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Bush Must Not Kill Mabus!

The Terror

I am shocked when I hear television and radio commentators calling for the death of Saddam Hussein even before he has had a trial and before all of the facts about this man are known.


Students of Nostradamus are familiar with his verses in Century 2, Quatrain 62, in which he warns that the death of Mabus will signal "a horrible undoing of people and animals, at once one will see vengeance, one hundred powers, thirst, famine, when the comet will pass."


Psychic Aaron C. Donahue warns on his web site at www:// that the reference to a comet is the French prophet's interpretation of inter-continental ballistic missiles passing overhead. Nostradamus appears to be saying that the death of Mabus will be the trigger that launches a nuclear war.


Donahue warns that if America engages in World War III, it will lose. Also he believes that a nuclear war will further degrade our already rapidly failing ecosystem.


From Century 6, Quatrain 33, Nostradamus foretells: "His power finally through bloody Alus, he will be unable to protect himself by sea. Between two rivers he will fear the military hand, The black one will make the angry one repent of it."


Donahue notes that Saddam Hussein was captured in Iraq, between the Tigris and Euphrates rivers. Also the United States bombarded his country, destroying his reign, with attacks from the sea. In addition to our missiles, many of our aircraft flew from the decks of carriers.

Donahue believes the word "repent" refers to a public trial.

All of this, if it happens as Donahue believes, could also be a dreaded event foretold in the Bible's Book of the Revelation. It could be the start of the apocalypse, or great Battle of Armageddon.


I wrote about this topic about a year ago, when Bush was still talking about invading Iraq and unseating Hussein. Donahue believed then, and I agree, that Bush may be the antichrist because he is the one who launched the attack and started the war. Hussein was the target, or catalyst.


Mabus appears to be the name Nostradamus gives to a third antichrist that rises up in the end times. The first two were Napoleon and Hister, believed to be a misspelling of Hitler.


Donahue wrote then that "Mabus is Saddam and it may seem clear to most that this man is responsible for triggering World War III."


Nostradamus was said to have looked into a black mirror, or a dark pool of water, using it as a means of seeing future events. This is a practice by magickians and psychics called scrying. It is common for words and images, even those produced by remote viewers, to be backwards. It is as if they are looking through actual mirrors. Notice in Aaron's recent drawing of George W. Bush, in a remote viewing session looking for the face of the next elected president of the United States, everything about the Bush drawing is backwards. The part in the hair is even on the wrong side.


Thus it is easy to see Mabas as a backwards spelling of the name Saddam. One of the "d's" was missed, but Nostradamus got the name.


Saddam was a ruthless dictator in his day, but he cannot be shown as any worse a ruler than many other world dictators just like him that remain in office around the world. After the 1991 Gulf War, Saddam Hussein was virtually stripped of his weapons and his ability to cause much trouble to anybody. In fact, his power was given to him in prior years by the U. S. government because we wanted Iraq to attack Iran.


If Saddam isn't the antichrist, and he most certainly is taken out of the picture now that he is captured by U. S. forces, then the logical conclusion: if an antichrist exists in this picture, it must be Bush.


Think of this. Mr. Bush rules the most powerful military force existing in the world. He is flexing his military muscle as much as any government leader has done since the days when Hitler rose to power. Now that he has all but destroyed both Afghanistan and Iraq, there are rumors that attacks against Iran and Syria are planned.


Now Bush has Mabus in his grasp. He has called for a public trial. He wants to humiliate this man in the public square and then see him put to death. Yet the question is raised; how much of the propaganda against Hussein can be believed? Just how bad a dictator was this man? And because his army fired back after we attacked his country without provocation, can Hussein be honestly tried as a war criminal?


I fear that the Nostradamus prophetic warning is being played out before our eyes. "Mabus will soon die. And there will come a horrible undoing of people and animals. . ."


Is anybody listening?  


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