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Stele Of Revealing
"Get the stele of revealing itself; set it in thy secret temple -- and that temple is already aright disposed -- & it shall be your Kiblah for ever. It shall not fade, but miraculous colour shall come back to it day after day. Close it in locked glass for a proof to the world." Liber al vel Legis 3:10
A stele is defined as a carved or inscribed stone slab or pillar used to commemorate an event. In the Book of the Law, the "Stele of Revealing" is a carved and painted stone tablet from ancient Egypt, that may still be found in a Cairo museum. It was there when Crowley found it in 1904. It played an intricate role in his contact with Aiwass, the mystery messenger from the past to dictated the book to Crowley.
That the tablet was then located in a display case, surrounded by mirrors, seemed to Crowley to be a completion to the command by Horus in this verse. What Crowley could not see in his day, however, was its significance to this message to contemporary times. The message in the Third Chapter is intended for understanding in the 21st century, as Horus takes His throne.
In that context, a stele of revealing might be another form of public symbol . . . words inscribed in a book, a bulletin board, or perhaps even a television screen. The original Stele of Revealing contained a magical message that helped the Egyptian Priest and magickian Ankh-f-n-khonsu project himself through time. Once he made contact with Crowley, he gave us the Book of the Law. If Horus was referring to another form of "stele of revealing" we might expect yet a second important message.
Notice that the instruction is to "get" the stele, thus implying that the message already exists. We are next told to "set it in thy secret temple" and that the temple is already in place. Most Gnostic and even Christian believers would agree that the body is each man's temple. If this is the temple Horus speaks of, then the stele is a message either implanted in our memory, or something to be put there after we receive it.
Once in our memory, the message will remain "our Kiblah forever." A Kiblah is a place to go regularly to pray. For us, quiet daily meditation and reflection on the works of the creator is a form of prayer and personal regeneration of the soul. The inference then is that it does not matter where we are, or what our situation, we can always take time each day to go within ourselves to our personal Kiblah for meditation at the stele of revealing.
But wait, there is more. Not only is the message implanted in our minds, but it can be found someplace else. It is in a place where it "shall not fade" but reflects "miraculous colour" that returns "day after day."  And it shall be enclosed in "locked glass for a proof to the world."
This appears to be describing a modern electronic image, either via television or perhaps a computer screen. And what better way to project such a message than the Internet! It is method of projecting such a stele throughout the world at the click of a button. It is a tool that Crowley would never have dreamed of in his day.
Because free thought is prevented by most television media, the Internet is the choice for projecting the new "Stele of Revealing." While we know that all electronic media is a temporary display, showing images to be viewed but for a moment and never to be seen again, you might ask how it can have any permanence. How can it remain our Kiblah forever, its color never fading?
Here is what happens when a magick message that is close to truth is presented in proper form on an Internet web site. (I say the message must be close to truth because pure truth is almost impossible to achieve). All it takes is for 100 people to receive the message. With ten billion neurons of human brain recording the message at the same time, it becomes permanently locked in the collective consciousness of the universe. At that moment the same information becomes available in the subconscious of every living human.
Thus the information, like the ancient stele carved in stone, is locked in human memory. This, then, is our "secret temple" where the stele becomes our Kiblah, or place of prayer, forever.
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