Texas with room to spare. He noted that the world is producing more food than it needs and said that starving people are the victims of war and corrupt governments.


What Stossel overlooked were the effects of global warming on the weather, which are already hurting farm crop production. He didn't mention the demands for more land and lumber for homes and farms to provide for more people, that are stripping our forests and natural resources. And he failed to mention that industrial and residential waste has polluted our lakes, streams and oceans to a point where they are dying.


The trees are disappearing. The ground water is contaminated. Entire parts of our oceans are found devoid of all sea life. Our air is so polluted that people in major cities must stay indoors at certain times or wear masks to go from place to place.


Because the planet's ice caps are melting, and ocean currents are being diverted, scientists are warning of a possibility of a new ice age for both North America and Europe.


Stossel did not mention these things. But his glib remarks probably assured a lot of people that everything is just fine, and that preachers of doom and gloom are fools that should be ignored.


Out of desperation I notice that Aaron is using a blog page, attached to his web site, to suggest a list of steps he believes we must take if the human race hopes to survive the looming catastrophe.


Last week he suggested the euthanasia of the elderly people who no longer contribute to society. His latest proposal is for mandatory sterilization of all people whose intelligence quotient falls below average, or who have poor hereditary genes that include mongolism, physical deformities and disease.


He wrote: "Together, we can avoid some of the harsh consequences of human overpopulation by severely limiting human propagation. We can also screen many of the genetic problems and encourage the expression of beneficial traits providing a future of superior human beings capable of vastly accelerating the psychological, intellectual, and spiritual evolution of mankind.


"None of this will happen unless we begin now to radically reverse the damage to our ecological human life support system of which is now failing. We can buy time if we work together and support the idea of mandatory sterilization. We can ensure an optimum future with eugenics resulting in a stronger, healthier, and smarter society of problem solvers. This will be required for a human future on our quickly dying planet," Donahue wrote.


So how do we achieve a willingness by a total society to take such drastic measures? I am convinced that if the dynamic new weather patterns, the melting glaciers and ice caps, the massive die-off of wildlife and sea life, the smog shrouded cities and onslaught of new disease hasn't shocked the world enough to see the looming train wreck, it will not happen.


If we had taken steps back when the LSD awakened hippies first detected trouble with the Mother Earth and sounded the alarm in the 1960's, the cost would not have been as severe. All we needed to do then was shift from organic fuels, apply zero population growth and shift to a more moderate life style. Instead, we outlawed the drug, politically destroyed the hippie-inspired environmental movement, and built more highways and shopping malls. And, oh yes, we let the Roman Catholic Church outlaw the discourage the use of contraceptives for birth control in the undeveloped nations of the world.


If we have taken steps even ten years ago the cost would not have been as severe. If we had parked our gasoline and diesel powered vehicles, switched to non polluting heating fuels, shut down our coal and oil burning factories, stopped having babies and adopted a slower life style, we might have turned things around.


Now that we are past the point of recovery, Aaron is calling for extremely drastic steps just to buy enough time for the smarter minds to try to find a way out of this mess. I do not expect this to happen. This, of course, means the angels have won. They have destroyed the amazing Luciferian experiment that was to have been the human race.


We never allowed ourselves to evolve to the potential that was awarded us.


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