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The Altar
"My altar is of open brass work: burn thereon in silver or gold!" Liber al vel Legis 3:30
The verse reflects the quality of the work that will go into the new temple. Horus calls for an altar of open brass works, with precious metals. No longer will shabby workmanship, false doctrines, and fake gods be allowed.
The old angelic inspired religious systems will be dismantled and destroyed. In their place, after the blood stops flowing, will rise a great new system that honors the true god existing within each star.
No longer will fear prevail. The old class system based upon wealth will be gone. Each star will be regarded as equal.
The goal will be a return to Eden. But this time, the serpent will be recognized as the progenitor of man. We will not be fooled by angelic lies to believe Lucifer is a wicked fallen archangel, cast out of God's realm, and the bearer of sin. We will see Him and his race of alien beings for what they are, our creators. We were made in their image. We were meant to be free. We were meant to evolve to be like the gods.
This time we will be free to eat of the Tree of Knowledge and also eat of the Tree of Life. Given time, we will restore this planet to the lush beautiful garden it was in the beginning. But there is much work to be done.
Acres of concrete, block and steel must be broken up, turn down and disposed of. Acres of nuclear and toxic waste from human wickedness must be eradicated. If we can stop the destruction soon enough we can see a green planet, covered with lush grass and perhaps a few surviving trees. If we can have that much, and the seeds of a few vegetable plants and fruit trees, the rebuilding of Eden might be possible.
Before this, however, there will be dark days. The programmed followers of the Old Aeon will try to cling to their world. They will not go quietly. Blood will flow in the streets before the new alter can be erected.
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