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The Transforming 72 Tones Of Lucifer



When Aaron C. Donahue evoked and used advanced remote viewing skills to examine the 72 Spirits of the Goetia in 2001 he noticed something unique about these amazing entities. Each one greeted Donahue with a song.


Not exactly a song, but a tone. Each spirit carried a part of a song.


Since that spectacular event, Donahue says he has put the tones together. He says he believes that once joined correctly, they comprise a perfect song. He also believes this song to be the true name of Lucifer.


Donahue is so enthused by his discovery that he is working to form a band of musicians willing to perform music containing the tones. He believes this music will be soul transforming for all who hear it. He also believes that the pop music of today is so void that the world is ready to receive a band that can and will produce the 72 tones in the music it plays.


He says he expects fierce resistance from organized religion, and especially the Christian church. The angelic spirits that control the church do not want us to hear them.


All church leaders will resist the music of this band, Aaron predicts. Because the church incorrectly links Lucifer with the mythical being it calls the devil, it will declare the music satanic and make every effort to block it from public performance.


This is what happened to earlier bands that touched upon the tones but never quite had them perfected. Aaron said they included The Beatles, Marilyn Manson, Led Zeppelin and Black Sabbath.


But Aaron believes the band can be very successful, especially among the youth and the adults who are awake and searching for an answer to the chaos that has consumed the planet.


"Everybody will love the demonic choir," he said. "The music is beautiful beyond words. It is the gate of Lucifer. It is technology that opens your mind and heart."


Aaron believes that releasing this music throughout the world, through Internet sales of CDs and public shows, will be an attempt at waking people up before the world goes into complete self-destruct from angelic domination.


"It will help deprogram and educate Christians and dismantle the church," he said. "I can think of no better way of getting into the hearts and minds of Christians."


Musicians interested in joining Aaron may contact him through his web site at

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