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The Danger In Those Cell Phone Towers


We learned something troublesome when we shopped for a home during the summer of 2003. Cell phone towers are popping up everywhere.


I don't know how many times we got excited about finding "that perfect house" in the country, only to walk out the front door and see one of those towers standing within spitting distance. It killed the deal every time.


Our general rule; if we a cell phone tower was within view while standing in the front yard, we dropped the property from our list of prospects.


Why would we do this?


The electromagnetic radiation emitted by the towers and mobile telephones affect living cells. A study earlier this year published in the International Journal of Oncology suggests that mobile phone users have a 30 percent risk of brain tumors that occur close to the year used for phone listening.


Earlier studies show that leukemia cells begin growing dramatically during exposure to mobile phone radiation.


Nematode worms in the earth around the base of towers release stress hormones, grow larger than normal and produce more eggs; a natural sign that the creatures are threatened by the radiation.


The cell phone companies have since come out with new studies that show that public health is in little or no risk of danger from cell phone radiation exposure. But are these objective studies? Remember that the cell phone industry is a highly competitive and expanding industry where a lot of money is at stake. Money in the hands of corporation giants has a tendency to cover up a lot of sin.


The studies above were done with old, quickly disappearing technology. Consider the new, high-tech cell phones that have the power to send messages and photo images through the air.


Dutch researchers recently studied 72 radiation exposed volunteers in laboratories that used both the "traditional" and the new high-tech cell phones without telling them which type of radiation they were being exposed to.


Of the 72 people who participated in the study, half experienced nausea, headaches and a tingling sensation from the radiation level of the new cell phone towers. The radiation level from those traditional cell phone towers brought no noticeable physical effects.

Researcher Maarten Lortzer said the findings "were very unexpected. It means that there are a whole lot of other questions coming up."

The research team now wants to know if the old towers are replaced with new ones to service the popular new phones, what will it do to people living in the neighborhood.



The fact that the old towers are bombarding our bodies with unnecessary levels of new radiation already shown to cause problems in living cells was enough to chase us away from buying a house within viewing distance.


The thought of living within a few miles of one of these new high-tech towers gives me the jitters. And the probability of everybody in the country having to accept life in the sick lane, to accommodate the mass desire to constantly keep in verbal, physical and written touch, boggles the mind.


To assure that the cell phones work everywhere, the towers have to be erected almost everywhere. If you dont believe me, look around you. Chances are, you will see the blinking red light from the tip of a cell phone tower just over the trees in your yard.

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