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Two Sexy And Probably Fake Non-News Events


It was sick, perverted journalism. Both the Elizabeth Smart story and the Jessica Lynch story recently played out to television documentaries that were in prime-time competition with each other on the same night.


Both stories are appearing in new books.


That the TV shows came in at nearly a dead heat, with the evocative Smart story gaining an edge over so-called Iraq war heroine Lynch, was yet another boring statistic. I am personally surprised that anybody bothered to watch, or even care. Yet in true Orwellian fashion, the masses were tuned in.


Both stories are probably fabrications of the truth.


Smart, the then 14-year-old daughter of a wealthy Salt Lake City Mormon family, was said to have been abducted in June, 2002 from her bedroom by shaggy, bearded Brian Mitchell, a 49-year-old drifter and self-described prophet, and his female companion Wanda Barzee. She turned up unharmed and well in March of this year, just over nine months later.


Does nine months ring any bells?


Salt Lake City authorities say they are convinced that Smart was kidnapped and that she was too fearful to break away from her captors, even though she was sometimes drifting in Salt Lake City, within blocks of her home.


Then there is Jessica Lynch, a 19-year-old army clerk that took a wrong turn in the midst of our attack on Iraq, got involved in a truck accident, and unexpectedly became an icon of the war.


While doctors in an Iraqi hospital in Baghdad said they were working hard to save her leg and keep her safe until the U. S. military arrived, the pentagon was cranking out a story about how she was being held captive after putting up a fierce fire fight and taking bullets, knife wounds. One report suggested that Lynch may have been raped by the Iraqi doctors and nurses who cared for her.


We were shown military footage of her "dramatic" rescue that was aired over all of the news networks.


Both cases involve young blonde-haired girls caught up in the perils of real life. Without saying it, both stories titillate the mind of the Christian sex starved masses with implications of rape by evil slave masters.


And there is that haunting suspicion that we havent heard the real stories about either of them.


That some soldier reportedly cashed in on Miss Lynch's manufactured fame by selling her nude pictures, probably snapped in some army tent in the Iraqi desert, to Larry Flynt's Hustler Magazine, helps put the Lynch story back into perspective.


That Lynch chose to go on record and tell the truth about what really happened to her, only hours before her television story was aired, speaks highly of her.


If Flynt does what he promises, and publishes those pictures in his February issue, it will be a major embarrassment to the Christian controlled military that projected her as a fake heroine of a fake American war.

When all is said and done, Miss Lynch may turn out to be a heroine after all. It took courage to stand up to the military and tell the truth after everything that happened to her. I doubt if anybody in high office expected it of her.

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