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Steel Forge

Forging Gold Into Steel
There cometh a rich man from the West who shall pour his gold upon thee. From gold forge steel! Be ready to fly or to smite! Liber al vel Legis 3:31-33
This appears to be a prophetic message involving someone with wealth who either gets involved in starting the new Church of the Sun or chooses to give financial support.
This man comes from the West and pours his gold upon "thee." The receiver, only identified as "thee," is certainly not Crowley, the receiver of the words. Thus the author, in this case Horus, is addressing someone in the future. At this point the book appears to be directed to the followers of Thelema.
Remember that Horus is a god of war. His appearance means that war is declared on the Old Aeon, now desecrated by enslaving religious systems run by angelic influence. Before Horus can take his throne, the old system must be torn down and destroyed. No one should expect it to go quietly.
Thus the receiver of the gold is directed to use it to make war machinery. From gold forge steel. We can expect the spiritual battle to come directly to Earth. Blood will flow in the streets. By the time it is over, more than five billion people will probably be gone.
The Christians were told about this looming apocalypse by the angels. But because of the lie, that it heralds the coming of a messiah in the clouds to rapture them home to Heaven, they welcome the great war the looms over the planet. In fact, they seem to be doing everything they can to start such a war.
It was a cheap, but extremely effective trick on mankind.
The Thelemites are clearly outnumbered in such a battle. So why do they believe they can win such a war? Because they are being led by the real fathers of the human race, the Luciferians, who bring amazing technology with them.
They also bring an old and very effective brand of military conflict. Guerilla warfare. Be ready to fly or to smite!
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