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What Is Behind The Flu Vaccination Frenzy?


I never get flu shots and I get suspicious when I see a media- induced frenzy about getting vaccinated because of a possible influenza pandemic.


The reason I avoid vaccination is because the dangers linked to flu shots appear greater than not getting them. Since my children grew up, quit attending the public disease factory called school, and left the home, my wife and I rarely suffer from a cold or the flu.


There has been a proven link between the influenza shot and Guillain-Barre Syndrome which in turn leads to a variety of other lovely effects like paralysis or numbness of one or more limbs, meningitis, encephalitis, and even multiple sclerosis. Also there is no proof that flu shots even work. When the flu comes, everyone exposed to it usually gets sick.


There are varieties of influenza-like viruses that come on quickly, advance to pneumonia, and if not properly diagnosed and treated early, kill the patient, usually children, within hours. Also people with weak immune systems are, indeed, at risk when they must contend with the severity of a disease like some forms of influenza.


We find that simple precautions, like avoiding crowds, frequently washing our hands, eating a proper diet and taking a daily dose of the right vitamins and minerals keeps our immune systems in good repair and when things like the flu come along, we either escape them, or the symptoms are light.


As writer and an observer of the activities of the national media in America for many years, I sense something suspicious about all of the fear stories linked to this year's flu dangers.


Notice that first we heard stories about a new strain of unexpected flu killing children in Colorado. We even had a film of the crying father of one of the dead children thrust in our faces during one of the broadcasts.


Next we were told that the available flu vaccine prepared for this year would not protect anybody from this new variety of influenza. But we were advised to get our flu shots anyway because the vaccine might give us some protection, although nobody was really sure.


The final fear punch was the announcement that doctors and hospitals are so overwhelmed by people lining up for flu shots and they are running out of vaccine. The makers of the stuff didn't produce enough to protect every man, woman and child in the country.


Suddenly we are experiencing a form of panic as people rush to their doctor's office or local Health Department office in search of a flu vaccination. At least that is how the TV news stations are portraying it.


Why so much hype over something very common that occurs every fall at about this same time? As soon as school starts and people begin gathering for indoor holiday festivities, everybody starts getting the flu.


Suppose . . . just suppose that our government had a dose of something else in those influenza vaccinations that it wanted to put in as many Americans as possible, and that it wanted to create a mechanism so that a lot of people would be more than willing to receive it.


A media induced frenzy like the one we are currently seeing would be the perfect way to bring the masses in for those shots.


What, you might ask, would our government want to inject?

But then, I suppose I am sounding a bit paranoid. Why shouldn't I trust the people who control nearly every move I make and worry that terrorists hide in every shadow?


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