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The Power Of Pacifism
"Despise also all cowards; professional soldiers who dare not fight, but play; all fools despise! But the keen and the proud, the royal and the lofty; ye are brothers! As brothers fight ye!" Liber Al vel Legis 3:57-59
In this age of "political correctness" and so-called refined and civilized society, there is a tendency among the noble to look down their noses at men who brawl in the streets. In fact, public fisticuffs usually bring on the police; of which our society has too many, and men who submit to such behavior usually land in jail, and face heavy fines.
Interesting that Crowley, the great intellect and philosopher who traveled the world would write: "To fight is the right and duty of every male, as of every woman to rejoice in his strength and to honor and perpetuate it by her love."
Crowley especially objected to the Christian image of what he called "gentle Jesus, meek and mild," the pacifist, the conscientious objector, the Tolstoyan, and passive resister."
I do not believe that Crowley was right. Surely the warriors battling over religious differences in Ireland and Palestine are expressing bravery, but they are proving nothing. Guerillas all, they attack in the darkness, using bombs and bullets when least expected, killing innocent civilians, and then withdraw to await a similar counter attack from the enemy. It is a perpetual warfare that makes life for all within the framework of their activity unbearable.
And Crowley seems to have ignored the master of passive resistance of his day, the great Mahatma Gandhi of India, who brought the British to their knees by sitting down and doing nothing. Gandhi proved what a powerful tool collective passive resistance can be in contemporary warfare.
The instruction by Horus to lurk, strike and then withdraw in battle is correct, but the technique does not always involve explosives, knives and bullets. There are subtle and psychological ways of striking that are extremely effective. Passive resistance is not for the meek. And it is powerful.
The message in these verses is not necessarily a call to violence. It is a call for bold, brave and lofty men and women who will be willing to resist the religious slaves of angelic tyranny, no matter where it takes them. In today's world, it may mean months of imprisonment, personal sacrifice, and public scorn.
Remember that the angelic forces control the governments. They make the laws. They control the mores of every corner of society. The masses believe that Lucifer, the progenitor of mankind, is an evil figure in a red suit, with a pitchfork and long pointed tail who comes to claim the souls of the innocent. The Satan myth has been passed down through the ages. They also believe the Beast is a human agent of the Devil. Anyone joining and participating in the Church of the Sun will thus be targeted as evil followers of darkness. The warfare will, consequently, be a social force of scorn, public banishment and eventually attacks by established authoritative figures like the police and the courts.
Thus the battle will not be for cowards, but for the clever and the very bold. Those who join in this final battle to save ourselves from angelic control, and the Mother Earth from final destruction, must not flinch. There will be times when it appears that we are, indeed, wrong when confronted by smooth-talking lawyers, bearing the message of Because. That is when we must remember the truth about Because. It is the voice of authority and control. Because be damned.
Those who recite it are fools.
Those who fight them will be joined in a brotherhood of truth and righteousness.
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