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The Reign Of Ra
"There is an end of the word of the God enthroned in Ra's seat, lightening the girders of the soul. To Me do ye reverence! to me come ye through tribulation of ordeal, which is bliss." Liber AL vel Legis 3:61-62
There is a double meaning in Verse 61. Horus declares an "end of the word of the God enthroned in Ra's seat." We established in Verse 34 that the House of the Great Equinox will eventually fall and in its place will arise yet a fourth god figure. This may be a reference to that event, although I do not think so.
My interpretation is straight on. I believe Aiwass, the author of the Book of the Law, is declaring the approaching conclusion of the "word" of the God, which is the final chapter of this book.
That the writer would use the phrase "enthroned in Ra's seat" is worth examination at this point. Ra, the Egyptian sun god, is intertwined with the god Horus through the name Ra-Hoor Khuit. This figure, according to Egyptian lore, is a hawk-headed god of war. Horus the child, or the twin, is Hoor Paar Kraat, depicted as a baby seated on a lotus flower.
As I have worked through the Book of the Law it has become obvious to me that Ra-Hoor Khuit is on the seat of Ra because harsh work needs to be done. The human race has been duped for thousands of years by angelic forces into believing in external gods. People forgot that the god they worship lives within. They forgot that their mission is to evolve into something quite magnificent. The call of Nuit, the creator, and Hadit, the energy of the universe, to wake up and take our freedom was ignored during the earlier years of the 20th Century.
The effort failed, even though we were briefly given special tools. The invention of the mind-opening drug LSD was not an accident. It was a gift to the people to help everyone wake up in a hurry. This drug, with the help of the work of Crowley, Dr. Timothy Leery, and other writers, sparked the Beat Generation and next the Hippie movement that was taking the right track. For many, the right hemisphere of the brain was beginning to stir. But something happened. The angelic-driven government intervention stopped it cold. The war on drugs, the imprisonment of Leary, and the sensational demonizing of Charles Manson were among the key events that stopped the movement. The so-called "drug culture" was hunted like animals by the police. By the mid-1970s the people were drifting back to sleep. The hippies were disappearing. The only remnant was a following behind Jerry Garcia and his Grateful Dead as the band toured the countryside. Once Garcia was gone, the band dissolved.
Now Horus has arrived. He brings harsh judgment on the slumbering masses. For those who will listen his words, and the words of this book are meant to light "the girders of the soul."
Horus asks: "To Me do ye reverence!" But he warns that we come to Him "through tribulation of ordeal." It will be harsh work to follow the work now. The happy, carefree life offered by Nuit are temporarily out of reach. To have the freedom of will we now must fight for it.
If successful, however, Horus promises the reward "is bliss."
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